Green is a beautiful color which is said to have a specialty of making any woman look slimmer. There are various of shades pf green from mint green, leaf green, bottle green etc. Each shade of green has its own specialty and the designer dresses in green are lovely and special. Let us look at some green dresses in different shades and sizes: You may also See Leather Dress

Green Prom Dress

Green dress in darker bottle green shade brings a special charm to anyone wearing the dress. The long evening gown can be a very good prom dress or an occasion wear. The work on the yoke and the layered look of the dress make it a unique designer wear dress.

green prom dress

Maxi Green Dress

Green long maxi one shoulder dress with A line cut is sure to bring elegance and charm to any woman. The A line cut has the additional advantage of giving a slimmer look to any anyone wearing the dress. This one shoulder high waist dress is a perfect choice as a prom dress or a romantic evening wear dress.

maxi green dress

Green Cocktail Dress

The green cocktail dress is sure to grab everyone’s looks as it is a pretty as well as sexy dress to wear. The sleeveless high waist green short cocktail dress is a perfect prom dress or a party wear dress as it has the specialty of making any woman sexy as well as gorgeous. You may also See Christmas Dress

green cocktail dress


Green Bridesmaid Dress

The olive green dress which is handmade and order made is a long high waist dress. The soft fabric brings out the perfect figure which is an added advantage. This a very good bridesmaid dress or a prom dress and can sure bring the best of any woman.

green bridesmaid dress

Velvet Green Dress

The bottle green sleeveless high waist velvet dress is the perfect choice as a prom or a bridesmaid dress. The shiny and smooth texture of velvet fabric and the high waist design of the dress make any woman look fabulous.

velvet green dress

Green Skater Dress

The green skater dress with asymmetric cut in the hem line, the off shoulder design makes this dress a perfect prom dress or an evening wear dress. The design and the color of the dress make it a lovely one which can transform the look of a woman to an extraordinary one.

green skater dress

Green Wedding Dress

The green wedding designed with lace makes the bride look brighter, beautiful and makes her stand out from everyone else. This dark green dress has the specialty of making any woman slimmer and elegant. The dark green wedding dress is a perfect choice for any bride looking some thing unique and off beat. You may also See Latex Dress

green wedding dress


The green dress is a perfect one wear for any occasion right from prom party, evening dinner or any other occasion which demands attention and glamour. The green party dresses have a unique quality of making any woman look brighter and gorgeous. The various green shades have their own beauty and elegance. The green dresses are loved by women and they are the most preferred dresses for any occasion.

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