Animal skin patterns are useful in almost all creative and artistic projects. They never fail to make a lasting first impression and are so versatile that you can use any of them in product designs, web pages, and graphic designs. They cater to both kids and adults. Even though these patterns will always be in demand, designers continue to unveil high-quality patterns in various animal prints which mean you will never be limited when it comes to options. If you need some interesting Photoshop animal skin patterns here are 10 that you can use. You may also See Leopard Pattern Designs

Animal Skin Seamless Pattern

These animal skin patterns are perfect for use as backgrounds for wedding invitations, business card, website, packaging designs and any other craft project. They replicate the natural wild environment of animals. You can choose from tiger, giraffe, crocodile, snake, zebra and leopard skin patterns.

animal skin seamless pattern

Set of Snake Skin Pattern

Snakeskin prints designed in Photoshop can provide double function of acting as patterns or textures. This pattern has a distinct look which will amaze anyone who looks at it. Use it for scrapbooking, creating stencils or in printable crafts.

set of snake skin pattern

Leopard Seamless Pattern

Whether you want to use it as pattern or texture, this leopard skin print is alluring. Leopard prints are trendy in the fashion world, so your design will be on point. The muted colors give a realistic feel to this animal print. It can be used on fabric or for backgrounds.

leopard seamless pattern

Animal Print Seamless Pattern

If you need an animal skin pattern that will showcase your creativity, then this leopard print seamless design is ideal for you. It features a repeating theme and a blue pattern that enhances the visual appeal of your design. It is easy to download and print for use on fabrics.

animal print seamless pattern

Hand Drawn Animal Skin Pattern

This set of 8 animal skin hand drawn patterns will make the appearance of your blog, web pages or any project beautiful. It has eight high-quality JPEG files each at 300dpi and in 5000 × 5000 pixels. You also get a vector Al format and EPS files each with eight seamless patterns. You may also See Dinosaurs Patterns

hand drawn animal skin pattern

Animal Vector Skin Pattern

This animal skin vector pattern features striking black leopard pattern on a seamless gold background. The two color balance each other to create a pattern that is both impressive and practical. You can use it in greeting cards, wallpapers or website backgrounds.

animal vector skin pattern

High Resolution Animal Print Pattern

Whether you want a high-resolution animal skin pattern of a jaguar, cow or zebra, this set has many options. All the patterns in this collection are 100% vector and seamless. You can open it in various programs like Illustrator, sketchApp, and CorelDraw. The different design colors will form amazing backgrounds.

high resolution animal print pattern

Animal Skin and Fur Pattern

Are you looking for an animal skin pattern that will remind you of the wildlife? Then opt for this animal skin and fur pattern. It comes in a set that has eight different designs, so you can choose from giraffe, cow, tiger, zebra, horse, cat, cheetah and jaguar.

animal skin and fur pattern

White and Gold Animal Skin Pattern

This innovative white and gold animal skin pattern have eight high-quality digital papers. Each African animal skin pattern is decorated with gold foils making them ideal for use as web backgrounds, in scrapbooking and invitations. Each paper has a 300 dpi resolution and measures 30.5 x 30.5 cm.

white and gold animal skin pattern

Animal Skin Giraffe Pattern

Giraffes are fascinating wild creatures, and so is this animal skin giraffe pattern. It comes in high-quality JPG format, you can edit it in EPS and Al and has a realistic giraffe skin effect. You may also See Wood Floor Patterns

animal skin giraffe pattern

With a broad range of animal skin patterns we have provided, you can get a design that will meet the needs of your projects. Each pattern is lovely, unique and has diverse features that will impress you and your clients. These patterns mimic the body art of the animal so as to decorate your work of art.

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