Mastering texture designs will give you the opportunity to create life-like projects. Every object has a textured surface. For graphic design, a texture is the visual representation of those surfaces. Texture designs add a realistic and contemporary tone to many projects and are suitable for both electronic and printed ones. In today’s post, we are going to show you stunning texture designs and give you ideas for your future designs.

Wood Texture Designs

Wood has a traditional quality that can be modified according to the project’s nature. There are countless templates with wood texture designs to choose from. Suitable for web designs, brochures and business cards you can get many stunning templates in jpg and pdf format files in a variety of sizes.

Dark Wood Texture Design

dark wood texture design1

Old Wood Texture Design

old wood texture design

White Wood Texture Design

white wood texture design

Grunge Textures

Grunge style has been a trend for several years now. This style comprises of elements with realistic and sharp quality. In graphic design, grunge textures are often depicting stains, rusty metals, cracks and reflections. Available in most known format files, with resizable and editable properties to fit every project’s needs.

Vintage Grunge Textures

vintage grunge textures

Abstract Grunge Texture

abstract grunge texture

Black Grunge Texture

black grunge texture

Lace Texture Designs

If you want to get a vintage look for your projects then you should consider lace texture designs. Available in png and jpg formats, you can find remarkable designs to use for background in invitations, blogs, brochures and websites. Don’t hesitate to add multiple colors for a lively effect.

Seamless Lace Texture Design

seamless lace texture design

Lace Fabric Texture

lace fabric texture

Metal Textures

Metal textures are excellent for corporate and business websites. The sophisticated quality of the metal along with the industrial look can be used as background illustrations. There are available many startling designs with glossy or matte finishes to choose from in jpg format files and different sizes to fit.

Rusty Metal Texture

rusty metal texture1

Shiny Metal Texture

shiny metal texture1

Brushed Metal Texture

brushed metal texture

Paper Photoshop textures

The paper has versatile properties that make it suitable for traditional and modern designs. There are many beautiful paper photoshop textures that can be used in web design, flyers and brochures as a background element. You can find templates with stunning paper textures in all known format files with editable qualities.

Old Paper Photoshop Texture

old paper photoshop texture

Crumpled Paper Texture

crumpled paper texture

Rice Paper Texture

rice paper texture

Grass Textures

Bring nature into your projects to add a natural feeling. Grass texture designs are the perfect solution for websites related to environmental causes, gardening themes and exterior design. Find templates in numerous sizes to choose from and use in your projects. The jpg format files allow for easy use.

Dry Grass Texture

dry grass texture

Green Grass Texture

green grass texture

Mowed Green Grass Texture

mowed green grass texture

Snow Textures

Make your project look timely for winter time with a snow texture design. Templates with snow textures have a lifelike quality that will look perfect for brochures, invitations and web design projects. Available in jpg and png format files you can choose amazing background designs that offer full resizing abilities

Falling Snow Texture

falling snow texture

Melting Snow And Ice Texture

melting snow and ice texture

Glitter Textures

Glitters come in every color you can imagine. In case you want to add a touch of glamor and elegance then you should take a look at the countless glitter texture designs that are available on the web. Suitable for projects related to women you can find in most formats.

Red Glitter Texture

red glitter texture

Bokeh Glitter Texture

bokeh glitter texture

Rainbow Glitter Texture

rainbow glitter texture

Smoke Texture

Smoke is one of the growing trends in graphic design. You can build a mystique atmosphere with a smoke texture template. The designs available on the web will blow your mind. Choose from a variety of swirly smoke cloud designs with vibrant and strong colors for amazing eye-catching results.

Seamless Smoke Texture

seamless smoke texture

Rainbow Smoke Texture

rainbow smoke texture

Leather Textures

Leather’s durability has crossed over to the visual arts of graphic design. The classic and timeless quality have driven many designers to create templates with leather texture designs. Among the different styles and colors you can choose high resolution templates to use as background imagery for all your upcoming projects.

Black Leather Texture

black leather texture

Seamless Brown Leather Texture

seamless brown leather texture

Grunge Leather Texture

grunge leather texture

Cardboard Texture Designs

Cardboard texture can be used in web and graphic design. Incorporating realistic elements of this material will allow you to create retro and vintage and in some cases grunge designs. From ripped cardboards to shredded pieces of cardboards, there is a great variety to choose from and use in projects.

Torn Cardboard Texture Design

torn cardboard texture design

Grey Cardboard Texture

grey cardboard texture

Crumpled Cardboard Texture

crumpled cardboard texture

Vintage Texture Designs

Vintage style has an all-time classic vibe that is suitable for many projects in graphic design. Textures with off colors are great to style your background setting in invitations, blogs and websites. You can also combine various elements in order to add a subtle elegance and to build character.

Vintage Wood Texture

vintage wood texture

Vintage Paper Texture

vintage paper texture

Water Textures

Sea water, small water droplets and waves have a natural feeling that brings a splash of freshness in every project. Water texture templates look incredible as background elements in websites and brochures. Bring a fresh vibe in your projects with eye-catching templates that come in high resolutions and sizes.

Ocean Water Texture

ocean water texture

Water Drop Texture

water drop texture

Seamless Water Texture

seamless water texture

Glass Textures

A design that can be used for both professional and personal purposes. Some glass textures have a frosty look while others offer a combination of elements like glass and water to create amazing designs. Use a glass texture to give a breath of sophisticated elegance for your project’s background illustration.

Broken Glass Texture

broken glass texture

Frosted Glass Texture

frosted glass texture

Stained Glass Texture

stained glass texture

Floral Textures

Floral textures come in a variety of looks and styles. They can be used in many forms for projects related to nature, gardening as well as websites that have women as their target audience. Floral textures come in high-quality templates with resizable properties that come in jpg format.

Green Floral Texture

green floral texture

Floral Fabric Texture

floral fabric texture

Sand Texture Designs

Use a sand texture design in order to create a warm feeling in your project. Sand brings to mind warm beaches and deserts. This can be used in many projects like web design and brochure. Available in jpg and png format files you can choose a fully resizable design.

Beach Sand Texture Design

beach sand texture design

Wet Sand Texture

wet sand texture

Fabric Textures

From woolen sweaters to silk you can choose any fabric textures you think might be suitable for your project. You can combine different styles to add a unique and creative tone to it. You can find them almost every available format file offering you the ability to resize accordingly.

Cotton Fabric Texture

cotton fabric texture

Blue Fabric Texture

blue fabric texture

Black Fabric Texture

black fabric texture

Carpet Texture Designs

A carpet adds a homey feeling in many projects like websites, blogs or brochures. You can find startling templates with carpet texture designs that will make choosing one a tough process. Find them in png and jpg formats that come in different sizes and color combinations for amazing end results.

Red Carpet Texture

red carpet texture

Knitwear Carpet Texture

knitwear carpet texture

Colorful Carpet Texture

colorful carpet texture

Leaf Textures

Nature at its best, you can use a leaf texture design for projects related to gardening, natural products and the environment. There is a variety of designs available in many different color combinations that come in the green color pallet. You can find them in jpg format files with full customizable properties.

Green Leaf Texture

green leaf texture

Gold Leaf Texture

gold leaf texture

Autumn Leaf Texture

autumn leaf texture

Cloud Textures

Create a dreamy background setting with a cloud texture design. From soft white clouds to angry dark rainy ones you can choose any stunning design you like. Suitable for projects like invitation and greeting cards as well as for websites and blogs you can get a high-resolution template.

Abstract Cloud Texture

abstract cloud texture

Cloud Sky Texture

cloud sky texture

Texture designs can be incorporated into projects with a few simple ways. You can use either visual texture designs or tactile texture designs. Visual texture can be digitally created allowing for versatile projects. On the other hand, tactile texture designs have a physical quality that offers a true and realistic look. You can use natural textures like flowers, grass or fur, for an organic feeling or you can bring together various elements like background photography.

If you are getting tired with the simple background and visual elements of your projects then you can consider texture designs. With versatile qualities, you can choose a ready-made template of or even create your own textures to bring a sophisticated tone with a touch of creativity in your designs.

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