Sand is a very natural and unrefined element of nature that is present almost everywhere. The beauty in the texture of sand lies in the amazing contours it can take and the innumerable designs it naturally creates. Sand texture is widely used in web design and its types are far too many. From varying colours, shapes, lines, silhouettes, formations and appearance, sand texture is a great tool for web designers because of the infinite options it has. You may also see Gravel Textures

Beach Sand Texture

beach sand texture

Desert Sand Dune Texture

desert sand dune texture

Rocky White Sand Texture

rocky white sand texture

Sand can be grainy or smooth, dark or light, wet or dry and every form of sand provides a unique texture. Fine dry sand from the deserts is a great texture for using as a background in minimally designed web pages. This is because of the smoothness and seamlessness in the texture of sand. You may also see Chalkboard Textures

Rocky Tan Sand Texture

rocky tan sand texture

Awesome Sand Texture

awesome sand texture

Desert Sand Texture

desert sand texture

Beach Sand Texture

beach sand texture1

Simple Sand Texture

simple sand texture

Cool Sand Texture

cool sand texture

Desert Red Sand Texture

desert red sand texture

Red Sand Texture

red sand texture

Red Sand Texture

red sand texture1

Sand Waves Texture

sand waves texture

Coarse and beach kind of sand texture is widely used to give detail to the background in web sites where a lot of colour is used. Sand is also very soothing to look at and so is often used to neutralize graphical elements.

White Sand Texture

white sand texture

Dry Beach Sand Texture

dry beach sand texture

Wet Beach Sand Texture

wet beach sand texture1

Soft Sand Texture

soft sand texture

Wet Sand Texture

wet sand texture

Yellow Sand Texture

yellow sand texture

Patterned Sand Dune Texture

patterned sand dune texture

Sand Pattern Texture

sand pattern texture

Footprint Sand Texture

footprint sand texture

Sand texture is very subtle and gives a very natural and raw look. Therefore it is widely used graphically in web design elements like icons. Because of its versatility with colours, texture and scope for design, it is and will remain one of the most popularly used textures. You may also see Moss Textures

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