There is no denying that wearing a red dress will ensure that all eyes will be on you! This dress depicts a confident lady who is not only sexy but also has a bold personality. Whether for a cocktail party, prom or a romantic date, in this article we give you different red dress designs that will suit different occasions. Since this vibrant color is eye-catching and feminine, you need to wear these red dresses with confidence.

Red Prom Dresses

When going for prom you need an outfit that is sexy yet comfortable and red prom dresses can do that for you. The trick is to use this dress to draw attention towards your best parts and camouflage flaws. If you need to showcase your legs, then opt for a little red dress.

Red and Black Prom Dress

red and black prom dress1

Short Red Prom Dress for Girls

short red prom dress for women

Red Mermaid Prom Dress

red mermaid prom dress

Designer Red Lace Dresses

Do you prefer outfits that are trendy, modern and reflect your personality? Then Designer red lace dresses will suit you. The lace materials will help enhance your femininity while the red color will ensure you stand out from a crowd. For a sexy vibe opt for a dress with a sheer lace top section.

Designer Long Red Lace Dress

designer long red lace dress


Long Sleeve Red Lace Dress

long sleeve red lace dress

Designer Red Wedding Dresses

While the standard color of a wedding gown is white or cream, if you want to deviate away from traditional styles then opt to look at wedding dresses with red color. Designer red wedding dresses are made with comfort and elegance in mind to ensure you make a statement during that special day.

Designer Red and White Wedding Dress

designer red and white wedding dress


Red Mermaid Wedding Dress for Women

red mermaid wedding dress for women


Red Sequin Dresses

Red sequin dresses tend to combine two feminine elements: glitters and red color. These dresses are perfect for special occasions and parties. For a bold look opt for a strapless or backless dress and pair with a matching clutch and black high heels. Avoid overdoing with the sparkles.

Red Sequin Dresses for Women

red sequin dresses for women


Short Red Sequin Dress

short red sequin dress

Red Formal Dresses

Red formal dresses will look stunning with matching shoes or black heels. When wearing this dress, avoid pairing with any shiny accessory to avoid clashing colors or looking like you are trying too much. Just let the dress make a statement and keep everything else subtle including your makeup.

Red Formal Evening Dress

red formal evening dress

Red Long Sleeve Dress Designs

Do you love red color but need to draw attention away from your arms? Then wear a red long sleeved dress. For a fun and feminine look opt for a red dress that has sleeves made of lace. This design will show a bit of skin without actually making your hands the center of attention.

Red Velvet Long Sleeve Dress

red velvet long sleeve dress

Red Velvet Dresses

Whether long or mini, red velvet dresses scream elegance. The material and color of these dresses limit the type of shoes you can wear. Instead of the standard neutral black or white footwear, show your fashion edge by pairing with strappy metallic sandals such as those in silver or gold.

Red Crushed Velvet Dress

red crushed velvet dress

Long Red Velvet Dress

long red velvet dress

Red Mermaid Dresses

Red mermaid dresses tend to feature a fitting design on the top as well as the hips and tends to flare out into a fishtail design at the bottom. They suit ladies with our glass figure. Avoid wearing this dress with undergarments that show visible lines.

Red Strapless Mermaid Dress

red strapless mermaid dress1

Red Lace mermaid Dress

red lace mermaid dress

Red Mini Dress Designs

Red mini dress designs are meant to show off sexy well-toned legs. They look good on women with a slim body figure and tend to suit young women. Older women in their 40s and 50s can still wear this dress type as long as they put on stockings.

Red Satin Mini Dress Design

red satin mini dress design

Strapless Red Mini Dress

strapless red mini dress

Red Strapless Dresses

Red strapless dresses will draw attention to your upper body including the bust, arms and collar bones. While it suits summer occasions, when wearing this dress make sure it fits properly, and your bra straps should be transparent. A body hugging elastic top will prevent accidental slip offs.

Red Polka Dot Dresses

Red polka dot dresses depict a fun person who is not afraid to play with color. These dresses mostly feature a red material with either black or white polka dots. The busy pattern makes it easier to pair with neutral shoes or accessories. Add a matching bow hair clip to complement your feminine look.

Red and White Polka Dot Dress

red and white polka dot dress


Black and Red Polka Dot Dress

black and red polka dot dress

Plaid Red Dress Designs

Plaids will always be trendy so why not get a couple of plaid red dress designs. The bright color will help you look cozy especially during winter and autumn seasons. For a retro look, pair with geometric shaped handbag and black leather ankle boots.

Women’s Red Plaid Dress

womens red plaid dress

Red Midi Dresses

The ideal way to showcase your statement shoes is to wear a red midi dress. A peep toe ankle boot, classic ankle pumps, gladiator sandals and cute ballet flats will look stunning with red midi dresses. While attending a party, pair with a statement silver necklace.

Red Midi Dress with Sleeves

red midi dress with sleeves

Dark Red Midi Dress

dark red midi dress

Red Wrap Dresses

If you love outfits that have a wow factor, then you must have red wrap dresses in your wardrobe. It is elegant, versatile and feminine no wonder it is popular with both petite as well as plus size women. A belt in a contrasting color that cinch the waist will help define your body.

Red Faux Wrap Dress

red faux wrap dress1

Red Halter Dress Design

Red halter dress designs highlight the collarbone and shoulders while enabling you to experiment with your hemline. They have a formal appeal that makes them glamorous and trendy. What makes them a must-have is that they draw attention away from hips or legs while allowing you to show off the upper body.

Red Lace Halter Dress Design

red lace halter dress design

Red Sheath Dresses

A red dress is a versatile color that even comes in a sheath form. For a casual look choose red sheath dresses that are sleeveless and have a knee length hemline. Add a gold watch, pearl bracelets and strappy heels for a professional look.

Red Sheath Dress for Work

red sheath dress for work

Casual Red Dresses

Casual red dresses can either be short or long sleeved. When wearing long sleeved design avoid styling with chunky bracelets, a simple watch will reflect your fashion style. V or Sweetheart necklines look stunning with ruby earrings. For a bold look pair a short dress with red heels and ruby chandelier earrings.

Casual little Red Dress

casual little red dress


Red Satin Dresses

Satin is often associated with nightgowns due to its shiny traits. As long as the red satin fabric is the main focus you can wear it during the day by layering with a leather or denim jacket. For a subtle yet sophisticated image pair red satin dresses with gold or silver accessories.

Red Strapless Satin Dress

red strapless satin dress


Red Silk Satin Dress

red silk satin dress

Leather Red Dresses

Leather will always be the trendy material, so if you don’t have leather pants, then you need to have a leather dress. For a flirty look opt for red leather dresses with slits at the front side and pair with matching heels. For finishing touches add a skinny black belt.

Red Leather Skater Dress

red leather skater dress

Red Floral Dresses

Red floral dresses are the epitome of feminine and beauty. Suitable for ladies who love girly looks, petite women should avoid overshadowing their body structure by opting for small floral patterns while tall girls should opt for red dresses with floral patterns only at the top or bottom.

Red Rose Floral Dress

red rose floral dress

Red Color Specialty and Trend

Red is a bold color that is often associated with different emotions and traits like power, passion, desire, energy, and love. It’s a common yet marvelous sighting to see women wearing red outfits during Valentine or Christmas day. It is a very noticeable color hence tends to put the spotlight on the wearer. A lady dressed in a red dress looks more sexually appealing and can be complemented with animal print shoes or nude heels.

While a red dress depicts passion and boldness, choosing the right shade of red will ensure you wear a design that flatters your complexion and body shape. When it comes to choosing prom dresses, those in red color will attract the right attention, boost confidence and make you feel attractive.

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