Leaf is a motif for nature; its use in endorsing natural and herbal products knows no bounds. Because of its wide popularity, designers are always looking for new seamless pattern vector free download and with this lovely collection, graphic designers can refine their creations and create something that has never existed before.

Leaves background works great as a background for web-pages as well as all kinds of Photoshop projects. They are immensely useful while working with textures when you need an elaborate background for texts or word images. These seamless leaf patterns are easy to crop, edit or scale as per the needs of a particular project.

Tropical Leaves Seamless Pattern

tropical leaves seamless pattern


This ZIP file includes several tropical flowers and leaves in EPS and JPEG files. It has all types of palm leaves, coconut leaves, sago palms and hibiscus flowers. You can download this set of leaves and use it anywhere.

Light Color Vector Leaves Floral Pattern

light color vector leaves floral pattern

This seamless leaf pattern is a mixture of various tropical leaves that have dried and formed a translucent view. It is tinged with pale green colors and can be used as a backdrop for any project concerning eco-friendly products.

Set of Three Awesome Leaves Pattern

set of three awesome leaves pattern

This leaf pattern template is divided into three parts; each of them has similar leaves of varying sizes placed on differently colored backdrops like light peach, pale yellow and brown.

Seamless Pattern with Palm Leaves

seamless pattern with palm leaves


Who doesn’t adore the beauty of tropical palm leaves? This leaf pattern vector is an animated version of green palm leaves which makes it suitable for use in animated movies or web-based applications.

Dark Brown Color Leaves Seamless Pattern

dark brown color leaves seamless pattern


This is yet another gorgeous leaf pattern template with networks of small white nad orange flowers placed on a contrasting dark maroon backdrop. It is so beautiful that any designer would want to own it.

Awesome Autumn Leaves Seamless pattern

awesome autumn leaves seamless pattern

Autumn reminds us of colors and so does this seamless leaf pattern. It has two varieties of maple leaves, each colored in orange, green, red, maroon and yellow placed on an apt white setting.

6 Vector Colorful Leaves Seamless Pattern

6 vector colorful leaves seamless pattern


This seamless pattern generator has six types of colorful leaves pattern divided horizontally where the upper part holds a single leaf pattern and the lower part is further divided into five parts, each holding a distinct leaf design.

Multicolored Leaves Seamless Pattern

multicolored leaves seamless pattern

The combination of colors used in this leaf pattern template makes it unique and the backdrop justifies the ensemble and enhances its appeal.  It has numerous flowers, each painted with a single color, some solid while others are just outlines.

Black and White Leaves Seamless Pattern

black and white leaves seamless pattern

Styles and types are so many that you will have to spend some time to choose the right one for your site. Green leaves are there with different shades. Recently a leafy structure came with different colours and designs made on the leaves. This is making the design even more gorgeous.

6 Set of Leaves Seamless Patterns

6 set of leaves seamless patterns


This design leaves pattern comprises of six different leaf vectors  and can be easily downloaded. The set has 6 EPS8 files and 6 JPG files with a high resolution of 4167 x 4167px at 300dpi.

Birch Leaves Floral Pattern

birch leaves floral pattern

It is a beautiful combination of lush green birch leaves pattern which can be easily scaled, edited or cropped depending on the design where it is used. With a bit of creative genius, you can make a masterpiece by using this.

Monstera leaves seamless pattern

monstera leaves seamless pattern


This design leaves pattern has lovely monstera palm leaves colored in sea green and light blue placed on a clear white setting. The leaves pattern with a very high resolution of 6000 x 6000px at 300dpi makes it easily editable.

Decorative Spring Leaves Pattern

decorative spring leaves pattern

This seamless pattern illustrator can be downloaded and printed on a gift wrapping paper, fabrics, package covers or garments. It consists of decorative leaves, each having intricate designs within them.

Vector Set Leaves Seamless Pattern

vector set leaves seamless pattern

This seamless pattern vector free download is divided into nine squares where each square holds small leaves pattern placed on a solid colored setting. In fact, the background differentiates each vector and the similarity of design pattern joins them together.

Leaves Seamless Floral Pattern

leaves seamless floral pattern


This amazing leaf pattern vector has many leaves colored with fuchsia, orange, and whites on a sky blue backdrop. This ZIP file has EPS10 and JPG formats with a high resolution of 4000 x 4000 pixels.

Pink and Grey Color Leaves Seamless Pattern

pink and grey color leaves seamless pattern

This seamless leaf pattern illustrator has abstract leaves painted in bright pink and gray. You can scale it as per your requirements before downloading and it can be used for both web-based and printed designs.

Watercolor Leaves Seamless Pattern

watercolor leaves seamless pattern

Fall Leaves Vector Floral Pattern

fall leaves vector floral pattern


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