Using different vector texture designs is useful when you want to apply different kinds of effects in your projects to make them look more artistic. You could also add more details in your designs to make them look realistic. Different vector presets will help you save time from creating a specific effect from scratch.

Vector texture designs help bring character into the project or output you are creating. However, you might be at a stand still and not know where to begin. Luckily, there are multiple vector texture designs available that you can download and easily customize to your liking. Keep reading to know more!

Vector Grunge Texture

Vector Subtle Grunge Texture

vector subtle grunge texture

Vector Metal Grunge Texture

vector metal grunge texture

Vector Grunge Wood Texture

vector grunge wood texture

Vector Wood Texture

Vector Black Wood Texture

vector black wood texture

Vector Wood Grain Texture

vector wood grain texture

What are Vectors?

Vectors, or vector graphics in general, is the process of applying patterns through mathematical statements, usually in two to three dimensions. You can use vector graphics to design just about anything. With vector graphics, you can freely manipulate and apply different kinds of shapes to your designs.

Vector graphics have helped multiple designers make more creative designs and pieces of artwork, as well as lessen their effort in creating such intricate designs manually. To apply vector graphics for your designs, you must have the correct software programs, like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

A Vector’s Advantage

Vectors today is widely used by designers for a number of reasons. First, vectors can help you to create complex designs easily and they can also be scaled into any size without losing the quality you want your artwork to have. For example, a designer can use vectors that have grunge textures to create a very dramatic piece of art.

Vectors can also be saved into Illustrator files that you can refer back to if you need to create duplicates any necessary corrections. This way, you won’t have to recreate your design from square one.

Vector Paper Texture

Vector Old Paper Texture

vector old paper texture

Hi-Res Vector Paper Texture

hi res vector paper texture

Vector Grunge Paper Texture

vector grunge paper texture

Vector Stamp Texture

Vector Rubber Stamp Texture

vector rubber stamp texture

Vector Grunge Stamp Texture

vector grunge stamp texture

Variety of Vector Textures

The different vector textures will help give your designs a boost with new presets you can use to have a more creative approach when making your work. Below are a few examples of commonly used vector textures you can incorporate into your next design project:

  • Vector metal grunge texture. These types of texture templates are used to give out a metallic grunge effect to your designs. These are best used for posters, flyers, and banners, since they give great contrast to any text or image, making for a good background. You can also use this for metallic-themed designs you may wish to have.
  • Vector grunge wood texture. These templates present a homey and natural vibe with a twist. This texture is great for portfolios especially for interior designs. You can also print out this texture and use them as wallpapers for homes or offices for a cabin-like feel.
  • Vector old paper texture. These have a vanishing point in its design where you can place your details. This lets viewers concentrate on your details, but at the same time still be amazed with the creativity it can give off. The template’s design mostly contains vintage like colors with a retro approach. This type of template is also best paired with vintage textures in a retro-themed design.
  • Vector leather texture background. This type of texture template is best used as wallpapers for home or commercial offices due to its leather-type effect. It also gives off a classy modern look. You can also use this as reference if you plan to create a leather pattern artwork.

Vector Leather Texture

Vector White Leather Texture Background With Zipper

vector white leather texture

Vector Leather Texture Background

vector leather texture background

Vector Brush Texture

Vector Paint Brush Texture

vector paint brush texture

Vector Brush Stroke Texture

vector brush stroke texture

Why are Vector Textures Important?

Vector textures are important to any individual who creates digital artwork because they are one of the most used tools that an artist needs to create the perfect design. Vector textures are very useful in saving effort and time from making backgrounds through intricate pattern creation.

Vector textures can also be used in multiple ways. This helps you apply the same texture in different designing methods and projects. Downloading and collecting vector textures is also a good practice so you can have a number to add to your arsenal of editing tools. Vector textures can also help you with creating high quality work as compared to using bitmap images that can possibly be pixelated and mess up your whole output.

Where You Can Use these Textures

There are other uses for the different vector textures aside from improving your designs and making them look more creative. Below are other areas that you can use these vector texture designs:

  • You can use wood grain textures or wood pattern textures as wallpapers for your home or office
  • You can apply the seamless grass textures or seamless stone texture as floor designs
  • The ice cream texture or animal skin texture could be great as your phone or computer’s wallpaper
  • Marble textures, steel textures or even leather textures can be used to create a unique and one-of-a-kind packaging design
  • Use the old paper texture and rubber stamp textures in your product labels

Vector Metal Texture

Vector Brushed Metal Texture

vector brushed metal texture

Vector Metal Grunge Texture

vector metal grunge textures

Vector Grass Texture

Vector Seamless Grass Texture

vector seamless grass texture

Green Grass Vector Seamless Texture

vector green grass texture

Vector Asphalt Texture

Vector Asphalt Road Texture

vector asphalt road texture

Vector Abstract Asphalt Texture

vector abstract asphalt texture

Vector Animal Texture

Vector Animal Fur Texture

vector animal fur texture

Vector Animal Skin Texture

vector animal skin texture

Vector Fabric Texture

Vector Cotton Fabric Texture

vector cotton fabric texture

Gray Vector Fabric Texture

gray vector fabric texture

Vector Pattern Texture

Metal Pattern Texture Vector

vector metal pattern texture

Vector Wood Pattern Texture

vector wood pattern texture

Seamless Vintage Ornamental Texture

vector vintage pattern texture

Vector Ice Texture

Vector Ice Cream Texture

vector ice cream texture

Vector Ice Rink Texture

vector ice rink texture

Vector Rough Texture

Vector Rough Paper Texture

vector rough paper texture

Vector Rough Background Texture

vector rough background texture

Vector Rough Grunge Texture

vector rough grung texture1

Vector Stone Texture

Vector Stone Wall Texture

vector stone wall texture

Vector Seamless Stone Texture

vector seamless stone texture

Vector Grain Texture

Wood Grain Texture Design

vector wood grain textures

Vector Old Grain Texture

vector old grain texture

Vector Film Grain Texture

vector film grain texture

Vector Marble Texture

Vector Black Marble Texture

vector black marble texture

What to Prepare Before Designing

You will need to consider a few things if you want to have a smooth flow when creating your designs and ensuring that you are able to make high quality work. Below are a few tips you should know before you even start making your designs:

  • Think of a theme. Having a theme in mind will help you get a smoother flow when you start to create your designs. A tip to creating your own design is to have a specific inspiration which you can attain by reading magazines, eBooks, or checking your favorite artist’s portfolio or website. This should help you with creating a specific and unique theme, and mixing their inspiration with yours will help you make an even more creative design. For example, you can incorporate paper textures into a modern minimalist design.
  • Make sure you have the right computer specs. Secure some recommended computer specifications that will allow you to create high quality work without any lagging or hardware issues. This is a big factor in helping you save time while creating an efficient output. It also helps you avoid any file corruption issues.
  • Get the recommended software programs. For you to make a unique design, you will have to use the newest professional software programs for you to take advantage of all its features to make a good output.

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