Gold texture can give your project an elegant yet professional look. The shiny character of this precious metal is efficiently captured in gold textures which you can use for commercial or personal projects. Experimenting with different gradients till you get the ideal gold texture can be frustrating and time-consuming. To save time and make your work easier, we have compiled different unique gold texture designs that will match your preference, showcase your creativity and create beautiful visual elements.

Gold Glitter Texture

gold glitter texture

Give your project a touch of sparkle by using this gold texture. It features scalable vectors files in AL and ESPS. You can easily edit or resize this pattern using Adobe Illustrator.

Metallic Gold Texture

metallic gold texture

Available in different sizes, the gold metal textures will enhance your photos. Designers can use this texture to manipulate images and ensure they present only high-quality end products to their users.

Shiny Gold Texture

shiny gold texture

Easy to download and with high resolution, this shiny gold metal texture is a must have for anyone who wants their design to look classy.

Seamless Gold Texture

seamless gold texture

This surface works to ensure that you seamlessly blend your images. The shimmery effect of this gold texture is the perfect tool for showcasing luxury. It is useful for giving elegance to any graphic creation.

Gold Leaf Texture

gold leaf texture

Do you love gold themes? If you answered yes, then gold leaf texture is for you. It features a rough glittering wrinkled surface that will look stunning as a background.

Gold Foil Texture

gold foil texture

Whether on your business card, text or logo, these golden foil textures will add a shimmering effect. It has a set of thirteen amazing texture and seven Photoshop confetti brushes.

Gold Paper Texture

gold paper texture

If you need to give the banner on your website a gold effect, then you can use this gold paper textures. It features small and large 72dpi sizes and five other 300dpi sizes.

Gold Fabric Texture

gold fabric texture

Gold fabric textures can be adjusted to your preferred size hence will stimulate your creativity. Use this texture as a background for web designs, birthday cards, business cards and backgrounds for photography.

Gold Grunge Texture

gold grunge texture

This design has a subtle gold shine which is surrounded by black shade making it ideal for printing as well as for use in any web application.

Gold and Black Texture

gold and black texture

If you need less of the golden glitter, opt for gold and black texture. With this design, you can download from extra small size to extra large textures for printing.

Unique Gold Texture

unique gold texture

Gold Foil Seamless Texture

gold foil seamless texture

Coral and Gold Texture

coral and gold texture

Dark Seamless Gold Texture

dark seamless gold texture

Rough Gold Metallic Texture

rough gold metallic texture

High Quality Gold Texture

high quality gold texture

Luxury Gold Texture Design

luxury gold texture design

Gold Sparkling Texture

gold sparkling texture

Classic Gold Texture

classic gold texture

Liquid Gold Texture

liquid gold texture

Brushed Gold Metal Texture

brushed gold metal texture

Implementing gold texture will infuse your project with beauty, warmth, and vividness. With gold touches you won’t have to compromise with blurred images as the shiny effect will ensure your design stands out. This metal texture gives a touch of class hence you can use it in wallpapers, logos or on any other project.

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