Whenever people feel the need to relax, sometimes they take a vacation of some sort. This can take several forms, but those with the money to afford it may opt to go on a cruise. Companies that offer cruises would naturally need flyers to advertise their cruise ships so as to better advertise themselves.

In that case, it is clear that cruise lines would need flyer designs that can help them sell their ships to the public. While there is always going to be a need for services that can help people relax and get away from their daily routine, it is always a good idea to have effective means of marketing those services.

Cruise Flyer Template

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Size: US, A4 inches + Bleed


Summer Cruise Flyer

Party Cruise Flyer

Cruise Casino Flyer

Cruise Vacation Flyer

Cruise Travel Flyer Template

What’s in a Cruise Flyer Design?

Any flyer would naturally be expected to include certain features that would make it possible for them to do their jobs. This is true of other flyers, like holiday party flyers for instance. But cruise flyer designs differ in the specifics. In any case, some of the features that should present in these kinds of flyers include:

  • As with other kinds of flyers, a cruise flyer should mention its subject. This may seem unnecessary, but not all cruises necessary host guests for days on end. Some cruise trips are fairly short, usually only for the duration of a few hours. It would be important to list the subject so that guests know how long they can expect to stay.
  • Assuming that the ship is actually traveling for some time, it would help to mention any destination the ship will stop at. This can serve as an extra draw for guests, as well as help the guests prepare accordingly for the all the ship’s stops.
  • It would also help to have all the ship’s other attractions listed. After all, the ship is not only ferrying guests from one destination to another, it has attractions on board to keep guests entertained, such as gambling, games, live entertainment, and others.

Yacht Cruise Party Flyer PSD

Summer Boat Cruise Party Flyer

Summer Cruise Travel Flyer

Christmas Cruise Party Flyer

Summer Holidays Flyer Template

What are They Like?

With all that in mind, it is clear that cruise flyer templates should have much in common with travel flyer templates. After all, both kinds of flyers have more or less the same goal, that of selling certain tourist attractions to their customer base. These different kinds of flyers actually have many of the same qualities.

  • Like any kind of advertising, the flyers are expected to be appealing. If the flyers are to succeed in attracting potential customers, they need to look like something that those customers would find worthy of their time.
  • The flyers would also have to be appropriate to what they are advertising, which means that the imagery should be directly related to the whole idea of a cruise, as well as the other attractions on the ship.
  • It is never really enough to simply show off the images, the flyer also has to be descriptive and list down any relevant information. This includes such things as what attractions guests can expect, as well as contact information.

Cruise flyers, like other flyers, are an effective tool for selling destinations and attractions to clients. You may find a use for such flyers if you are looking for more ways to promote cruises to more people.

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