Silver is a sophisticated colour and can produce a good visual effect when it is incorporated in the backgrounds. Graphic designers use these textures in various themes to produce pleasing visuals. Apart from these, Silver Texture is also used in textiles, home décor accessories and other aspects in order to enhance the look. The designers are experimental with the themes, so they require different types of texture designs. Here are ten most commonly used silver textures. You may also See Steel Texture

Shiny Silver Texture

This texture is shiny and delivers a festive look to the background where it is incorporated. It is generally used in paper foils as a backdrop. The texture resembles a metal sheet, with a shiny surface and it has a bright colour. You can use it to get a glossy background for any design.

shiny silver texture

Metallic Silver Texture

If you need a background with metallic silver texture, this one is ideal for you. Here, the silvery texture is smooth and bright. Circular patterns are visible in this texture and it can be incorporated on any solid surface. These are generally used to increase the degree of sophistication of different objects and accessories.

metallic silver texture

Watercolor Silver Texture

Different design projects require abstract silver textures. This texture has been made using watercolour. It looks like an artistic illusion in the background, with thick brush strokes. One can incorporate this texture in graphic designing, or to form to background of different objects and accessories.

watercolor silver texture

Silver Glitter Texture

This silver texture has got a rough surface. The texture is glittery and the small grey, white and black particles are visible in the texture. The small particles resemble silver grains and these are used to resemble a rough surface in different projects.

silver glitter texture

Silver Foil Texture

This is an innovative silver texture design, with distinct patches of colours. The grey and white bands are visible in the texture, and the white areas have a sparkling surface. These are used for various commercial purposes and comes along with a design in the centre. You may also See Metal Textures

silver foil texture

Silver Brushed Texture

In case you need a silver texture with the effect of pencil on them, you can use this one. The texture ha irregular marks of silver strokes. Different types of pencil strokes have been used in this texture to create this innovative design. It can form a classy background in different projects and accessories.

silver brushed texture

Scratched Silver Texture

This is a beautiful silver texture, resembling scratch on a surface. The white and grey colours are arranged in an irregular fashion, which enhances the effect. Designers can use this texture for any projects to replicate scratches. The resolution of the texture can be adjusted before they are downloaded.

scratched silver texture

Silver Plate Texture

This texture has an elegant shine in the centre. The bright light makes the central area conspicuous, while there are darker shades of silver along the edges. It resembles a typical silver plate and can be used in various themes and designs. You may also See Moon Textures

silver plate texture

Designing is an innovative art that lives on experimentation. One needs to try out different design ideas using these textures. You may also look out for metal textures while designing various projects. The right application of textures can enhance the look of the project, irrespective of its nature. You can use these textures for different requirements and innovative art.

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