Art Deco is an eclectic visual art design that represents a combination of traditional craft and modern, industrial designs. This form of visual art appeared before the first World War in France and can be seen across many building, stained glass and structures built in the early parts of the 20th century. Today, art deco patterns form a major part of many design elements and are used rampant across digital mediums.

Elegant Art Deco Pattern

11 Zigzag Art Deco Patterns

There are various kinds of art deco patterns that evolved through the years. These include geometric shapes, vivid lines, industrial design and a modern take on traditional designs. Art deco patterns have also served as great wallpapers and dark backgrounds since the time computers have been commercialized.

Colorful Art Deco Pattern

Floral Print Art Deco Pattern

Beautiful Art Deco Pattern

Collage Art Deco pattern

Digital Art Deco Pattern

Retro Style Art Deco Pattern

Art Deco Pattern With Light Background

Different Styles Of Art Deco Patterns

15 Art Deco Digital Backgrounds

Simple and Nice Art Deco Background

Blue Color Art Deco pattern

French Style Art Deco Pattern

Vintage Art Deco Pattern

Art deco is a very visually appealing design pattern and is very famously used across many movie posters which serve as great backgrounds! Even today, art deco is seen as a cool and chic way of representing anything digital. With its many curves, angles and shapes, art deco is gaining popularity as a growing trend of modern day digital designers.

11 Unique Art Deco Patterns

Art Deco With Skyblue Color Background

Art Deco Pattern In Different Colors

Bold Style Art Deco Pattern

12 Digital Art Deco patterns

Stripes Border Art Deco Patterns

Dark Color Art Deco Pattern

Beer Bottles Art Deco Pattern

Fractal Art Deco Pattern

Hand Print Art Deco Pattern

Taking inspiration from the past designs and combining them with modern and contemporary elements is the basis of art deco patterns. A lot of experimentation in terms of visual design can happen by using art deco patterns as backgrounds and wallpapers. Art Deco patterns are a design element that is form the past and is definitely here to stay!

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