The look of vintage has been swooning the fashionistas for a long time, therefore, it would not be crazy or untrue to say that in the world of fashion and trends what goes around comes around.

Well, if you are in dire need of vintage inspiration and Instagram and Pinterest are just not cutting it, we have enlisted the top 10 vintage pieces that are surpassing the charts and are still the heaving favourites of celebrities. Get inspired by these throwback looks and enjoy the season in the vintage route.

1. Duster Jacket

Duster jackets are the best cover ups to purchase this season. An A-list favourite amongst Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Kim K and more, this jacket is the definitely the best buy for the coming season. Pair it with a comfortable pair of jeans, T-shirt and sneakers and you will be set for the day.

duster jacket

2. Printed Dresses

Back in 1930’s women were obsessed with wearing floral and bold print dresses to stand out during the fashion cutbacks due to Great Depression. The Same case would apply today sans depression. Opt for a dress that stands out in colour as well as the pattern.

printed dresses

3. Wide Legged Pants

Right from the day to night, wide legged pants whether in the form of palazzos or culottes or trousers have been a trending favourite this season. Pair it with a crop top or a shirt the look certainly comes out as the chic focal point.

wide legging

wide leggings

black wide legging

4. Vintage Accessory

Cat eye sunglasses paired with a trendy headscarf has been another popular, accessorised and carefree looks of the season. Easy to carry and style the combination acts as a perfect complimentary piece to your casual outfits.


5. Full Circle Skirt

Full circle skirts which were widely seen 1950’s have made a fashionable comeback. Available in solid as well as printed patterns these skirts are one of the most elegant attire that can be paired well with simple T-shirts or elegantly fitted crop tops.

full circle skirt

full circle skirt

6. Look of Crochet

The look of crochet has been running high this season whether it is our crop tops or the summer crochet dresses. Crochet pattern comes out polished for multiple occasions and is certainly very easy to carry and style.


crochet dress

crochet dress1

7. Cropped Lace Tops

Cropped off the shoulder lace tops are as trendy today as they were Jane Birkin back in 1969. The top is multifunctional and can be paired casually with multiple outfits.

cropped lace tops

cropped lace

cropped lace tops

8. Graphic T-Shirts and Mum Jeans

The 80s obsession is back with huge motif graphic T-shirts paired with comfy and casual mum jeans. The look is perfect to chill on your laid back weekends.

graphic t shirts

graphic t shirts

9. Choker Craze

The 90s craze for chokers is back with a bang. We can see celebrities as well as runaways enjoying and embracing the trend. Before jumping to buy one for yourself, try your hands in some easy DIY choker projects by using lace or satin based ribbon as a self-made choker. You can always go ahead and purchase if you are looking for something more lavish and suave.

choker craze

choker craze

10. Platform Heels

A comfortable form of high heels, platform heels are definitely a must purchase of the season. The heels go well with dresses as well as trousers. Hop on and enjoy this 70s trend that is still loved by all.

platform heels

platform heels

Effortless in its appeal, vintage looks are a must try if you wish to create a maximum impact with minimum styling.

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