Have you ever completed a project and still felt like something was missing? The solutions to these projects are texture designs. They add character, enhancing the style and offer multitude of designs to choose. In most cases, texture designs, feature as background designs adding depth and style to digital versions. For today’s post, we have decided to show you a collection of paper texture designs to help you style all your digital and printable projects.

Old Paper Textures

Old paper textures have a worn and faded look. You can choose this texture design for invitations and as a background for a blog page. Make sure that the resolution is high to ensure an authentic look. Available in psd, eps and jpg to choose from with resizable characteristics.

Old Vintage Paper Texture

old vintage paper texture

Old Newspaper Texture

old newspaper texture

Old Grunge Paper Texture

old grunge paper texture

Watercolor Paper Textures

Watercolor paper texture can come in many different color combinations. Depending on the project’s nature you can decide on the appropriate color combination. Suitable for greeting cards, business cards, and website, you’ll find them in every known format file with customization properties to resize it to fit your needs.

Digital Watercolor Paper Texture

digital watercolor paper texture

Seamless Watercolor Paper Texture

seamless watercolor paper texture

Watercolor Stained Paper Texture

watercolor stained paper texture

Wrinkled Paper Textures

It might be a nightmare on real paper but when it comes in digital form it is a stylish way to adorn a web site or a blog. The wrinkles play with the light creating shades and giving the illusion of 3d designs and are available in resizable eps formats.

Wrinkled Lined Paper Texture

wrinkled lined paper texture

White Wrinkled Paper Texture

white wrinkled paper texture

Wrinkled Digital Paper Texture

wrinkled digital paper texture

Torn Paper Textures

Torn paper has a vibe of recklessness that can be endearing. Make your projects look perfect with the help of some imperfection like torn paper texture. You will find these designs in many different versions while you can download them for free or for a low cost in psd format.

Old Torn Paper Texture

old torn paper texture

Ripped Paper Texture

ripped paper texture

Grunge Paper Textures

From old paper to torn pieces you can find incredible paper textures in the grunge style. Though it has many similarities with vintage papers, the grunge textures have a wild raw power that translates into strong style. You can find these designs in jpg, eps and png format files.

Stained Grunge Paper Texture

stained grunge paper texture

Seamless Grunge Paper Texture

seamless grunge paper texture

Vintage Grunge Paper Texture

vintage grunge paper texture

Folded Paper Textures

Folded paper has a different approach. The folds can create geometric shapes that add an interesting touch to the project while completing the look. You will see them featuring in many web sites or brochures while you can get them in editable format files to use on your own.

Folded Overlay Paper Texture

folded overlay paper texture

Twice Folded Paper Texture

twice folded paper texture

Brown Folded Paper Texture

brown folded paper texture

Burnt Paper Textures

Burned paper textures come in a great variety of colors and styles. They mostly fall under the grunge style however you will find amazing designs in vintage and rustic styles. They are available in psd, jpg and eps format files that can be edited and resized.

Old Burnt Paper Texture

old burnt paper texture

Grunge Burnt Paper Texture

grunge burnt paper texture

Wrinkled Burnt Paper Texture

wrinkled burnt paper texture

Paper Bag Textures

Available in the brown color pallet that ranges from light beige to medium brown, paper bag textures are a great way to style your e-shop or your blog. Make sure that the design has a high resolution for a great result. You’ll find them in psd, png and eps formats.

Brown Paper Bag Texture

brown paper bag texture

High Resolution Paper Bag Texture

high resolution paper bag texture

Crumpled Paper Bag Texture

crumpled paper bag texture

Newspaper Textures

Bring a sophisticated air with the help of newspaper texture designs. Suitable for blogs, invitation cards and book covers you will find exquisite designs that will take your projects to the next level. Find them in all known format files with customization friendly characteristics.

Vintage Newspaper Texture

vintage newspaper texture

Gold Paper Textures

In case you are looking for some glamour then you will find it in gold paper textures. These designs come in a variety of paper densities giving you endless options for your projects. Suitable for web sites and blogs as well as invitation cards, they are available in all known formats.

Gold Foil Paper Texture

gold foil paper texture

Gold Wrapping Paper Texture

gold wrapping paper texture

White Paper Textures

There are many different types of paper. White paper can have all these variations providing you with a bright and sophisticated design to use in your projects. From wrinkled to grainy you will find all designs available in psd, jpg and eps formats to choose.

White Wrinkled Paper Texture

white wrinkled paper texture 1

White Watercolor Paper Texture

white watercolor paper texture

Seamless Paper Textures

Having a seamless design will help you get a neat end result. The lack of cuts and tears will add style and character to your project. You can choose from a great variety of seamless paper texture designs that come in resizable jpg, png and eps format files.

Seamless Rice Paper Texture

seamless rice paper texture

Seamless Retro Paper Texture

seamless retro paper texture

Seamless Craft Paper Texture

seamless craft paper texture

Lined Paper Textures

With a feeling of a notebook you can take note of these lined paper textures. You can add a carefree design that will remind everyone of their school years. Find them in all known format files with editable properties suitable for blogs, brochures and fliers.

Lined Notebook Paper Texture

lined notebook paper texture

Lined White Paper Texture

lined white paper texture

Abstract Paper Textures

Abstract paper textures don’t follow after a specific theme. You can find many different designs in a variety of colors and styles to use in various projects like book covers, magazines and posters. For printed and digital mediums, get editable formats to help you adjust them to your needs.

Abstract White Paper Texture

abstract white paper texture

Abstract Grunge Paper Texture

abstract grunge paper texture

Construction Paper Textures

Construction paper is suitable for web pages and blogs as well as for invitations and business cards. Choose a construction paper texture in a rich color in order to create an antithesis with the rest of the project. Available in all format files to choose from.

Brown Construction Paper Texture

brown construction paper texture

Grey Construction Paper Texture

grey construction paper texture

Paper textures can give you elegance and style. They can be used in a multitude of projects that range from book covers to blogs and from invitations to business cards. Make sure that the design you choose has the highest resolution in order to achieve excellent results in the end.

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