Like a lot of elements that help create fashion trends these days, the bantu knot is a style that finds its roots in ethnic origins – in this case, it started with the Zulu tribe in the African continent. Today, it’s worn by people of all races and because of an equally age-old tradition of not checking facts, it can sometimes be attributed to the wrong person.

Bantu knots are perfect for really standing out, and are created by making small coiled buns of your hair all around your head. Here are some well-known ways of wearing it:

Rihanna Multi Knots Hairdo

rihanna multi knots hairdo

Rihanna’s known for some quirky fashion statements, but her multi-knots hairdo is definitely one of the most memorable. And if you’re trying something different, do go all out: steam it up with black leather, add silver in form of jewellery and highlight the eyes and lips to underline the severity of the look.

Janet Jackson Knots for Long Hair

janet jackson knots for long hair

Take your cue from Janet Jackson here: just because you have longer hair doesn’t mean bantu knots will look like chimneys on your head. It’s all a question of how you style it and what you wear with it.

Blac Chyna Bantu Knots

blac chyna bantu knots

Bantu knots are quite difficult to really coordinate your outfit with, and without guidance or a sense of style, it’s easy to completely lose symmetry in your overall look. Then again, Blac Chyna’s bantu knots below show us that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Dej Loaf bantu knot Braid

dej loaf bantu knot braid

Dej Loaf teams her bantu knotted braids with some glittery jewellery and an equally captivating gold dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this hairstyle.

Zendaya Loose Bantu Knots

zendaya loose bantu knots

Soften the look (and perhaps ease the strain on your head if the knots are too tight) like Zendaya’s loose bantu knots by tying them a little further apart, and minimizing the make up to a more natural level. The best part about this kind of bantu knot hairstyle is that it is highly functional. Wear it anywhere – to work, to the park, while exercising or even just to hang out with your mates.

Rita Ora Twisted Knots

rita ora twisted knots

Bantu knots are twisted hair in the end, but some variations really emphasize on that funnel cake-like twist. Check out Rita Ora – incidentally, a perfect of bantu knots for thin hair.

Miley Cryus Bantu Knot Updo

miley cryus bantu knot updo

This is Miley Cyrus during her blonde hair-don’t care phase, when the short hair for the former Hannah Montana star was extra short. And yet…

Bantu Knots For Kids

bantu knots for kids


And it’s super fun, too! Bantu knots for kids can make this one crazy, stylish look to have a good time with.

Bantu Knots for Short Hair

bantu knots for short hair


Who says bantu knots don’t work for short hair? Check out Miley Cyrus’ bantu knot updo – similar to Zendaya’s, but setting a more colourful, edgy tone with a shoulder-and-midriff baring top, chunky jewellery and designs and a confident tongue sticking out to top it off. All you need to do is to part your hair into sections correctly, and make sure to apply conditioner so as to not overwork the strands. Here’s another example of just how good this hairstyle looks on cropped hair.

Bantu Knots for Curly Hair

bantu knots for curly hair


Kid’s Bantu Hairstyle

kids bantu hairstyle


Twisted Knot Hairstyle for Child

twisted knot hairstyle for child


Knot Hairstyle for Round Face

knot hairstyle for round face


Short Bantu Knot Hairstyle

short bantu knot hairstyle


Bantu Knot for Natural Hair

bantu knot for natural hair


Bantu Knot on Wet Hair

bantu knot on wet hair


And there you are, the different ways to wear the bantu knot hairstyles. Take the time to appreciate how it came to be worn, for this style is a true reflection of how the world has become smaller with the convergence of cultural customs. Hope these tips have helped! Don’t forget to write to us if you have more ideas, and ways to coordinate the bantu knot hairstyle with different kinds of outfits.

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