An open house is a great way to showcase a property. However in order to attract potential buyers you need to invest some effort in its advertising. You can do that with a flyer design that has an elegant design and a sophisticated layout with eye catching fonts and graphics to draw attention to your property. Today we have prepared a collection of open house flyer designs bringing you amazing ideas to promote your causes.

Open House Flyer Illustration

With this design you will be able to create a flyer that focuses mostly on the illustrations. This allows will entice the reader in order to attend your open house while providing all the necessary information at the bottom of the design. The design uses vibrant red and white colors.

Classy Open House Flyer

You can choose a combination of colors that have a subtle style adding something special to your flyer. This one has chic fonts that come in black color with orange highlights for emphasis. The dark blue stripe at the bottom adds to the look allowing you to provide your information.

Customize Open House Flyer

This pale pink and lavender design has a stunning layout that lead the eye gradually. You can use your own photos to advertise your open house. The fonts have stylish quality that will allow you to create eye catching flyers. The psd format will help you customize the design accordingly.

Creative Open House Flyer

Creativity is a must in this flyer design. The layout is sectioned in boxes adding a creative touch to the design while bringing a different approach to the way it offers the information. The orange color along with the chocolate brown synthesizes a startling flyer that will bring you success.

Professional Open House Flyer

Black, navy blue and orange colors synthesize this beautiful design. The layout is divided in sections making the design look detailed and stylish. There is an equal amount of space for information and pictures that make the flyer look attractive. This professional flyer design is suitable for real estate agencies.

Open House Flyer Template

This design has a layout that attracts everyone’s attention. The upper part is dedicated to pictures while the bottom part is solely used for information. In the middle we see a merge of the both with stunning switch between information and pictures giving emphasis on both elements with memorable results.

Modern Open House Flyer

This design utilizes various shapes creating an attractive design. The triangles mixed with the circles give a modern design that adds character to the entire design. The combination of bright red with the black gives a remarkable look that gets completed with the elegant choice of cursive and modern fonts.

Minimalistic Open House Flyer

Modern design meets minimalistic layout bringing you the most immaculate flyer for open house. The layout gives priority to the pictures while allowing a third of the size for information display. It is available in international A4 size allowing you to advertise your open house with a chic flyer design.

Vertical Open House Flyer

This design’s layout comes in a pattern of vertical rhombuses that create a unique style for open house flyers. With this design you will get a combination of red, black, grey and white colors giving you the opportunity to have a stylized flyer that looks eye catching with vivacious character.

Classic Open House Flyer

You can follow a classic style with this design while adding a touch of modernism. With equal parts to display information and pictures you’ll find this design in a mix of black and white background along with yellow accents that draw the eye. Suitable for homeowners and real estate agencies.

Agency Open House Flyer

If you want a professional design for an agency that is run by a female director then this is a great way to advertise your open house. The design holds a professional style with white and black background while the pink fonts and elements add a feminine accent for style.

A4 Open House Flyer

Get this psd file for a smart layout with creative flow that leads the eye smoothly exactly where you want it. The flyer has an A4 size that is divided in sections of white, orange and black background colors that add a stylish accent to the page with modern fonts.

Infographic Open House Flyer

Incorporate a visual element that will make the design look interesting. In this design the flat icons in the middle of the page add an infographic style to the document giving a stylish approach to the flyer’s look. It is suitable for real estate agencies as well as for homeowners.

Unique Open House Flyer

The green color of this flyer adds a natural tone to the entire look. You can choose this one for its stylish layout that is sectioned into neat parts of pictures and information creating something unique. Its high resolution will allow you to get excellent and high quality flyer prints.

Real Estate Agencies Open House Flyer

Just by looking at this flyer design you can feel the masculinity that exudes from it. The neat sections of the document give you adequate space to advertise the desired property with pictures and information. It is suitable for real estate agencies that want to maintain a strictly professional look.

Contemporary Open House Flyer

The teal color of this design will make your flyer look stylish and modern. The shapes create a neat environment giving you the opportunity to get a contemporary style that will do the talking for you. It is available is a psd format file that comes in high class resolution.

High Resolution Open House Flyer

Earthy tones will give you a startling design that exudes luxury and glamour. The layout plays with the compartmentalization that creates a sturdy and elegant design. Draw attention to your flyer with stunning pictures that will match the luxurious feeling of the flyer’s design. Suitable for homeowners and realtor agencies.

Simple Open House Flyer

The simplicity of this design is what makes it eye catching. Draw attention to your open house with this minimalistic design. It is divided in equal parts for information and pictures that looks really attractive and can appeal to potential buyers. It is suitable for real estate agencies and individuals.

Open House Flyer Invitation

With a unique merge of modern design with traditional style you can get this flyer for your open house. Invite potential buyers to take a look at your property with this design. The elegant fonts have a red and blue undertone set against white background that makes them stand out.

School Open House Flyer

This black and white design has a blackboard style that looks refreshing. You can find it in a psd format with layered properties to help customize to fit your needs.

Real Estate Open House Flyer

Like every business flyer, this design two comes in 3 different color combinations and layouts. The smart object layers will make your work easier while it comes in psd format.

Open House Promotion Flyer

The color combinations of this flyer look attractive and sure to cache everyone’s eye. You can get it in stylish jpg and psd formats with editable layers for fast customization.

Open House Flyer

Add some retro style in your flyer with these colorful open house flyers. They’re available in psd format and suitable for beauty salons and spas that want to attract new customers.

Golf Course Open House Flyer Template

This elegant flyer design will make your golf open house look irresistible. It has 4 different colors to choose while you can edit it with Photoshop to fit your needs.

Free Open House Flyer Template

Add a touch of vintage to your open house with this design. You can find it in psd format with editable properties and in four colors schemes for more variety.

College Open House Flyer

This college open house flyer has a creative layout with sections that lead the eye pleasantly. It is available in psd format with three different designs that you can edit.

Simple Open House Flyer

A simple design can go a long way bringing your excellent results. The cursive fonts can make your flyer look elegant while a matching color combination will be really impressive.

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