Whether you are hosting a painting competition or an art workshop, providing certificates at the end of the competition or course is the best way to recognize the efforts, skills and talents of those who have participated. By using an easy to edit and ready to use painting certificate template, you minimize the tasks that you need to do.

Painting Competition Certificate

This painting competition certificate template is a good option for the children’s category. The image used in the middle of the certificate is so cute and ideal for kids who have joined the event. This design is playful and effective, at the same time.

Painting Certificate Template

This template is for a painting award and to be given to those who have won special places in the competition. The design of the template is cool and ideally created for amateur painting competitions.

Sample Painting Certificate

The splashes of yellow color used for the corners of this template look as if done by random brush strokes. This is a clear indication that this is a painting certificate for completion of training.

Painting Achievement Certificate

This certificate of achievement is ideal for an art workshop or a painting training. The design is simple with a white background accent with use of multiple colors in the corners and on the sides.

Minimalist Painting Certificate

This painting certificate has a nice design. It is simple with splashes of colors on the corners. The top right corner accent even has a paintbrush. The image of a palette completes the minimalist design of this painting certificate.

Giving away certificates for painting trainings, competitions and workshops is a good way of recognizing the people who participated in the event. Creating a design for the certificate may take time and if you do not have spare time you may just want to go for a painting certificate template.

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