Change of season means change of wardrobe. And this season requires everyone to pay an extra attention to their wardrobes mainly because with this season arrive the holidays and festivities. With the halloween season coming to an end marks the beginning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You sure will be attending dinners and parties during this time and therefore it becomes important to have a collection of party wearable for the upcoming holiday season. We can help you with some essentials that’ll help your style game this winter.

8. Pleated Print Skirt

pleated print skirt

Like we mentioned, you cannot avoid print for fashion’s sake this season. So if you are carrying a plain top make sure you complement it with a pleated printed skirt. A high-waisted pleated skirt is a safe choice for a cozy Thanksgiving dinner.

7. Oversize Tweed Coat

oversize tweed coat

If your Christmas celebration idea does not include a nice cozy get together inside someplace and requires you to be out, then you definitely need an oversize tweed coat. This is perfect for cold winter nights and also makes you look flattering and stylish. Oversize has been ruling the runways this year so don’t be afraid to try it. It suits all kinds of body types.

6. Printed Jacket

printed jacket

A jacket is a must for winters and therefore it is obvious to include it in a party collection wardrobe. A nice jacket with embellishments are great for a dinner or a get-together. They look elegant and sophisticated if you mess up on the fitting.

5. Printed Dress

printed dress

The trend has been very popular on the runways and you certainly can’t do without a printed dress this season. Even better if it is with full long sleeves. This sleeves are ruling the fashion world these days for the drama and edge that they add to the dress.

4. A full-length Black Crepe Gown

a full length black crepe gown

Ditch the Little Black Dress and try a full-length black gown. Like we said earlier, long sleeves are the trend of this season therefore don’t hesitate to include them. Blank accentuates your looks and body and looks perfect for a formal elite event.

3. Sequin Dress

sequin dress

We are talking about party wearables and it would be unfair if we didn’t include sequins here. If you are attending a glamorous party then you must try out a sequin dress for the event. These dresses instantly add an allure to the personality. You don’t need much accessories with sequin dresses as you don’t want to look overly bedazzled.

2. Full-length Jumpsuit

full length jumpsuit

Nothing looks as glamorous as a beautifully designed full-length jumpsuit. We stress on the ‘full-length’ part because it is the more appropriate look for the season and also looks more seemly for a night event irrespective of the season. If we could suggest a color we would definitely go with gold.

1. Velvet Bottoms

velvet bottoms

Winters is a good excuse to wear velvet! And this season there is a lot of great designer velvet wearables available. Make them a part of your party wear collection and you won’t be disappointed. We suggest velvet bottoms because they are a lot less risky than velvet tops or velvet overalls. Make sure the quality is premium otherwise the bottoms can be a fiasco.

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