If you are a college goer, we know you would certainly agree to this, that in a situation when the budget and the space in the dorm room is limited, we want every piece to count. Considering everyone has a different sense of style and taste we have put together a list of 10 essential fashion pieces that can easily be matched and paired with multiple outfits.

Minimal Outfit Designs

Who would not want a wardrobe that is stylish, comfortable and at the same time pocket-friendly?

1. A Simple Round Neck Sweater

round neck sweater

With the beautiful Fall season just around the corner, make sure to invest in a good quality, soft shade round neck sweater that not only keeps you warm but also comfortable and stylish. Round neck sweaters can easily be paired with a lot of outfits and history of fashion knows it, that round neck sweaters have never gone out of style.

2. Skinny and Boyfriend Fit Jeans

skinny and boyfriend fit jeans

Good quality jeans is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. With plenty of styles, shades and colours available we would suggest you pick a stylish pair of white and black skinny jeans. These neutral shades can be matched with any topwear and they look equally casual and glamorous. If you have some extra money in your pocket, pick up a distressed pair of boyfriend fit jeans. Totally in this season, the jeans will make your regular outfit stand out with effortless style.

3. Ankle Boots

ankle boot

Ankle boots are multifunctional and they serve many purposes. The length allows the boots to be easily paired with skinny jeans, cropped jeans and also with wide legged pants. Go for a neutral shade like black or brown to complement with all your outfits.

4. Jeggings


If you love your too comfortable to remove sweatpants, then jeggings are the next best option for you. With the ultra stretchy fabric and material, jeggings give the look of denim while maintaining the utmost amount of comfort of PJs.

Backpack and a Mini Purse



Overweight shoulder bags can sometimes be too hurtful, opt for a backpack instead. Available in trendy styles the backpacks carry enough amount of space to carry your stuff and still look cute and fashionable. The mini purse is another great piece to carry the essentials when you are not in the mood to carry the big bag.

6. Loafers


Loafer is one piece that goes well with all the outfits. You can pair the loafers with literally everything and instantly feel your look take a leap to the next level.

7. Flannel


Flannels are a perfect piece to keep you cosy and in style. The flannels carry that casual to cool finish look that can be paired with everything from a dress to a Tshirt to tank tops. We mean, who wants a bae when flannel can do the job.

8. Striped Shirt

striped shirt1

A striped shirt adds the much needed graphic interest to any outfit. The striped print is sophisticated and goes well with all styles of outfit. You can pair the striped shirt with loud and expressive fabric and still look chique and glamorous.

9. T-shirt Dress

t shirt dress

Wish to wear a dress, but want to go through least amount of trouble then T-shirt dress is the perfect option. Available in bodycon to loose fits the dress is a perfect all-in-one piece to purchase this season.

10. Sneakers


Once parallel to street style, sneakers have now taken a turn around to being scholastic style essential. Sneakers can not just be paired with jeans, they look equally elegant with a dress and an A-line knee-length skirt. Go for a staple white pair of sneakers to compliment with all your outfits.
These 10 essentials offer you the maximum amount of flexibility to either keeping the look minimal and simplistic or detailed and elaborate.

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