Feeling earthly? Loving the natural colors of the environment? If you like going neutral and being simple, your choice of wallpaper should include brown backgrounds. Contrary to what many people may believe, brown is not a boring color. It may not be as bright as red, or as pretty as pink and purple, but brown is just as beautiful.

Scratched Brown Background

brown backgrounds1

Dark Brown Leaves Background

brown backgrounds4

Brown Background with Floral Border

brown backgrounds6

Brown Retro Background Image

brown backgrounds7

Brick and Wall Brown Background

brown backgrounds8

Floral Brown Wall Background

brown backgrounds9

Your brown background does not necessarily need to be simply solid brown. There are brown backgrounds that can be exciting through creativity. For instance, instead of picking a background of solid brown color, why not choose a wallpaper with different shades of brown – either perfectly set as striped lines or like brown shades of paints haphazardly thrown across a wall.

Chocolate Brown Desktop Background

brown backgrounds10

Heart Patterned Brown Background

untitled 1

Brown and Yellow Wall Background

brown backgrounds15

Brown Wood Background Download

brown backgrounds16

Brown Wood Wallpaper

brown backgrounds18

The ideas are aplenty, actually. Looking through some samples, you will see brown backgrounds inspired by nature and the woods. Some ideas could include; dried brown leaves, huge tree trunks, and treated bamboos.

Rustic Brown Wood Background

brown backgrounds21

Abstract Grunge Background

brown backgrounds23

Chocolate Brown Background

brown backgrounds26

Brown Sky Background

brown backgrounds27

Wooden Cardboard Brown Texture

brown backgrounds28

Brown Background Design

brown backgrounds30

Brown Square Desktop Picture

brown backgrounds31

Brown Grunge Background Design

brown backgrounds32

Brown Wood Background Design

brown backgrounds34

Dark Wood Background

brown backgrounds36

Paper Grunge Background

brown backgrounds38

Dark Brown Background

brown backgrounds39

Brown Diagonal Stripes Background

untitled 2

Cocoa Brown Background Idea

brown backgrounds2

Dark Brown Backgrounds

Dark brown backgrounds are absolutely amazing by the look and suit to the sophisticated people perfectly. The latest HD backgrounds are super stylish by the appearance. Since past the dark brown backgrounds has been used in the different types of pictures to give extra realistic effects. Nature-based dark background images are absolutely stunning.

dark brown backgrounds

dark brown waves background

dark brown board background1

abstract brown background

dark brown wood background

Light Brown Backgrounds

Light brown backgrounds bring softness and charm since long past. You can go for the grunge watercolour light brown backgrounds for wall paper. Light brown backgrounds with floral images are absolutely fresh in fashion trends. Go for a light brown HD backgrounds for your desktop to make it more beautiful and unique.

light brown background

light brown background1

solid light brown background

light brown background2


Chocolate Brown Backgrounds

Chocolate brown backgrounds are simply irresistible due to its amazing looks. Chocolate brown backgrounds are absolutely perfect for wall papers. Chocolate brown HD backgrounds are dominating the current markets all around the world. Chocolate brown backgrounds along with different types of chocolate pictures are having huge fan followers since a long past.

chocolate brown background

abstract dark brown background

Abstract Brown Backgrounds

Brown abstract backgrounds are high in fashion trends nowadays. These types of brown backgrounds are absolutely appropriate for your wall paper. The HD backgrounds of brown abstract designs are super stylish. Get brown circle images along with abstract designs which are absolutely stunning by the look. The photos of curve line based brown abstract backgrounds are high in craze now.

abstract brown background2

abstract brown leather background

abstract lined brown background

abstract brown background11

Brown Flower Backgrounds

Brown flower backgrounds have been in the fashion trends since retro times. Brown backgrounds along with floral images are simply sophisticated by the appearance. The classic styles collaborate with latest technologies of HD backgrounds to make it more beautiful. Brown flower backgrounds are absolutely perfect as wall paper for the people who believe in classic beauty.

brown flowers background

beautiful brown flower wallpaper

brown flower wallpaper1

brown flower background

abstract brown flower background

Dark Brown Wood Background

The soberness of dark brown wood backgrounds is absolutely gorgeous. Sophistication comes out best with the dark brown HD backgrounds. Men can easily go for the dark brown wood backgrounds for the framing of photos and images. Light coloured pictures look absolutely mind blowing and perfect on dark brown wood backgrounds.

dark wood background

dark brown wood texture1

dark brown wood texture11

dark seamless wood texture1

Brown Sky Background

When it comes to gorgeous wall paper you can easily look for the brown sky backgrounds. The brown sky HD backgrounds are having stunning images. The pictures along with clouds absolutely give your desktop a special look. Get perfect sky based photos which are having stunning brown backgrounds behind

brown sky background1

sunrise brown sky background1

brown sky backgrounds1

brown sky abstract background

Yellow and Brown Background

Yellow and brown backgrounds are the signature style of vintage beauty. Latest HD backgrounds along with yellow and brown colour combinations make the images simply outstanding. The pictures get extra lustre due to the latest technologies which are generally applied on yellow and brown backgrounds. Go for yellow and brown backgrounds for your desktop wall paper.

yellow and brown floral background

yellow and brown glitter background

yellow brown and orange background

yellow and brown wood background

HD Brown Backgrounds

HD brown backgrounds make your images more eye-catching. The pictures get extra superiority due to the latest technologies. HD brown backgrounds based images are having huge fan followers all around the world. HD brown backgrounds are absolutely perfect for desktop, laptop and phone wall paper. The photos look more realistic due to HD brown backgrounds.

hd brown backgrounds1


hd brown board background

hd light brown background

Brown Bricks Backgrounds

Brown bricks backgrounds are high in demand since classic era. The brown brick images based backgrounds add extra glamour to your wall paper. Latest HD backgrounds along with brown bricks are simply fascinating and realistic. The brown bricks backgrounds based photos are getting the markets all around the world amazingly.


manmade brown brick backgroud

brown bricks background1

brown brick wall background

Brown Leaves Backgrounds

Brown leaves backgrounds generally depict nostalgia. The photos of brown leave backgrounds simply classic by the look. Go for the brown leaves HD backgrounds for the wall paper. The beautiful pictures of brown leaves backgrounds definitely make you feel emotional. Brown leaves backgrounds go best with simple yet philosophical people.

brown leaves background1

brown leaves background11

dry brown leaves background

golden brown leaves background

brown leaves on ground background

Brown Pattern Backgrounds

The images along with brown pattern backgrounds define the royal vibes interestingly. Brown pattern HD backgrounds are amazing by the appearance due to advanced colour technology. You can go for the floral brown pattern based photos which have been ruling the market since classic periods. The pictures look incredible for the marvellous brown pattern backgrounds behind.

brown hello kitty pattern

brown floral background pattern

brown coffee pattern background

brown antique pattern background

brown vintage pattern background

Brown is not boring. It is alive. It is the proud race. It is a beautiful eye-color shade. Other options for brown backgrounds include; swirling brown and orange colors, brown background with swirling motif (usually leaves), bright swirls, chocolate swirl, bricked wall, golden sky, and satin sheets. If you want a really exciting brown background, you should look for the different brown shades that include; coffee, mocha, caramel, gold, gingerbread, walnut, chocolate, amber, brunette, cinnamon, cedar, syrup, peanut, wood, penny, tortilla and tawny.

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