If you are passionate about clothing, you must have definitely experimented with wrap dresses. With the change in the trend of dressing habits, new wrap dress designs have flooded the market. Well, it is your choice to pick the attire that suits you the best. Basically, wrap dresses have knots or buttons at the sides or back, and the front side looks wrapped up with the cloth. Here are some trendy designs of wrap dresses that may go well with your physique.

Wrap Maxi Dresses

These dresses have various prints, the most common being the floral one. You can buy a chiffon wrap maxi dress and it looks really fabulous to look at. The lower portion of the dress is slit from the waist region, that makes you look even more majestic.

Long Sleeve Maxi Wrap Dress

long sleeve maxi wrap dress1

Chiffon Wrap Maxi Dress Design

chiffon wrap maxi dress design

Long Sleeve Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses with long sleeves look fantastic when you choose darker shades like red or maroon. These dresses are usually short, although you can choose one that covers up your ankles. You can fold up the sleeves up to your wrist for style.

Black Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

black long sleeve wrap dress

Pink Long Sleeve Wrap Dress for Women

pink long sleeve wrap dress for women

White Wrap Dresses

If you choose bright colors like white, you have the option of picking any given style, according to your taste and aptitude. In general, the white color goes well with all types of physique, so you are free to choose the shorter ones, long wrap dresses and the ones with short sleeves.

White Linen Wrap Dress

white linen wrap dress


Floral Wrap Dresses

Flowers have inspired dresses for long. In floral wrap dresses, you will come across a diverse range of colors and designs. You can go for your favorite floral design embedded upon any color you choose.

Blue Floral Wrap Dress for Women

blue floral wrap dress for women


Floral Wrap Dress with Sleeves

floral wrap dress with sleeves


Asymmetrical Wrap Dresses

If you want to live up to the latest dressing trends, you can opt for an asymmetrical wrap dress. These dresses looks different in the front area, with the unequal proportions of cloth on different sides of the body.

Black Asymmetrical Wrap Dress

black asymmetrical wrap dress

Bridesmaid Wrap Dress Designs

The main feature of this type of wrap dress is that the attire hugs the person wearing it in a cozy fashion. You can use these as party dresses as well, with bright colors like beige and white. Darker shades of red and blue also look gorgeous.

Bridesmaid Twist Wrap Dress

bridesmaid twist wrap dress

Sequin Wrap Dresses

These dresses are comparatively new in terms of design and style. They look shiny and sparkling due to the nature of material used to make the dresses. Any dark color like black, deep blue or red looks glorified when you have tiny sparkles or stars on them.

Velvet Wrap Dresses

The velvet of soft fabric has a royal touch. So, when you long for an elegant look, go for the velvet wrap dresses. These dresses look better when you use a matching belt above the waistline.

Velvet Bodycon Wrap Dress

velvet bodycon wrap dress

Blue Velvet Wrap Dress

blue velvet wrap dress

Beach Wrap Dresses

This variation of wrap dresses is featured by a number of folds. You may buy these dresses if you want a stylish look to hang around in the beaches. You can expose your elegance and style when you wear these clothes.

Long Beach Wrap Dress

long beach wrap dress


Short Wrap Dresses

These dresses cover up the upper part of the body, mostly up to the thighs. You can choose the length of these dresses as per your need. Go for bright colors like yellow or light green to make yourself conspicuous.

Short Red Wrap Dress for Women

short red wrap dress for women

Lace Wrap Dress Designs

Laces make a dress lanky and beautiful. If you have a thin physique, you can opt for wrap dresses with laces. For the print, you can choose longitudinal stripes with light and dark shades of colors. Bright solid colors also go well with this design. You may also See Lace Dress Designs

Black Lace Wrap Dress Design

black lace wrap dress design1


Bodycon Wrap Dresses

These are tight-fitting wrap dresses that make you look skinny. You can opt for these tight-fitting attires if you want to show your muscular curves. These are generally short in length.

Bodycon Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

bodycon long sleeve wrap dress

Polka Dot Wrap Dresses

If you are fond of dotted dresses, you can choose this particular style. With the polka dot wrap dresses, people look stylish and elegant. You can choose any particular background color or the color of the dots.

Red Polka Dot Wrap Dress for Women

red polka dot wrap dress for women

Formal Wrap Dresses

For formal purposes, wrap dresses can be designed with limited exposure of your skin. These dresses usually have a ‘V’ neck and come across various bright colors. Choose full-length wrap dresses for formal purposes.

Ruffle Wrap Dresses

You can use these clothes as prom dresses, as the style and design is a bit different from the ethnic variations that usually wear. Go for combined color shades like red and gray to glorify your looks.

Ruffle Collar Wrap Dress

ruffle collar wrap dress

Trends of wrap dresses

Trends of dressing are constantly evolving, and people are opting for the styles that suit their looks. Wrap dresses are also customized as per the occasions they are used in. For instance, party wears have a different design from the formal ones. Thus, you will come across a diverse array of wrap dresses in today’s market. You need to be choosy while enriching your wardrobe with these dresses.

How to choose the ideal wrap dress for yourself?

Here are Five Key Tips to Personalize Your Wrap Dresses:

• First of all, you need to buy a basic one to ensure that you are comfortable while moving about wearing these dresses.
• When you purchase them in future, choose the correct length that goes well with your body.
• The shape of the hemline also determines your looks.
• Choose the right print, customizing it as per the occasion you wear it for.
• Be careful about the fabric and make yourself comfortable with it.
All these designs have their own uniqueness. When you buy the dresses, make sure that it goes well with your body-shape. You may have a passion for particular designs like maxi dresses, so you need to choose the right print, color, fabric and design as per your dressing ethics and aptitude.

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