While watching a movie, graphic designers certainly hold a very different perception than the rest of us. Visuals and aesthetics are of utmost importance to a graphic designer. Not only do they keep a critical view towards visualization but many times they seek inspiration from them. It is not everyday that we have movie releases that are about arts and aesthetics. But there have been few masterpieces which surely will be a delight to every graphic designer. As a graphic designer, whenever you need to get you creative juices flowing these list of movies can always come to your rescue.



We have already told you about this font design, next thing to watch out for is this independent film. By the name itself, any grapic designer would be able to guess that this movie is about the art of typography. The film explores the history of Helvetica- the font loved by and seen by almost everyone since 1957. It talks abbout how the font has changed the world of print design since its inception. If those reasons weren’t enough, we have one more reason – the film features interviews with famous graphic designers, including David Carson and Massimo Vignelli.

A Scanner Darkly


All graphic designers interested in Rotoshop must watch this movie if you haven’t watched this already. This is an animated film release in 2006 starring Keanu Reevs, Robert Downey Jr. It’s a science fiction thriller (therefore we won’t reveal much about the plot here) directed by Richard Linklater and based on the novel of the same name, written by Philip K. Dick. Graphic Designers will love this movie as it took take the technique of rotoscoping to another level by using Rotoshop. Rotoshop is a graphic editing program developed by Bob Sabistion.

Waltz With Bashir

waltz with bashir poster

This is an Israeli animated documentary directed by Ari Forman . The film documents Forman’s journey of recovering his memory from the 1982 Lebanon War.  The techniques used in this movie are generally confused with rotoscoping but the movie was actually created by the combination fo classic animation technique and Flash cutouts. The story and its visual implementation is beautiful and no graphic designer should afford to miss this one.

Art and Copy

art copy poster

Now this 2009 documentary is not only for graphic designers but for anyone who wants to make a career in advertising. In fact if you are interested to know about some famous advertising campaigns and all that goes behind those campaigns, this movie is for you.   The movie documents some of the most popular ad campaigns of all times like “Just Do It”, “Got Milk”. Directed by Doug Pray this movie showcases the industry of advertising in the United States of America.

Why Man Creates


This 1968 film is all about creativity. It talk about why humans are naturally creative. This is an animated documentary focusing on the creative angle of human mind and exploring facts that make humans naturally creative. This movie certainly can provide a lot of help to graphic designers  in enhancing their creativity and discovering ways to carry on the enhancement.

Science of  Sleep

science of sleep1

This is a science fantasy comedy that has amazing narrative created by visual techniques and lots of imagination. It narrates a story of Stéphane Miroux, a person who is not able to differentiate between reality and his dreams. Traditional film techniques along with stop motion animation has been used in the movie. As a graphic designer this movie will definitely inspire you.

Spirited Away

spirited away 692x1024

This is a Japanese animation movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This movie is certain to make any designer fall in love with it as it has showcased design elements beautifully through the visual medium of cinema. The scenario and characters designed in the movie are not worth missing for anything.

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