As children grow out of childhood and  get into their teenage years, it becomes important to make few changes in their bedrooms. Their need of space occupancy changes along with their taste in design and aesthetics. You may need to change the paint and the beds and add some cool teen decorations. If you are struggling to come up with some bedroom upgrades, you should check out these cool teen bedroom designs.

Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas

teen boys bedroom ideas

An upper decked bed for the boys’ bedroom? It is indeed a cool idea because it allows space for more floor area to move around. As the bed is way up high, the space under can be used for relaxing. This bedroom is complete with the needed bookshelf and study space. The rug with swirling circles design provides a nice accent. You can also see Amazing Teen Room Designs For Boys

Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

teen girls bedroom ideas

Pink and white for your girls’ bedroom – now that is an idea that should naturally come to mind. Girls will always love girly stuff and pink will always be a part of their preferred motif. This bedroom has two single beds in L-position to make efficient use of the space. The names on the wall emphasize the individual space allocated for each girl.

Teen Bedroom Chairs

teen bedroom chairs

Aside from the bed, storage and shelves, your teen’s bedroom should have a nice and comfortable chair. This modern wing back chair in beautiful maroon color is definitely a good addition to any teen bedroom.

Teen Girl Bedroom Furniture

teen girl bedroom furniture

As your girl turns into a teen, she will need more than a bed. This means adding a sofa is a good idea. This bedroom also has a built in storage and desk, which also comes with a nice and relaxing window seat. You can also see Girly Bedroom Designs

DIY Teen Bedroom Idea

diy teen bedroom idea

Is your boy into sports? Basketball maybe? If so, this is the bedroom design that you should copy. That framed Michael Jordan shirt and the basketball basket in the corner should be a sure fire hit for your teenage boy. Do not forget to add a sofa by the widow to give him some space for reading or relaxation.

Teen Bedroom Accessories

teen bedroom accessories

Walk in closet, wide screen TV, and a unique decorated wall – these are the features that would surely make your teens say WOW. This design idea is perfect for a narrow room that should be able to accommodate two beds.

Modern Teen Bedroom Design

modern teen bedroom design

For a totally modern designed teen bedroom, you may want to consider using the unique yet perfect combination of red, white and black. Just check out how these colors give this teen bedroom some character. The white ceiling, upper wall, and door, provides a good foundation for the splashes of red and black on the bed. The red flooring is the perfect match for the red wall, while the black spaces on the bed head wall provide the ideal base for the wall decorations.

Teen Bedroom Lighting Idea

teen bedroom lighting idea

As lighting is a very important part of the bedroom design, you should consider getting some unique and modern fixtures for your teen’s bedroom. The wall lights used for this teen bedroom are decorative and functional. The cascading lights provide the room with a nice and cool ambiance that allows for a perfectly good night’s rest.

Boys Bedroom Furniture

boys bedroom furniture

Your choice of furniture for your boy’s bedroom is very important, especially so if your boy is still in that playful stage. Like for this bedroom, the shelf serves as a display area for the toys and a functional shelving for the books and other school stuff. The addition of a built-in desk is a good preparation for the coming years.

Amazing Bedroom Wall Decor

amazing bedroom wall decor

These huge decorative wall tiles give this teen bedroom a totally cool and unique character. This is something that you should consider if you have a very imaginative and creative teen.

Cool Teen Sky Blue Bed Idea

cool teen sky blue bed idea

Teen Pink Bedroom

teen pink bedoom

Girls Teen Bed with Interior Design

girls teen bed with interior design

Design by : Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

Preteen Bedroom Design

preteen bedroom design

Design by : Robeson Design

Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

teenage girls bedroom

Teen Boys Bedroom With Decorative Idea

teen boys bedroom with decorative idea

White Teen Bedroom Design

white teen bedroom design

Luxury Blue Teen Bedroom

luxury blue teen bedroom




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