Gypsy haircut is a short, edgy haircut from the 1960s that has now been brought back. The first to flaunt this haircut were many artists, including Pixie Lott, after whom many followers introduced different variations of the gypsy haircut, like shaggy hairstyles.

These gypsy haircut ideas are not limited to women, but can also be worn by men who don’t mind going a little crazy, of course, with a manly variation of these gypsy haircut ideas, like Zac Efron’s haircut that you will see in the list below. These gypsy haircut ideas are all listed down below based on the most famous celebrities’ fashion.

Elle Macpherson Gypsy Long Hair

elle macpherson gypsy long hair

Who said you have to lose your long luscious hair to get a gorgeous haircut? This long gypsy haircut looks less messy but still has all those layers that give it an edge. Women often avoid haircuts because they fear they will lose the length, but not anymore!

Jennifer Aniston Medium Gypsy Haircut

jennifer aniston medium gypsy haircut

A fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? This babe has still got the hair that falls perfectly with this medium-length gypsy haircut idea. If you have straight hair, you may want to try this haircut!

Shakira Curly Gypsy Hairstyle

shakira curly gypsy hairstyle

Her hair don’t lie – all curly-haired beauties can pull this off. The layers are less prominent than on straighter hair, but they look tamed yet styled with this gypsy haircut idea.

Zac Efron Gypsy Haircut Idea

zac efron gypsy haircut idea

This is like the male version of a shaggy bob haircut. Men with long hair, here’s what you needed. This haircut will enhance your look without an effort.

Michelle Pfeiffer Diy Gypsy Haircut

michelle pfeiffer diy gypsy haircut

A little frizz has no right to put you down for a good day out. With this gypsy haircut idea, frizzy hair can look good, too! Ask your stylist to make sure they cut your hair into the layers like Michelle’s.

Jessica Biel Gypsy Layered Hairstyle

jessica biel gypsy layered hairstyle

A neat, sleek variation of the gypsy haircut. If you want to stay in style without standing out of the crowd, this look would definitely appeal to you. It looks good on women of all ages.

Rihanna Reverse Gypsy Haircut

rihanna reverse gypsy haircut

A good way to get ready for summer is to get a gorgeous short haircut. Ri-Ri’s gypsy haircut idea shows her fun, outgoing, and wild nature. If you think you have the same fire inside of you, go show it off!

Michelle Williams Short Gypsy Hairstyle

michelle williams short gypsy hairstyle

This haircut is like a neater variation of the short shag hairstyle. It has the same length and layers, but it is cut more in an ‘introvert’ style.

Emma Stone Shaggy Gypsy Haircut

emma stone shaggy gypsy haircut

This is a very pretty bob gypsy haircut idea and Emma Stone rocks it even better. Without going ear-length, you can still rock gypsy haircut with this variation. It is neat, cute, and stylish.

Taylor Swift Gypsy Updo Hairstyles

taylor swift gypsy updo hairstyles

Taylor’s lovely golden curls are set in a messy, loose updo that anyone can wear well. If you’re looking for a hairstyle for your prom night, a date night, or even your wedding, this hairstyle would gladly accompany any beautiful dress that you plan to wear.

Center Braided Gypsy Hairstyle

center braided gypsy hairstyle


Gypsy with Fishtail Hairstyle

gypsy with fishtail hairstyle


Bridal Gypsy Hairstyle Idea

bridal gypsy hairstyle idea


Long Gypsy Hairstyle

long gypsy hairstyle


Side Braid Gypsy Haircut

side braid gypsy haircut


Double Braid Gypsy Hairstyle

double braid gypsy hairstyle


Box Braid Gypsy Hair

box braid gypsy hair


Short Gypsy Layered Haircut

short gypsy layered haircut


All these good-looking gypsy haircut ideas shatter the false idea that gypsy haircuts are always short and messy. A funky hairstyle looks great on occasions, but this list is a good example of how gypsy haircut ideas can be varied and styled according to your personal preference.

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