As summer is on the brim, many of us are in worry as how to do with our hair particularly if you are having a medium or long hair. Even those who have short curly hair, the problem is not abated as they keep wondering how to style their short hair to make them presentable in a public congregation. The traditional haircuts for short hair are bob and pixie which accentuate your feminine grace and reduces your roundness.

A trendy haircut of all times for a round face is a pixie cut with a textured volume on the head bed while the sides are tapered in a pointed style. You can get a loose wave look with colour accents which is a very trendy hairstyle flattered by women of this age. It takes quite a lot of aesthetic sense and proficiency if you want to have a really different look with short curly haircuts.

Lovely Hair Style

lovely hair style1


Simple Hair Style

simple hair style


There are various patterns in short retro hairstyles and will add a charming grace to your look. You can try the finger-wave or the head-wave hairstyle that will frame your face and make you look fabulous. The asymmetric A-lined bob or an even a simply shaggy bob will give a classy, contemporary élan for naturally curly hair.

Classic Curly Hair Style

classic curly hair style


Short Hair Style For Women

short hair style for women


Africa Hair Style

africa hair style


Pretty Hair Style

pretty hair style1


Super Cute Hair Style

super cute hair style2


Awesome Hair Style

awesome hair style1


White Curly Hair

white curly hair


Trendy Hair Style

trendy hair style2


Beautiful Curly Hair Style

beautiful curly hair style


For short curly hair, choosing the perfect haircut is a bothersome task. Consulting a hair specialist can make your job easy. That can narrow down your choice to pick up the most suited hairdo.

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