You can download a boxing certificate template for personal and professional use. Organizations that provide boxing training can choose from these templates and create a printable version of certificates for participants. Image and text file formats are available for download. You can open them in an image editing application and make changes.

Boxing Training Achievement

This certificate template has a gray background and a slate gray border. There is also an image of a girl wearing boxing gloves. If your organization specializes in female boxing training, you can use this template.

Sports Boxing Certificate

This is an elegant certificate that has segments aesthetically drawn in maroon lines that are larger in width. The text size and color also varies throughout the theme. Brick red and black color is used on this template.

Boxing Fitness Certificate

This is a highly stylized template that has an image in the background with transparency feature added. In the foreground is the template that has details about the type of certificate, name of the participant, date, and signature of the authority.

Boxing Champion Award Certificate

This template is available in MSWord and PSD file format for download. It has a boxing image of two boxers in the background. The foreground has the details, such as space allocated to print the name of the participant. There is no transparency used on the background image.

Boxing Achievement Certificate

This is an artistic template that has grunge paint details on the border of the template. The entire template is shaded in light gray and the text is in black color. A black and white background of boxing is used with transparency filter.

There are a variety of templates available that are downloadable and can be customized. You can make edits to the images, background, text size, and color. You can change the font style and manipulate the composition of the entire template. These are print-ready templates that can be printed on gloss as well as matte paper.

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