Medium haircuts are highly preferred ones, if you require a good hairstyle with easily manageable hair, then they are the best options you got! The shoulder length haircut gives flexibility of long hairs as well as it supplies enough hairs for a nice bun or ponytail. Not just a simple shoulder length haircut but also the medium haircuts have phenomenal styles available that are all you need to give yourself a new summer look!

Magical curls by Jessica Alba

Flaunt your curls with this medium length haircut for curly hairs that puts all your curly strands just below your shoulder level, giving them a modern, attractive and stylish look.

magical curls by jessica alba

Jessica Alba

Perfect shag haircut by Scarlett Johansson

This is one of the coolest medium haircuts, which appears effortless due to its natural and rough look. This lovely medium shag haircut features brow-skimming fringe angled towards the temple that is all set to give a chic look.

perfect shag haircut by scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Lopez curly ends hairstyle

The medium length curly haircuts with straight hairs above with nice curly ends gives fullness to your curly hairs, as well as makes them look lighter and smoother than before.

jennifer lopez curly ends hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez

Perfectly imperfect layers by Ashley Benson

It is a perfect haircut for medium length hair as it not only gives amazing texture to the hairs but also adds volume to them. With the small and sharp layers, you can make your hairs look fashionably messy.

perfectly imperfect layers by ashley benson

Ashley Benson

Tyra banks hairstyle with simplicity

The medium size haircuts with the soft and highlighted waves at the end of hair strands are simply amazing. This simple yet classic hairstyle will make your hairs suit with any outfit.

tyra banks hairstyle with simplicity

Tyra banks

Cameron Diaz Stylish Feathery Haircut

These medium layered haircuts for thick hair throws your hairs just above your shoulders. Give your thick hair a style that is just meant for it with this stunning haircut.

cameron diaz stylish feathery haircut

Cameron Diaz

Selena Gomez Medium Haircut with Messy waves

If you want to keep your hair’s length intact and give it an exceptional look then medium wavy haircut is definitely one for you. It creates light and smooth waves in your thin hairs to make them appear dense and thick.

selena gomez medium haircut with messy waves

Selena Gomez

Graceful side bangs by Emma Stone

The medium haircuts with side bangs are always among the trendy hairstyle. Add side bangs pointing towards the temple to your layered or wavy hairs to give it a high fashion feel.

graceful side bangs by emma stone

Emma Stone

Regularly irregular layers by Rihanna

The layered haircuts medium length flicks your hairs outwards at the end giving it a neat and classy feel. It parts the hairs in the middle and makes them flow just below the shoulder level with soft outer waves at ends.

regularly irregular layers by rihanna


Taylor Swift Layered bob with bangs

The medium bob haircuts with bangs feature short layers, which instantly gives a natural feel to the hairs. The pointed layers of the hair with natural-looking side bangs, frame the face really well.

taylor swift layered bob with bangs

Taylor Swift

Katy Perry Elegant mid length bang haircut

Women who love the good length of the hair with effortless managing, this mid-length haircut is an ideal one for them. It consists of few layers that blend with straight hairs flawlessly to maintain the natural feel.

katy perry elegant mid length bang haircut

Katy Perry

Jennifer Aniston Short Medium Uneven layers

Make your silky thin hairs appear dense and fashionable with the short medium layered haircuts that are accompanied by short side fringe. This stunning haircut is suitable for every face cut.

jennifer aniston short medium uneven layers

Jennifer Aniston

Medium length haircut for thin hairs by Gwyneth Paltrow

Show off the beauty of your wavy hair with this medium length haircut that adds elegance and graceful to the hairs. Plus, it gives texture and movement to hairs without affecting the natural feel of it.

medium length haircut for thin hairs by gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Look young haircut by Annalynne Mccord

The fluffiness of this haircut is all you need to make yourself look younger, again. Let your hair run over your shoulder, as it will give them a graceful turn at the ends.

look young haircut by annalynne mccord

Annalynne Mccord

Smart taper cut for medium hair by Jennifer Garner

The medium taper haircut for men focuses on narrowing the middle hairs with trimmed hair on all the sides except the middle. It is the easiest way to add dimension and depth to the hairs on top.

smart taper cut for medium hair by jennifer garner


Bold and Gracious bangs with edge colored

Pair your medium haircut with a one-sided bang for instantly making your hairs look bold and beautiful. This stunning and impressive haircut with bangs gets along with any face cut and it is suitable for every occasion.

bold and gracious bangs with edge colored


Jennifer Lawrence round face haircut

If you are blessed with a round face cut, then this wavering haircut is all you need. This medium haircut is chin length with hair strands directed inwards to frame the face perfectly.

jennifer lawrence round face haircut

Jennifer Lawrence

Extreme Medium hair layers by Rachel Mcadams

This medium haircut features shoulder length hairs with layers that consist of sharp and pointed ends. Make your mid length hair look spiky with this stunning haircut with feathery layers.

extreme medium hair layers by rachel mcadams

Rachel Mcadams

Soft blonde waves by Jessica Alba

Indulge your hair in a classy medium blonde haircut that highlights hairs as well as make them look smoother and softer. With this ear tuck hairstyle, give your hairs a completely new look.

soft blonde waves by jessica alba

Jessica Alba

Braid for oval face cut by Kristen Stewart

Nothing can be better than a one sided braid with a bang directed in the same direction. This haircut will give your oval face cut a stylish and complete look.

braid for oval face cut by kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart

Low stack bob for black women

Frame your beautiful face with the low stacked bob hairstyle that is a style just meant for you. It naturally directs the ends inwards to give a nice enclosing look to your face.

low stack bob for black women


Edgy haircuts look by kristen Stewart

These edgy hairstyles look best when done for the blonde hair and they are easy to carry as well. You just have to get one done to know about the same.

edgy haircuts look by kristen stewart

kristen Stewart

Medium short haircut gives stylish outlook

This sort of haircut is most useful for the ones having a medium to short hair and tends to have a bad hair day too often. It is worth trying for once.

medium short haircut gives stylish outlook


Medium choppy haircuts with Unconventional look

These haircuts gives you a very asymmetrical cutting and that is the main reason why it gives a totally out of the box output. This looks very good for the ones carrying the short hair.

medium choppy haircuts with unconventional look


Medium length haircut by Chris Hemsworth

For a very ecstatic style

This style is responsible for giving a much chiselled look to the face cutting and is a very popular trend among men. You just have to get it and you will love to have the look forever.

medium length haircut by chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Medium haircuts for straight hair by Victoria Justice

For the amazing look

This cut is best suited for the ones having a poker straight hair. It has an uneven look which frames any sort of face in the best possible manner and elevates the look.

medium haircuts for straight hair by victoria justice

Victoria Justice

Layered medium length haircuts

Cool to look at Layered medium length haircuts are amazing to pull over and that is the reason why many girls go for the same. This is best suited for the girls having an elongated face.

layered medium length haircuts


Medium layer wavy haircut by Jessica Alba

Beautiful to behold

This type of haircut is done up of the ones having a wavy hair. It can be done with any length of hair and that is what makes it even more famous among the youngsters.

medium layer wavy haircut by jessica alba

Jessica Alba

Haircuts for medium long hair by Kate Bosworth

Has a cute tinge to it

If you want to have an unconventional look, then the first thing that you have to do is to go for these haircuts so that you can have a downright gorgeous feel about yourself.

haircuts for medium long hair by kate bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Haircuts for medium long hair by Kate Mara

Has a cute tinge to it

If you want to have an unconventional look, then the first thing that you have to do is to go for these haircuts so that you can have a downright gorgeous feel about yourself.

haircuts for medium long hair by kate mara

Kate Mara

Medium layer haircuts for round faces like Emma Stone

Subtle looking ones

These types of haircuts are perfect for the ones having round face. The front is cut into locks and the hair after that is cut in an asymmetrical manner.

medium layer haircuts for round faces like emma stone

Emma Stone

Medium layered bob haircuts

For all sorts of faces

If you hate to manage your hair, this is the kind of cut that will help you. With minimal accessories you will be able to have a lot of amazing looks and will go with a number of outfits.

medium layered bob haircuts


Selena Gomez Medium length haircut

Gives a cute outlook

For the ones having medium wavy hair, you can have this cut and that will bring out the best look in you. Get it done and you will turn totally addicted to the same.

selena gomez medium length haircut

Selena Gomez

Men’s haircuts medium lengths

For a sexy look

For the men having short hair, this style can bring the perfect look that you want to have no matter where you are going. You just have to get it done and you are bound to like it.

men’s haircuts medium lengths


Medium long length haircuts

Looks best with any dress

If you are going to any casual occasion or a party, all you need is this very haircut and you will love to see the change that it brings in your look.

medium long length haircuts1


Haircuts for medium thick hair

Brings out a posh look

If you are a brunette and you have somewhat of a thick hair, then this asymmetrical cut will definitely be able to bring out the best in you.

haircuts for medium thick hair


Short to medium haircuts for thin hair

Makes your hair look voluminous

If you are worried about your thin hair, just wait until you get hold of this cutting style. Now you can say goodbye to all your worries.

short to medium haircuts for thin hair


Medium scene haircuts by cute girle

For the ones with thick hair

No matter what the texture of your hair is, this is a cutting that helps forever. You just have to get it done and then you can carry it with style.

medium scene haircuts by cute girle


Medium length blonde haircuts

Looks amazing

If you have blonde hair and you do not have any idea as to how you can cut it, try this. This cutting is easy to go with, and you can carry it with style as well.

Cute medium short haircuts

Gives a nice feel

If you have short length hair, then all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you get these cute cuts meant for short hair so that you can have an easy day managing your hair.

cute medium short haircuts1


Haircuts for medium length

Gives out a classy look

For daily look, this is the best cut that you go for if you are lucky enough to have medium length thick hair. This way, with minimum accessories, you can look awesome.

haircuts for medium length1


Medium to long layered haircuts

Cute outlook

If you want your medium or long hair to get layers and that too in an unconventional way, then you should be the one going for this cut. This makes your hair look voluminous and gives you a picture perfect look.

medium to long layered haircuts1


Cute and stunning with medium haircut byJennifer Aniston

See Jennifer Aniston here? This haircut looks so simple yet so gorgeous. Parting your hair just above your right eyebrow, it’s all about keeping it straight and voluminous after that!

cute and stunning with medium haircut byjennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Ready for the party

A no fuss but all frill look, this medium haircut will take a little bit more of dressing time but will make you ready for any party. Again, volume would be the key to stun!

ready for the party


Living on the edge by Kristen Stewart

If you are endowed with a rather geometric face cut, going for this edgy look might work well. Simple to maintain, the hair is kept short but parted and frilled minimally.

living on the edge by kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart

Medium length hair by Cameron Diaz

For women with medium length hair, the basic parting in the middle and keeping it shoulder length can be a great idea as long as you have the volume. Keep the end of the tussles frilled adds to the charm.

medium length hair by cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz

The fancy angel look

Tinkerbell had long blonde hair but her fellow angles also sported no fuss and short haircuts and still looked adorable. This medium length pixie haircut brings out a boyish charm on your face.

the fancy angel look


Straight and subtle by Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston again shows how it can work with medium length but straight hair. Again, the only thing that would require attention is the volume and the quality of your hair.

straight and subtle by jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Making a choppy statement

Now, this isn’t something for everyone. You got to have the right kind of face and the right kind of personality to carry this out. This hair somehow declares of an independent attitude.

making a choppy statement


Boyish charm with medium hair Look by Justin Bieber

Every guy can do well with medium cut but nicely kempt hair cut. Keeping the hair combed yet opting for an unorganized look with your forehead can look quite cute and charming!

boyish charm with medium hair look by justin bieber

Justin Bieber

The all black and deep!

If you have been blessed with long black hair and the face of that doesn’t seem to age, going for the ‘emo’ look work out good. Keep it voluminous, part in the middle, get it pass over one of the eyes and your hair would be ‘wanted’ everywhere!

black and deep


Be cool with choppy hair

Boys will always look cool with hair that is made to look un-bothered and choppy. Using hair gel, you can just use your fingers to get the effect! However, don’t forget to comb once in a while!

be cool with choppy hair


Cool women with medium think hair

Parted in the middle, this is a kind of hairstyle where your hair seems to be cusping your face, while grazing along gently. This haircut can be worn to any occasion.

cool women with medium think hair


Fluffy charm of thick hair

If you are a woman with medium length fluffs, try making it wavy all across. This haircut looks good in women of all ages and suits all kinds of occasion.

fluffy charm of thick hair


Hairstyle for beautiful face like Selena Gomez

If you have neck long hair, try making it curve along the sides of your face. Parted in the sides and waving across the forehead, this is a charming style for all girls.

hairstyle for beautiful face like selena gomez

Selena Gomez

Hairstyle for geometric faces out there like Emily Deschanel

If you are a woman with a rather squarish face, going for medium length hair and straightening curls over your temple can round up the edginess.

hairstyle for geometric faces out there like emily deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Medium, short and simple like Emma Stone

In simplicity lies the beauty. For most girls with medium length heir running down to the neck, keeping it neat and straight can do wonders. Compliment it with a smile!


medium short and simple like emma stone

Emma Stone

The charm of the forties by Heidi klum

For older women, over the age of forty, a medium and clean haircut looks both charming and is more manageable. Don’t overdo and you will be loved for your age!

the charm of the forties by heidi klum


Heidi klum

Easy buns for that special day

Girls with medium length hair can try out this bun to look charming and ravishing. Parted in the middle and keeping it organized behind your head will be something special.

easy buns for that special day


Stack it up for a cuddle!

Unkempt can look lovable. For best results, you can stack it up and keep it flowy all around. However, make sure that he length of your hair is perfectly defines all around!

stack it up for a cuddle


Hair for the rather round faces like Aishwarya Rai Bachan

If your face is a little on the rounder side, the right kind of haircut can be an asset. Part in the side and keep it voluminous and maintained.

hair for the rather round faces like aishwarya rai bachan

Aishwarya Rai Bachan

Medium frills for the sunny look

Frills can be refreshing part of a woman’s life. Whatever be the color of your hair, medium length frills can bring out the girlish charm of your face in the right way.

medium frills for the sunny look1


Layer it up to maintain think medium hair

If you have been bestowed with thick hair, take special care of it by laying it up. Layered hair with frills in the end will make your face look fresh all day.

layer it up to maintain think medium hair


Choppy look for the girl out there!

Choppy looks always bring in a boyish charm and it can go amazingly with some girl faces! If you are a teen who likes to spice it up yet look endearing, going choppy can be an option.

choppy look for the girl out there


For the girls with thicker hair out there

If you have a thicker hair but it is becoming hard maintaining it, try keeping it medium length and curved in the sides. It would do wonders if you can keep it set for all throughout the day.

for the girls with thicker hair out there1


Sassy girls love it straight

If you have a sassy personality, it would well compliment if you can keep your hair straight and along the sides of your face. This would go particularly well with girls with a straight face that those with rounded cheeks.

sassy girls love it straight


Shortening it up for round faces like Selena Gomez

For round faced girls and women out there, volume and frills is the key combination to look gorgeous. You can also use a cute hair band to spice up things!

shortening it up for round faces like selena gomez

Selena Gomez

Medium haircuts by Chace Crawford

For boys with medium hair, it would work well with scattered look but stacked streaks. Little can go wrong as long as you are maintaining it that way.

medium haircuts by chace crawford

Chace Crawford

Wearing the medium length curls

Medium length curls like this can look ravishing and sexy with the right kind of personality. However, you need to spend a little more time in maintenance and keeping the frills that way.

wearing the medium length curls


Hair for longer faces like Mandy Moore

If you are a woman with a longer face, medium length hair can be divided into several overlapping layers of streaks. Hair coloring can be a part of the styling process here.

hair for longer faces like mandy moore

Mandy Moore

Short Medium and Lengthy

Another current hot favorite of this season are the Short medium length haircuts. Short taper layers would be great choice if you would like a hairdo that is conventional yet edgy!

short medium and lengthy


Awesome Mid length Hairdo by Rachel Griffith

When you’re faced with a dilemma having to choose between long hair and short hair, don’t think further and settle for Medium length haircuts. This type of haircut, given all of the variations and styles, has a lot of room for you to experiment.

awesome mid length hairdo by rachel griffith

Rachel Griffith

Medium length hairdo by Rosie Huntington

Different avatars of Medium length hairdos look good on different types of women. The deciding factor of course if your hair type, face cut and overall personality. There’s a mid length haircut which fits on every woman!

medium length hairdo by rosie huntington

Rosie Huntington

Medium Hairstyles with Layers by Emma Stone

This haircut type is best suited for women who have round faces. Medium layered haircuts cleverly frame the face and create the illusion of adding length to the face in a flatting way.

medium hairstyles with layers by emma stone

Emma Stone

Selena Gomez Medium Hairdos looks elegant

Depending on your hair type, a stylist will be able to tell you exactly which kind of hairdo would do your mane justice. Haircuts for medium hair have turned out become very stylish in the recent years.

selena gomez medium hairdos looks elegant

Selena Gomez

The Bob Medium

Nothing rivals the visual appeal exuded by Medium bob haircuts. There are so many choices available, but rest assured this kind of hairdo is renowned for transforming women’s looks and personality!

the bob medium


Styles with Medium Layers

Medium length layered haircuts are a very good option for women who have round faces and need a hairstyle who can accentuate the facial contours in just the right way.

styles with medium layers


Lionel Messi with Medium Shorts

There are numerous new Medium short haircuts which are trending and have become a rage for lovers of this hairdo. This hairstyle type is popular for utilizing trendy undercuts in a unique way.

lionel messi with medium shorts

Lionel Messi

Cute Mid-Length Hairstyles by Tiffani Thiessen

The past couple of fashion seasons have seen cute medium haircuts become the favorite of many women – including celebrities. If you want to up the cut quotient in your looks and personality, cute medium haircuts are the best!

cute mid length hairstyles by tiffani thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen

Medium Hairstyle for Round Faces

If you have a round face and you fret over which hairdo is going to be the ‘it’ look for you, then believe us when we say that you should put your trust in the many kinds of medium haircuts especially styled for round faces.

medium hairstyle for round faces


Emma Watson Medium Hair with Bangs

If you’re opting for medium hairdo makeover, we’d recommend you try one of the Medium haircuts with bangs. Bangs are awesome because they add drama to your looks and also cut down on your eyes!

emma watson medium hair with bangs

Emma Watson

Medium for Thin Locks

Medium length haircuts look amazing on any and every hair type. If you’re a person with thin hair, then medium haircut will give your distinctiveness as you can pick any of the quick to do medium haircuts.

medium for thin locks1


Medium length thick tresses by Emily Blunt

Want to add more character, depth and texture to your hair? Simply opt for one of the amazing Medium haircuts for thick hair. This category of mid length hairdos are popular picks as they cleverly endow the hair with all of the above attributes.

medium length thick tresses by emily blunt

Emily Blunt

Medium Length Hairdos for Fine Hair

With the help of a good stylist and styling products, you can have your hair get styled and get one of the Medium length haircuts for fine hair. As fine hair has very soft texture, a mid length pixie cut is recommendable.

medium length hairdos for fine hair


Medium shag messy curly haircuts

If you reckon that you have to be a celeb to rock the Medium shag haircuts, then you’re mistaken. Today, this hairdo type is a hot preference with the ladies and how! Shag hairstyles are very hot right now as they give volume and bounce to the hair.

medium shag messy curly haircuts


Layering Medium with Bangs

If you have nice looking round face and you want to draw attention to your features, your safest best would be to get a Medium length layered haircut. It is the hit hairstyle especially for women with round faces.

layering medium with bangs


Long Layered Medium Length

Medium long layered haircuts are the craze of the season! This bracket of hairdos are awesome as the lend volume, texture and shape tour appearance. If you have an angular face a mid long layered hairdo will tone the angles significantly.

long layered medium length1


Layered Cut Medium Hairstyles

You can always place your hairstyle bets on a Medium layered haircut to give your facial features the enhanced appeal. This hairdo can kick in quite a transformation in your appearance and personality.

layered cut medium hairstyles


Go medium with Fine Hair by Rachel McAdams

As fine hair has a texture which is very delicate and soft, you have to have a hairdo which highlights the softness. Count on the various amazing medium haircuts for fine hair to give the results you want.

go medium with fine hair by rachel mcadams

Rachel McAdams

Bangs and Medium Layers by Katharine McPhee

Hair layers and hair bangs together? Wow, now that’s a fail proof hairstyle combination. Theirs is so much you can do by combining medium layers with bangs, and Medium layered haircuts with bangs are renowned for adding textural exuberance to the hair!

bangs and medium layers by katharine mcphee

Katharine McPhee

Bob it Up Hairstyle

Bob hairstyles have been in vogue forever and it’s likely to remain unchanged. An interesting variation from the bob haircut family is the Medium bob haircut. It’s an iconic hairdo which is suitable for all hair types and never fails to impress!

bob it up hairstyle1


Bangs and Layered in Medium by Elle Goulding

Medium layered haircuts with bangs have always been a craze among the ladies. It’s simply due to the fact that there’s so much variation and experimentation which you introduce and that makes the hair interesting!

bangs and layered in medium by elle goulding

Elle Goulding

Medium Haircut Hits Youth

One of the best medium length haircuts features a mid length hairdo combining shaggy layers. This one works best if you have dark colored hair. This one touted as a fun and youthful hairstyle.

medium haircut hits youth


The Regular Medium Cut by Demi Lovato

The Medium regular haircut is a good option for all of the ladies who don’t want to get a hairdo with of the special effects and cuts. Just stick to the basics and keep it stylish.

the regular medium cut by demi lovato

Demi Lovato

Shag-Styled Medium Hairstyle

Do something interesting with your hair and opt for one of the various types of Medium length shag haircuts which are poised as the current rage of this season.

shag styled medium hairstyle


Medium for Straight by Emma Stone

For ladies with straight hair, choosing to go in for one of the Medium straight haircuts is the hottest thing to do at the moment. With some cool cuts and styling a Medium straight haircut can add body and dimension to the hair.

medium for straight by emma stone

Emma Stone

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