Turquoise has always been a very popular color when it comes to patterns and designs. Using turquoise on any textured surface lends an extra edge to it. Turquoise is a very soothing, happy and friendly color. It reminds the mind of cool water and pleasant skies and is hence pleasant to look at. It is a color which will make you will calm and tranquil. Hence you can never go wrong in using turquoise texture designs.

The list below provides ten of the most popular as well as beautiful turquoise designs. These are sure to help you in your project or projects.

Turquoise Stone Texture

turquoise stone texture

This design imitates the texture of a stone wall. The turquoise color makes it look ethereal and otherworldly. You will feel as if you are looking at a wall from a fairy world when looking at this texture.

Turquoise Grunge Vector Texture

turquoise grunge vector texture

This type of texture looks extremely edgy and bright due to the contrast between white and turquoise. It has a layered and almost 3D feel to it. This type of texture is sure to add an extra edge to your project.

High Resolution Turquoise Wood Texture

high resolution turquoise wood texture

This texture has a very vintage and classic feel to it. You will feel as if you have been transported to an older beautiful era. The texture looks like an old cranky wall that has been rendered beautiful by the turquoise color.

Turquoise Floral Texture Designs

turquoise floral texture designs1

This type of pattern is extremely useful and versatile. This beautiful design has elegant floral motifs on a turquoise background. It can be used for a variety of purposes from wallpapers and tiles to scrapbooks, wrapping papers and even clothes.

Free Blue Turquoise Mineral Texture

free blue turquoise mineral texture

This type of texture is for you if you want to try something different from the regular floral and repetitive patterns. This beautiful texture has an explosive feel to it. It is sure to make any surface look more interesting.

Glitter Turquoise PSD Texture

glitter turquoise psd texture

This type of texture is excellent for art projects, scrapbooks, wrapping paper, mobile and laptop covers, etc. The glittery effect makes this texture look bright, colorful and young. It is sure to brighten up any surface and make the beautiful turquoise color truly pop.

Vintage Turquoise Texture Design

vintage turquoise texture design

This is perhaps the calmest and soothing of all the different types of designs. The design looks almost like flowing water or a piece of ice. It will calm your mind and soul immediately. The turquoise looks extremely stunning in this type of design and that is perhaps the reason why this classic design will never go out of style.

Turquoise PSD Fabric Texture

turquoise psd fabric texture

This type of texture is used almost exclusively on clothes. It might be used on cloth accessories like bags or pouches as well. It has a distressed and mottled feel to it and this gives an edge to this beautiful design, making it stand out.

High Quality Turquoise Paint Texture

high quality turquoise paint texture

This type of texture looks like paint peeling off a wall. This type of texture is extremely bright and is sure to catch the eye of the viewer immediately.

Abstract Scratched Turquoise Texture

abstract scratched turquoise texture

This type of texture is similar to a turquoise wall texture except that the scratches on this type of texture lend a much more grungy and edgy feel to it.

Old Painted Wooden Turquoise Texture

old painted wooden turquoise texture

Turquoise Scratched Texture

turquoise scratched texture

Turquoise Blue Hairy Texture

turquoise blue hairy texture

Turquoise Seamless Texture

turquoise seamless texture

Abstract Grunge Turquoise Texture

abstract grunge turquoise texture

Turquoise Marble Texture

turquoise marble texture

Blue Turquoise Seamless Texture

blue turquoise seamless texture

Pastel Turquoise Texture

pastel turquoise texture

Seamless Turquoise Texture with Florals and Hearts

seamless turquoise texture with florals and hearts

Turquoise is a color which you can use for any purpose and any surface.You can use any of the textures and designs that are given above, you will not go wrong in your projects. The turquoise color and these beautiful textures will make any surface look stunning and extremely eye-catching as well.

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