In this day and age, funky hairstyles are simply those that are too different for their respective environments. Gone are the days when they’d really shake things up – that was back when David Bowie first released Space Oddity. But we still get our surprises now and then. When Britney Spears shaved her hair in a fit of self-rebellion, when Miley Cyrus went all short and all blonde and so on… There are a couple of instances here and there that tell us it’s still possible to get down and funk-ay!

Here’s a list of funky hairstyle ideas that’ll help you in the process

Rihanna Short Haircut

rihanna short haircut

Rihanna’s got the right idea here. Her short pixie Haircut is at the back, but the long fringe down the front of her face adds a level of impossible cool. A hairstyling cream ought to maintain the sleekness of the look.

Rita Ora Cool Blonde Hairstyle

rita ora cool blonde hairstyle

Rita Ora’s cool blonde haircut may be similar to Rihanna’s, but it’s certainly more textured and free-flowing! Make it look androgynous by teasing it high, and then applying red lipstick to bring home the glam factor.

Jennifer Lopes Cornrow Hairstyle

jennifer lopes cornrow hairstyle

Cornrows cover your scalp in geometric patterns, before trailing out in braids if your hair is that long. But Jennifer Lopez knows how to make use of this hairstyle, and her thick, silky locks in a combination that’s almost unbeatable in its sense of style! It’s the perfect party look.

Jennifer Lawrence Short Pixie Cut

jennifer lawrence short pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie haircut shows that the hairstyle can be efficient, chic, sleek, shaggy, functional, startling, funky…a whole host of clashing adjectives rolled into one addictive bundle! Accessorize it with long earrings if you want to make it look more feminine. It’s perfect for corporate work environments.

Zayn Mailk Pink Funky Hair

zayn mailk pink funky hair

Zayn Malik breaks gender barriers with his texted rose-pink highlights, looking every inch a millionaire’s heir in his tucked-in formal shirt and sleek black trousers. You could even wear this with a leather jacket and no one would bat an eye.

Justin Bieber High Mid Fade Cut

justin bieber high mid fade cut

Justin Bieber’s at a formal event, but he’s keeping things casual with his high mid fade haircut. Make sure to tease it a little for volume, so that it doesn’t hang too flat and look greasy.

Robert pattinson Spiky Hair

robert pattinson spiky hair

Now you may have thought that spiked hair is for children, or at least faded away with the 80’s. But Robert Pattinson’s proved you wrong with that, with a bit of 2010’s flair: the spiked haircut here is less obvious and seems almost natural. Pair it with dark clothes, and you’ve got yourself a night out on town.

Cool Short Bob Haircut

cool short bob haircut


If a pixie’s too drastic for you, there’s always the ultra functional, asymmetrical bob. The one below is fiery red and a little to the side, but you can always go for the conventional bob designed by Vidal Sassoon – it’s super chic by itself.

Blonde Combover Fade Hair

blonde combover fade hair


The comb over’s rapidly gaining popularity these days. Get a pixie but leave the front long; and then sweep it over backwards. The 80’s are back, baby!

Funky French Plait Hairstyle

funky french plait hairstyle


Funky Hairstyle for Kid

funky hairstyle for kid


Mohawak Short Fade Hairstyle

mohawak short fade hairstyle


Funky Haircut for Curly Hairs

funky haircut for curly hairs


Funky side Ponytail for Long Hair

funky side ponytail for long hair


Funky Twisted Hairstyle for Braid

funky twisted hairstyle for braid


Stylish Funky Hairstyle for Women

stylish funky hairstyle for women


Cornrows Haircut for Long Hair

cornrows haircut for long hair


So those are the real funky hairstyles of today, the kind you can wear to shock people and captivate their interest at the same time. Remember though, if you work in a corporate environment or somewhere with a specified dress code, try to tone things down a little. There’s no sense in getting into trouble over a simple hairstyle. But if you’re one of the free and unbothered, go for it! Life’s all about living differently, and if  you can do it, why don’t you?

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