Men all over the world are becoming more aware of their looks and are using the trendiest hair designs to enhance their appearance. Apart from grabbing the attention of ladies, a good haircut will boost the confidence, make a bold statement about personality, show the creativity of your hairstylist and make you look incredible. Whether your hair is short, long or colored, there are many hair designs for men that will make you look unique.

Shaved Hair Designs for Men

Shaved hair designs for men can take many forms and work on any type of hair. What’s to love about these designs is that it’s easier to notice any cut or pattern added to shaved section. Star symbols, sports logos or words are what you can add to create an eye-catching look.

Brad Pitt Side Shaved Hair Design for Men

brad pitt side shaved hair design for men

Tom Hardy Crazy Shaved Hair Design for Men

tom hardy crazy shaved hair design for men

Channing Tatum Full Shaved Hair Design for Men

channing tatum full shaved hair design for men

Short Hair Designs for Men

Short hair designs are meant to make everyday life of men of all ages easier while ensuring they look good. Short haircuts are also comfortable and display masculinity. Suitable for men who prefer traditional cuts, the classic taper will look good on short hair while creating bangs will help frame the face.

Chris Pine Short Classic Hair Design for Men

chris pine short classic hair design for men

Justin Bieber Short Haircut for Men with Bangs

justin bieber men short haircut with bangs

Zac Efron Short Spiky Hair Design for Men

zac efron short spiky hair design for men

Braided Hair Designs for Men

Suitable for guys with long hair, braided designs are the easiest way to add a bit of style to your casual outfit. From simple cornrows to intricate French twist, go for braided hairstyles that complement your face shape. Beginners can start with simple cornrow designs while braids with a bun are for a more daring man.

Allen Iverson Micro Braids Hair Design for Men

allen iverson micro braids hair design for men

David Beckham Cornrow Braid Hair Design for Men

david beckham cornrow braid hair design for men

Lil Wayne Long Braided Hair Design for Men

lil wayne long braided hair design for men

Tribal Hair Designs for Men

Tribal hair designs for men involve creating patterns on the shaved part of the head. While you can personalize your own design, you can also get opinions from an experienced stylist to ensure you get a hair design that is unique and reflects your character. You can get tribal hair designs on one side or the whole head.

Tribal Mohawk Hair Design for Men

tribal mohawk hair design for men


Tribal Braided Hair Design for Men

tribal braided hair design for men


Fade Hair Designs for Men

Fade hair designs is a classy haircut that tends to complement even men with beards. You can choose from low to high fades hairstyle and even add a texturized hair on top. Suitable for both casual and work settings, fade haircuts can be done on short, medium to long hair.

Will Smith Low Fade Haircut Design for Men

will smith low fade haircut design for men

Zayn Malik High Fade Haircut Design for Men

zayn malik high fade haircut design for men

Cristiano Ronaldo Taper Fade Hair Design for Men

cristiano ronaldo taper fade hair design for men

Blonde Hair Designs for Men

Men with blonde hair can go for any simple hair design, and they will still stand out because this hair color draws attention towards the face. Blonde hair designs include adding spikes, tying it into a bun in case it’s a bit long, shaving the hair closer to the nape and a fade afro.

Chris Brown Short Blonde Hair Design for Men

chris brown short blonde hair design for men

Alex Pettyfer Messy Blonde Hair Design for Men

alex pettyfer messy blonde hair design for men

Bradley Cooper Spiked Blonde Hair Design for Men

bradley cooper spiked blonde hair design for men

Mohawk Hair Designs for Men

Mohawk is linked to the native Americans hence it can also be considered a tribal hair cut for men who want to portray the warrior within them. A standard Mohawk hair design for men shaves or fades the sides while leaving the middle part longer. You can dye your Mohawk with a bright hair color.

Jared Leto Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

jared leto mohawk hairstyle for men

Stephan El Shaarawy Comb Over Mohawk Hair for Men

stephan el shaarawy comb over mohawk hair for men

Seth Green Shaved Mohawk Hair Design for Men

seth green sahved mohawk hair design for men

Long Hair Designs for Men

While long hair is more of a feminine characteristic, men too look sexy with long healthy hair. Long hair designs for men can be simple to style and should flatter your face shape. For long hair, either twist it into a bun, side part and sweep on the side or make a thick French braid at the center.

Long Ponytail Hair Design for Men

long ponytail hair design for men


Austin Butler Long Messy Hair Design for Men

austin butler long messy hair design for men

Chris Hemsworth Long Layered Haircut Design for Men

chris hemsworth long layered haircut design for men

Curly Hair Designs for Men

Men with curly hair tend to have a natural volume which makes it easier to style or cut. The simplest curly hair design for men is to make a defining side part to give it a flowy beach look. The asymmetrical curly top or dyeing your hair gray will ensure all eyes are on you.

Brody Jenner Short Curly Haircut for Men

brody jenner short curly haircut for men

Kit Harington Long Curly Hair Design for Men

kit harington long curly hair design for men

Harry Styles Side Swept Curly Hair Design for Men

harry styles side swept curly hair design for men

Comb Over Hair Designs for Men

Comb over hair designs is popular with guys of all ages because they draw attention towards facial features. Men with long face shapes and chiseled chins should go for defined side part while avoid creating additional height on the crown. Combing in a way that creates spikes will also make a man look charming.

Justin Timberlake Comb Over Faded Hair Design for Men

justin timberlake comb over faded hair design for men

Slicked Back Comb Over Haircut for Men

slicked back comb over haircut for men


George Clooney Cool Comb Over Hair Design for Men

george clooney tapered comb over hair design for men

Undercut Hair Designs for Men

From classic, layered, side swept to slicked back; undercut hair designs for men are unique and stunning. It features a high contrast structure of long top and short sides which make the wearer distinct and classy. It is suitable for short to medium hair as well as men with diamond and square face shapes.

Simple Mens Undercut Hairstyle

simple mens undercut hairstyle


Robert Pattinson Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle for Men

robert pattinson mens disconnected undercut hairstyle design

Adam Levine Men’s Long Undercut Hairstyle

adam levine mens long undercut hairstyle

Hair Designs for Black Men

Black men tend to stick with short to medium length hair since it is low maintenance and easier to create styles that match with their skin tone. To make the natural kinky hair stand out then dread the top and bleach, shave the side, add a tribal pattern or include a long line on half the head.

Snoop Dogg Braided Hairstyle for Black Men

snoop dogg braided hairstyle for black men

Black Men Fade Haircut Design

black men fade haircut design


Wavy Hair Designs for Men

Men with wavy hair can simply cut their hair short, and they will still look attractive. Wavy hair tends to grow straight and it looks amazing on men with thick hair texture. The side swept is low maintenance and easy to do. You can also sweep the front backward to create a professional and sophisticated look.

Thick Wavy Haircut for Men

thick wavy haircut for men


Will Ferrell Short Wavy Men’s Haircut Design

will ferrell short wavy mens haircut design

Bun Hair Designs for Men

Bun hair designs are a favorite for men with long hair. It involves tying your hair into a top or lower bun. The undercut hair bun is also popular with hipster generation and youth with a carefree attitude. It involves styling the hair at the top into a bun and buzzing the sides.

Jason Momoa Top Bun Hairstyle for Men

jason momoa top bun hairstyle for men

Leonardo DiCaprio Short Bun Hairstyle for Men

man short bun hairstyle design

Joakim Noah Messy Bun Hairstyle for Men

joakim noah messy bun hairstyle for men

Medium Hair Designs for Men

Medium hair designs are ideal for men who prefer not to have very short or long hair, and it also gives more freedom to style. You can opt for a shaggy undercut, swept back pompadour, side burn fade or curled and tapered hair designs. The dapper hairstyle is perfect for men who need to impress at any occasions.

Kenny Wormald Medium Hairstyle for Men with Round Face

kenny wormald medium hairstyles for men with round face

Medium Curly Hairstyle for Men

medium curly hairstyle for men


Medium Fade Haircut for Men

medium fade haircut for men


Bald Hair Designs for Men

Balding hair designs are ideal for people with hair loss problems or thin hair structure. A messy side trim where the gray hair is cut short and blended with a sideburn will make a man look youthful and trendy. Men over 50 years can opt for a faded upsweep.

Fully Bald Hair Design for Men

fully bald hair design for men


Aldis Hodge Semi Bald Haircut for Men

aldis hodge semi bald haircut for men

Shaggy Hairstyle Designs for Men

Shaggy hairstyle designs for men get their inspiration from the 1960s fashion style and look good on individuals who need to be fashionable. It looks fantastic on men with curly or wavy hair structure. However, guys with thick hair can still go for the mop hairstyle which looks like a fringe.

Silky Shaggy Hairstyle for Men

silky shaggy hairstyle for men


Messy Shaggy Hairstyle Design for Men

messy shaggy hairstyle design for men


Men’s Straight Hairstyle Designs

Straight hair designs are popular with men because you can style it however you want, and you will still look unique and attractive. Keep your straight hair short, simple and neat for a conservative work setting. For a casual occasion, you can fade the sides and put the top part in a side swept design.

Finn Wittrock Side Parted Straight Hairstyle for Men

finn wittrock side parted straight hairstyle for men

Joe Manganiello Classy Straight Hairstyle Design for Men

joe manganiello classy straight hairstyle designs for men

Jake Gyllenhaal Slicked Back Straight Hairstyle for Men

jake gyllenhaal mens slicked back straight hairstyle

Emo Hairstyle Designs for Men

Emo hairstyle designs for men get their inspiration from the 80s era. This hairstyle looks good on both short and long hair. For a dramatic look, layer the hair and angle it in a way that shows off facial features. You can also bring the hair towards the face and keep the top shaggy.

Pete Wentz Mens Emo Hairstyle with Bangs

pete wentz mens emo hairstyle with bangs

Adam Lambert Two Colored Emo Hairstyle for Men

adam lambert two colored emo hairstyle for men

Men’s Spiky Hairstyle Designs

Even though spiky hair designs for men are associated with rock and roll, they can be styled in a simple way to create a hairstyle that is elegant and cool. Men with short hair can still rock this hairstyle all you need to use gel or wax to keep your spikes in place.

Mens Front Spiky Hairstyle Design

mens front spiky hairstyle design


Mens Short Spiky Hairstyle Design

mens short spiky hairstyle design


Trends of Hairstyles for Men and Hairstyle Tips

The trend of hair designs in men mainly involves fades with either short or long hair. The pompadour haircut, bangs, Mohawk and taper cuts are trendy this year. The comb over hairstyle is ideal for men with balding issues and thin hair structure. The key to keeping your hair attractive is to know your hair type so that you can go for hair designs that complement your face. In case you are not sure which hair designs suit you then consult your barber.

Men go for different designs to draw attention towards their facial features and to express their style. The right hair design will make a man look elegant and attractive. While fade haircuts suit all occasions, other hair designs for men such as Mohawk and spikes are perfect for casual settings.

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