Walk in Closets have always held a close connection to luxury but gone are the days of these elegant and classy storage spaces just being limited to mansions. If your clothes and accessories are more than just everyday throw ons, we have today collected a set of 10 best walk in closets that will help you create an impeccably organised and a unique stylish space.

1. Colorful Stylish Walk in Closet

colorful and stylish closet

The walk in closet in your home can be simultaneously stylish and refreshing. Paint the walls in your walk in closet with an impressive colour to turn around the complete look of the space. A cozy rug, stylish seat and some chic deco pieces are all that are needed for the space to feel warm and roomy.

2. Clean and Elegant Walk in Closet

clean and elegant walk in closet

A walk in closet with elegant lighting, open space and inviting accessories can extend the look of a standard closet. Adding a pattern to the corners of the sliding door can help to bring some contrast to the completely white room. A full-length mirror completes the elegant ambiance of the closet.

3. Boutique Style Walk in Closet

boutique style walk in closet

This master suite closet features glass doors and white cabinets. The hanging rod compartments provide storage options and the recessed lighting allows for adjustments in levels. The design and style of the closet is the perfect fit if you are looking for a spacious and sophisticated storage solution.

4. Closet and Dressing Room

closet and dressing room


If space is not a constraint, try and allow different compartments for varied things in your closet. Go with an open wall for easy access and storage of shoes. A combination of a fully equipped dressing room and walk in closet justifies the utilization of big space.

5. Metallic Walk in Closet


Metallic surface and metallic material have found a concrete place in fashion as well as interiors. The metallic cabinets and a comfortable seating are complemented with sleek marble floor and glass door in the classy closet.

6. Dramatic Walk in Closet


If all white is too dull and plain to match the personality of your space, try and add a bit of drama with a stylish wallpaper. The large-scale pattern wallpaper plays a good contrast to the off-white cabinets in this closet.

7. Mirrored Walk-in Closet

mirrored walk in closet


If you feel your closet space is cramped and tight, mirrored walk-in closet is the best way to brighten the space and enhance the area. With a complementing stool or bench, the closet will be comfortable and smartly equipped.

8. Wooden Walk in Closet

wooden walk in closet1

Wooden walk in closet is a perfect contemporary addition to the modern interior decor of the space. With plenty of sleek storage and soft lighting, the closet carries an elegant and sophisticated charm.

9. Unique Walk in Closet

unique walk in closet


Go for a unique closet with ample natural light. This attic closet is a class apart in its style and functionality. Easy to access and experimental in design, the closet will surely be one of a kind with its idea and implementation.

10. Industrial Walk in Closet

industrial walk in closet

Industrial style ladder adds an element of cool to the standard walk in closet. Multifunctional and decorative, the ladder acts as an added visual and mechanical piece of accessory in the closet.

Display your clothes and accessories in the closet of your dreams with these elegant and inspirational designs.

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