Textures are required to add body to your work. There can be different types of textures that go well with different types of artwork but some artwork needs to be elegant and sophisticated. Teak wood textures have their own look that adds to the beauty of the design done by you.

We have come up with a collection of different types of teakwood texture that are perfect to go with any artwork and enhance their appeal. Which one do you like?

High-Detailed Wood Textures

high detailed wood textures

You can choose these highly detailed wood textures for making your work look different. There is a collection of different types of textures that are perfect to give background to the work you do.

Wood Plank Board Background Texture

wood plank board background texture

A perfect texture to add grace to your artwork. This wood plank board background texture is right for using as a background to any artwork that needs to be definite and unique.

Brown Wood Texture

brown wood texture

This brown wood texture is photographed by the best camera to ensure that the texture that you get for your project is simply the best. Use it as background for making the work look neat. There is no compromise on the quality of the texture as they are of high resolution.

Dark Wood Scalable Textures

dark wood scalable textures

The next texture is a dark wood scalable texture that can be resized according to the size of your project. Just design any artwork and use this texture to give a definite look to the designing. It is perfect choice when you want to make the background support the whole design.

Real Wood Grain Texture

real wood grain texture

There are different types of wood and each wood has its different texture. These real wood grain textures are photographed from real wood to give you a collection of various types of wood grain for making the background of the project look great. They have high resolution making it easier for you to maintain the quality of the work.

Teak Wood Texture

teak wood texture

Teak wood is considered to be one of the finest categories of wood and so is this texture. This high resolution texture makes the perfect background. The wooden feature enhances the beauty of the work and makes every work look sophisticated just the way they are.

Decorative Teak Wood Texture

decorative teak wood texture

This is another high resolution decorative teak wood texture that allows you to be creative. You can make illustrations with these textures or use as the background of photos. There are thousands of possibilities and your creative mind can use these high resolution images for various artworks. The teak wood texture is just perfect for making the artwork look exceptional.

Beautiful Wood Grain Textures

beautiful wood grain textures

This set of beautiful wood grain textures comprises more than forty wooden textures that are of high resolution. Use these tiles separately for making your artwork special. They are a perfect blend of ant design and you can use them to compliment the design you make.

Wood Texture with Natural Pattern

wood texture with natural pattern

Now, here is the next texture that has a natural wooden finish. This texture is high resolution vector texture that will help you make your designs attractive. And why shouldn’t they be? When the background is elegant, the design will also look beautiful.

Old Rough Discolored Wood Texture

old rough discolored wood texture

To finish this collection of teakwood texture here is old and rough discolored wooden texture. The beauty of this texture lies in the fact that it is discoloured. It will give your creative mind to work further and make such designs on it that will be attractive and unique. You will get high resolution texture to ensure that your work is as creative as your mind.

Background and Texture of Walnut Wood

background and texture of walnut wood

Old Rustic Wooden Texture

old rustic wooden texture

Pieces of Teak Wood Stump Background

pieces of teak wood stump background

Wood Plank Teak Wood Texture

wood plank teak wood texture

High Resolution Teak Wood Texture

high resolution teak wood texture

Abstract Rustic Surface Teak Texture

abstract rustic surface teak texture

Teak Wood Stump Background

teak wood stump background

Color Wood Wall Pattern

colour wood wall pattern

Pine Wood Plank Texture and Background

pine wood plank texture and background

Texture of the Old Wooden Door

texture of the old wooden door

Wooden Texture with Natural Wood Pattern

wooden texture with natural wood pattern

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