We know how much faded haircuts have created a wave of admiration and acceptance in the men’s world.. This is that hairstyle that has been the most chosen hairstyle since the time of its beginning. This is that kind of haircut that suits man of every genre. Be It formals or casuals, this hairdo is just perfect for every occasion.

This haircut has made so many girls crazy and of course it has earned a great deal of recognition over night. Men look eye-catching in this hairdo and that adds up to the advantage of becoming popular amongst their friends and collegues group.

Justin Timberlake Comb Over Fade Hair

justin timberlake comb over fade hair

Zayn Mailk Brushed Combover Fade

zayn mailk brushed combover fade

This haircut works wonderfully well if you want to flaunt your face cut or beard. This avatar of the brushed comb over fade look is popularly considered to be a notch above the spiky look.

Justin Bieber High Fade Hair


There are lots of fade hairdo options available for you to experiment with. A hairdo which is considered as perfect fade is high skin fade which gives a speed-inspired look!

Ryan Reynolds Comb Over Fade

ryan reynolds comb over fade1

For an even more cleaner and stylish look, try the Comb Over with Bald Fade Haircut Design. The bald fade is a convenient haircut if you want to create a buzz with your hair without having to use styling products.

Cristiano Ronaldo Combover Fade Hair

cristiano ronaldo combover fade hair

There are many variations of the Full Comb Over Fade Haircut Design which you could try on your mane. Ideally if you’re opting for a full comb fad, the length of hair will be the longest on the top of your head and continually be minimized on the sides and nape of the neck.

Miley Cyrus Combover Fade

miley cyrus combover fade1

This hairdo is apt for show off your chin and jaw-line. This particular hairdo has been getting a lot of attention and that’s why you should try it too!

Brad Pitt Stacked Back Fade Hair

brad pitt stacked back fade hair

Military Fade haircut is very popular amongst the military hairdos as it all the hair length to be decrease up to a point where it is a no show.

Nice Comb Over Fade Haircut Design

nice comb over fade haircut design


This hairdo is an all time favorite with the men. The snazzy hair parting does improve the overall appearance of the individual. This is one haircut which has always got the women to drool!

Comb Over With Bald Fade Haircut Design

comb over with bald fade haircut design1


Comb over fade haircut is yet another type of faded haircut. This haircut gives the perfect exposure to your chin.

Skin Comb Over Fade Haircut Design

skin comb over fade haircut design


For a hairdo that adds dimension to the overall appearance as well as accentuates the length of the face, thanks to the sharp curves and angles, Skin Comb Over Fade Haircut Design is the perfect pick!

This one’s a streaky hairdo. All of the hair is styled to one side, while the hair on the other side is trimmed really short. This haircut is good choice if you want to draw attention to your facial contours.

David Comb Over Fade Haircut Design

david comb over fade haircut

The sides are neatly faded and the medium length hair is nicely rested on top. If you’re a man with a beard, this hairdo would be ideal for you.

This haircut is a modern take on the fade cut. It’s an edgy hairdo where the hairs are swept to one side, and a clear shave line showing prominently.

The Back Line Comb Over Fade Haircut Design is a classic take on the fade hairdo. If you want your hair to not grow too big, this hairstyle is a very good pick, keeps the hair short, and always in check!

This is an unconventional take on the fade hairdo. The long length hair is slicked back or loosely left to drop at the back of the head or in front on the forehead.

Clean Comb Over Fade Cut

clean comb over fade cut3


This is one’s inspired by the mighty good looking actor George Clooney. The hairdo he has brought in vogue comprises of clean side part with copper shade. Now this is something you’d definitely want to try.

Kids Combover Fade Cut

kids combover fade cut1


Bald Comb Over Fade

bald comb over fade1


Comb Over High Fade

Comb over high fade cut features long hair on top of the forehead which immediately fades two inches below. Comb over high fade come in different designs that can be worn by any kind of man. Also known as the Princeton comb over the cut brings forth a complex man look while maintaining its classiness and uniqueness.

If you want to go in for a makeover and get a hairdo which is business-centric, then try the side slick back style. The hair is neatly combed over and slicked to one side.

comb over fade haircut3


comb over fade haircut design


It is similar to a low skin fade however, the length is shorter, and the cuts are sharper and angular. This hairstyle is stylish alright, but keeps your face in focus.

Comb Over Line Fade

Comb over line fade is a classic old Hollywood look and reminiscent of the old age era, the 30s. It was derived from the retro tradition. Commands thick locks giving an outstanding look and maintains the manly feeling too. Can be referred to as the retro fade or the real fade.

comb over line fade


comb over line fade haircut design


Modern Shaved Line

comb over line fade haircut


If you’re looking for a slightly modern edgy fade hairdo, try this. The hairs are swept to the side, leaving enough room for a streaky clear shaved line.

Low Fade Comb Over

Low fade starts long then tappers gradually. The hair fades out on the side and back of the head and its actually base on what user prefer mostly those interested in keeping long hair and want a comb over fade haircut.

low fade comb over haaircut


Hard Part Comb Over Fade

hard part comb over fade


For this look, tell your hairstylist to give you a bald fade with hard part comb over. It’s very slick and very stylish.

low fade comb over haircut21


low fade haircut style


Comb Over Fade Hairstyle for Men

The Comb over hairstyle for men cut is an interesting style with the hair on top of your head are freely long with waves resting slightly on one side, then spiked or flattened and short on the sides. The look bring a flourish appeal as the short subside underneath the long. Can also be referred to trail blazer or waves comb over.

comb over fade hairstyle for men


comb over fade1


Comb Over Fade Hairstyle for Women

Not very common amongst women but, women’s comb over hairstyles takes them to the next world. The cut has a touch of both masculinity and feminism bringing forth a classy , sexy women who knows what she is after making her an admirable creature .Fade cut looks great on natural hair too. Keep it simple, stylists suggest. Keep a subtle temple fade as that very easily blends in with the curls. This is a perfect hairdo for casual settings.

demi lovato mohawk fade hair

rihanna short combover fade1

fade hair1


comb over taper hairstyle1


low taper fade haircut


Short Comb Over Fade

Short comb over fade is said to be ideal for a black men. It is official and neat with lower taper around the temples which are perfectly brushed with both the upper and undercut blend. Works fine with side burns and little beard. Also referred to as Brooklyn fade, Caesar fade or blow out

short comb over faade haircut


short comb over fade haircut3


short combover fade haircut


short comb hair


Mid Fade Comb Over

Comb over mid fade also known as flip fade is a youthful and live hairstyle that never goes unnoticed as it’s an attractive look. It has parted gelled upper cut and loosely clipped undercut. Want to stand out amongst your age teams and get the ladies attention, have this cut!

mid fade comb over hairstyle


Wild Wavy Fade

mid fade comb over haircut design


Create an interesting contrast in your hair lengths. Let the medium spiky waves locks dance on top, and get a taper fade on the sides, and a attractive stubble on the bottom as a finish.

If you have a beard and a fuller mane, then we’d recommend you go in for the skin fade. This hairdo will ensure that your haircut and beard draw equal attention.

mid fade comb over haircut design1


Spiky Comb Over Mohawk Fade Haircut

spiky comb over mohawk fade haircut


Mohawk hairstyle is among the most famous of the comb over fade. Featuring the upper cut facing either upright or forward while the undercut accents the height. The technique is well brushed and groomed bringing out a masculine stylish man. Also suites young kids very nicely.

Incorporating pattern designs in fades is a look which never fails to get attention and impress. Stand out from the crowd and become an instant head-turner by getting a designer fade.

comb over mohawk haaircut1


The Textured Mid-Bald Fade is a hot pick among men’s hairstyles now. All you need to do is get a mid-bald fade and then ask your stylist to carve out a an interesting wave-like design in the fade.

Kids Comb Over Fade

Kids are also not left out in comb over fades and the barbers ensure the cut for kids are acceptable and neatly done. Kids comb over should be one that is accepted by society that including school and institution and even the parents should agree to the chosen cut.

kids comb over fade


comb over fade hairstyle for kids


comb over hairstyle for kids1


kids comb over fade hairstyle11


Medium Fade Comb Over

The medium fade style features thinly clipped gelled accents. The upper cut is combed to side while the sides flow backwards. This look is perfect for a simple classic man mainly on t-shirts and jeans as it manages to bring forth a sexy and stylish look. Also known as top story fade

medium fade comb over1


comb over medium fade 1


medium fade comb over hairstyle2


medium fade comb over hairstyle1


classic fade comb over haircut3


Structured Fade Haircut

classic fade comb over haircut1


Want a clean hairline then go for this interesting hairdo which is actually a bald fade hairdo spinoff. This one adds more drama to the overall appearance of the haircut.

Shaved Back and Side Comb Over

Comb over shaved back and side has a shorter upper side cut then hair fades gradually to the back and much more on the sides. It bring out a simple man’s look. Neatly done and works best with side burns and beard and suit. Also referred to as clipped to precision.

shaved back and side comb over


For the Inner Villain Fade Haircut

shaved back fade hairstyle1


Show off your dark side by getting a little pomade done. You wouldn’t need to accessorize it with anything other than a devious smile!

This haircut suits all face shapes except the oblong ones. These kind of haircut look very classy and smart and added to it they have also become very popular in the past few years. They work excellent with so many styles. They give your face a perfectly sculpted and sexy look. This style goes best with a stubble (light or dark depends on the choice). This looks really good on pop stars and helps them in making a good amount of fans.

Comb over Curly Fade Haircut

comb over curly fade haircut1


Curly fade hair style work best with wavy hair also with any hair texture. The comb over upper cut is made into seem like short waves maintained by extremely short back sides. A neat look for a gentle man.

Comb Over Radical fade

comb over radical fade


Radical comb over; is a masculine definition with the rustic changeover between the radical fade and tapered fade

Combed over stern

Combed astern is another high fade comb over with an interesting twist. The upper and undercut are completely separated with the upper being gelled and combed over toward the back.

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