Fabric earrings are becoming a staple jewelry among many women. You can select from a wide variety of fabric jewelry designs to complement your outfit, to make a fashion statement or to portray your culture. From studs to hoops these earrings are handmade from natural or recycled materials that are specifically designed to bring out your feminine trait.

So, whether you prefer bones, textile or wood material such as bamboo earrings, there’s an awesome fabric earring design that you will love.

Handmade Fabric Earrings

handmade fabric earrings

Handmade earrings are the perfect accessory that can make you look fashionable and trendy. If you love fabric hoops, then go for this green loops. A combination of bones and material in these earrings makes them a statement jewelry.

Fabric Button Earrings

fabric button earrings

Button earrings compliments all face shape and top updos hairstyles such as ponytails and buns. The white color of these fabric button earrings will balance any outfit color making them an ideal gift for that special lady.

Animal print will always be trendy so you can never go wrong by opting for this leopard print fabric earrings. The nickel size will ensure that this pair of earring stands out enabling you to get compliments.

Do you love African print? Then make a bold statement about your personal style by wearing this African print fabric earring. The fabric design gives these earrings an attractive finish that is perfect for both casual and formal events.

Fabric Flower Earrings Design

fabric flower earrings design


Help keep the environment clean by opting for this recycled fabric flower earrings. The large oval shape and blue color of this jewelry gives it a vintage look that will make your face shape stand out.

Fabric Hoop Earrings

fabric hoop earrings


A bold red color symbolizes romance and a daring attitude which will boost any woman’s confidence. The unique circle pattern on this design brings out feminine traits that every woman desires to have.

Do you need earrings with a floral pattern? Handmade lace fabric earrings will be a great addition to your accessory because they have a floral lace pattern that will complement any summer outfit. Add a matching bracelet to complete the look.

Fabric Stud Earrings Idea

fabric stud earrings idea


Beautifully crafted fabric stud earrings will look good on any face shape. The nude color makes it easier to pair this accessory with both formal and casual outfits. What’s unique about these studs is they are from recycled kimono fabric!

Fabric Wrapped Earrings

fabric wrapped earrings


Have you ever thought of owning a pair of elegant earrings made from recycled products? Go for purple earrings to portray your royalty personality. The creativity used in making these earrings will make you look cute.

Fabric Covered Wood Earrings

fabric covered wood earrings

Wood creates earrings which are not only lightweight but also beautiful. The groovy butterfly design together with the rainbow color makes these earrings perfect for both young and mature ladies to reveal their fun personality during summer or spring. You may also see Dangle Earrings

Simple Fabric Earrings Design

simple fabric earrings design


Mismatched Fabric Earrings

mismatched fabric earrings


Red Fabric Earrings Idea

red fabric earrings idea


Handcrafted Fabric Earrings

handcrafted fabric earrings


Tear Drop Fabric Earrings

tear drop fabric earrings


Purple and Pink Fabric Earrings

purple and pink fabric earrings


Vintage Fabric Earrings Idea

vintage fabric earrings idea


Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings

wire wrapped fabric earrings


Beautiful Fabric Earrings Design

beautiful fabric earrings design


How to wear fabric earrings for formal events?

Presentation matters when it comes to any official event such as a work environment. You can still portray your fashion sense by opting for small hoops, button earrings or flower earrings with cool colors. While fashion gives you the freedom to choose any fabric earrings, go for the ones that complement your face shape and outfit.

Creativity in the fashion industry has made fabric earrings trendy. So you will not be judged if you opt for snowflake earrings or a unique design made from bones. The choice is entirely up to you. Whatever design of fabric earrings you choose, you will definitely look beautiful and chic.

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