When it comes to interior décor, the popularity of the French designs is unequaled. The pretty, rustic and antique beauty attributes that the style come with makes it quite appealing to many people. The fact that this design makes use of lots of ornamentation and wood implies that it can be reserved or chic.

French Style Chateau Chic Bedroom Design

french style chateau chic bedroom design

Kenneth Davis Lux International

Eclectic Chateau Chic Bedroom Idea

eclectic chateau chic bedroom design

Source Interior Designs

Beautiful Chateau Bedroom with Green Wall Paint

beautiful chateau bedroom design idea

Unique & Chic Interiors

Designs with white dressers and vanities, see-through curtains, beds with curvy legs and bursts of dazzling colours with bright flowers are quite popular. One impressive attribute with these kinds of styles is that the bedroom furniture comes with a touch of chic, quality and some romantic flavor.

White Chateau Chic Bedroom

white chateau chic bedroom design


Awesome Black and White Chateau Bedroom

aweosme chateau bedroom design idea


Traditional Chateau Chic Bedroom

traditional chateau chic bedroom design


Luxurious Chateau Bedroom with Rich Furniture

luxurious chateau bedroom design


Mint Green Bedroom Design Idea

mint green bedroom design idea


Tropical Bedroom with Wooden Floors and Ceiling

tropical bedroom with wooden floors and ceiling


Cool Chateau Chic Bedroom with Window Seating

cool chateau chic bedroom design


Old Fashioned Chateau Chic Bedroom Design

old fashioned chateau chic bedroom design


French Chateau Chic Bedroom

french chateau bedroom design idea


Chateau Chic Bedroom with Crystal Chandeliers

chateau chic bedroom design with rich furniture


Modern Chateau Chic Bedroom with Bedside Lamps

modern chateau chic bedroom design


While white is common with chateau french bedroom furniture designs, some pastel hues including mauve, lavender, mint green, etc, are quite awesome as well. Beds with high headboards or footboards painted white looks captivating and fresh, while designs with curvy bed skirts look quite stylish.

Teens Bedroom with Chateau Chic Design

teens bedroom with chateau chic design


Trendy French Chateau Bedroom Idea

trendy french chateau bedroom design

Tres Jolie Maison Interior Design

Retro Style French Chateau Chic Bedroom

retro french chateau bedroom design idea

Tres Jolie Maison Interior Design

Peach Color Chateau Bedroom with Designed Wall

peach color chateau bedroom with designed wall

Photo by Peter D’Aprix

Unique Chateau Chic Bedroom Design

unique chateau chic bedroom design

Photo by David Guettler

Gray Chateau Chic Bedroom with Nature Look

gray chateau chic bedroom design

Photo by David Guettler

Transitional Bedroom with Chateau Design

transitional bedroom with chateau design

Brost Developments Inc

Deep, spongy pillows, fluffy duvet and a bedcover with patterns in rich noble colours such as gold, wine-red or pale blues are great for creating contrast and enhancing the classy look of your bedroom. Designs with dressers in distressed white paint look awesome, while swags and valences are quite common and enhances your bedroom’s beauty instantly.

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