Clip on earrings is one accessory that can make a lady look feminine and a man to look stylish. Even when you have no piercings in your ears, you can still wear clip on earrings, they will easily complement any face shape and also the outfit. You can choose these earring designs based on closures like paddle back, clip, and magnets. In this article, we have numerous clip on earring designs that will flatter the contours of your face. You may also see Gold Earring Designs

Vintage Clip on Earrings

Want to add sophistication to your look? Then wear vintage clip on earrings. These earrings are one of a kind hence enable you to look unique at all times. You can even get these earrings with a matching necklace, brooch and bracelet.

Vintage Style Clip on Earrings

vintage style clip on earrings

Clip on Hoop Earrings

Clip on Hoop earring is ideal for women with oval and square faces as they soften the sharp edges of the jawline and cheekbone. You can choose from hinged back to magnetic closure as per the comfort of your earlobe.

Simple Clip on Hoop Earrings

simple clip on hoop earrings

Clip on Pearl Earrings

If you want earrings that will flatter your narrow or triangular face, go for clip on pearl earrings. Pearls are classy, elegant and come with the option to choose natural or cultured designs. Go for ones in white colour as they will complement with all your outfits.

Pearl Stud Clip on Earrings

pearl stud clip on earrings


Gold Clip on Earrings

From white gold to yellow, gold clip on earrings will make you look fabulous. They are ageless and durable. Hence these earrings can also act as an investment or as a family heirloom that you can pass down to your daughter and granddaughter.

Gold Shell Shape Clip on Earrings

gold shell shape clip on earrings

Clip-on Stud Earrings

Comfortable and stylish, clip on stud earrings are a must have for any girl. They suit all face shapes and are a subtle pick for formal events such as church, school or work. For your wedding, opt for clip on studs that incorporate gemstones. You may also see Antique Earring Designs

Blue Stud Clip on Earrings

blue stud clip on earrings

Silver Clip on Earrings

If you need metallic jewellery that will add beauty to your look, then go for silver clip on earrings. The white sheen of silver will draw attention to your earlobes and complement any colour of the outfit.

Simple Silver Clip on Earrings

simple silver clip on earrings


Clip-on Dangle Earrings

Clip on dangle earring is perfect for women with round faces as they create the illusion of an elongated face. Dangles that are oval in shape will look stunning on ladies with square face.

Awesome Clip-on Dangle Earrings

awesome clip on dangle earrings

Clip on Diamond Earrings

Even your ears need to bling and what better way than with a diamond clip on earrings! Diamonds are timeless, elegant and wearing them shows social class. With these earrings, you can duly express just how special your ears are to you.

Clip on Diamond Hoop Earrings

clip on diamond hoop earrings

Clip on Rhinestone Earrings

Clip on rhinestone earrings will make it easier for you to experiment with different gemstones until you find those which highlight your character. These earring designs allow you to transition from an elegant to casual look at a faster pace.

Vintage Clip on Rhinestone Earrings

vintage clip on rhinestone earrings

Clip on Cuff Earrings

Wearing ear cuffs are a popular trend and if you want to embrace this style in a pain-free way then go for the clip-on cuff earrings. For a casual look, place your ear cuffs on the thinnest part of the ear cartilage.

Elegant Clip on Cuff Earrings

elegant clip on cuff earrings

Clip on Feather Earrings

If you love experimenting with fashion, then feather clip on earrings are a must have in your jewellery box. To showcase your punk style opt for peacock feather clip on earrings with an attached silver or gold chain.

Cute Clip on Feather Earrings

cute clip on feather earrings

Flower Clip on Earrings

Flower clip on earring is quite versatile, feminine and eye-catching. You can wear these earrings with your little black dress when going for a date, as well as with skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt when socialising with your fellow ladies.

Elegant Flower Clip on Earrings

elegant flower clip on earrings

Cross Clip on Earrings

Cross clip on earring is available in different lengths and sizes to suit the needs of any woman. Ideally, these earrings will not just depict your faith or religious stand but also give an artistic twist to the standard cross design.

Small Cross Clip on Earrings

small cross clip on earrings

Emerald Clip on Earrings

If you prefer to wear birthstone jewellery, then emerald clip on earrings are perfect for girls whose birthdays land in May. The green colour of emerald will definitely make you stand out irrespective of the outfit or makeup you are wearing.

Beautiful Emerald Clip on Earrings

beautiful emerald clip on earrings1

You will still look fabulous by wearing clip on earrings even when you don’t have any ear piercings. You only have to choose a design that will enhance the beauty of your facial structures. Clip on diamond earrings are versatile; their painless closure makes them comfortable and suitable for any gender.

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