All people who work on their computers like to adorn their work with stylish fonts. A cursory glance at the net makes one realize that many people use special movie-themed fonts in their projects. These and more style fonts are used to make the text more reader worthy. These fonts make the text more stylish. If you adorn these fonts with title treatments and or heading treatments, then you are bound to get astonishing results. This article will talk about 15 vintage-inspired fonts that are used in projects. Apart from giving a short description of the font, it will also list its link, from where its image can be downloaded.

Spider Man Movie Inspired Font

spiderman movie inspired font

These fonts are slightly tilted towards the right and they are written all in capitals. They are based on the fonts used in the name of the movie Spiderman

God Father Movie Font

the godfather movie font

The Godfather font, complete with numbers and punctuation is based on the fonts used to write the movie name The Godfather. It is free for commercial use and can be easily downloaded from the internet.

Titanic Movie Font

titanic movie font

This font represents the letters with which the movie name Titanic was written. In keeping with the marine image of the movie title, this font is shown slightly submerged in water like the ship Titanic.

Chocolate Factory Movie Font

chocolate factory movie font

This font is an ode to each and every clinic in the land that is playing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory in their waiting rooms. This font took long to be made and here candy canes represent the backslash and the slash.

Underworld Movie Font

underworld movie font

This font is based on the font used for the movie Underworld Evolution. Except for the capital E that does not represent the one in the logo of the movie, other letters more or less replicate their counterparts in the movie logo.

Matrix Movie Styled Font

matrix styled font

All the letters in this font represent the fonts in the movie name Matrix. There are two versions of this font, however, one made by the other author is more famous. This version of Blonde Font is not that well-known.

Public Enemies Movie Font

public enemies movie font

This font is based on the lettering used for the name of the 1931 Jimmy Cagney gangster classic of the same name, this font is a lot of fun.

Terminator Movie Style Font

terminator movie style font

The commercial license for this movie font is available on and it is free for personal use. This font is based on the font used to write the movie name, Terminator, on its poster.

Transformers Movie Font

transformers movie font

This font is based on the lettering used in the movie poster Transformers. The letters have sharp edges and they are more pronounced. This font is easily available for free download from all popular websites.

Alice in Wonderland Movie Font

alice in wonderland movie font

This font is inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie logo. This font was created in 2010 by Marcotl. This font can be used for all applications. Here, the letters are not straight but slightly curved along the length.

Schindler’s List Movie Font

schindlers list movie font

Made by Juan Casco, this font is based on the letterings used on the poster of the movie Schindler’s List. The letters of this font represent the letters used in the nomenclature of the above movie on its poster.

Dreamscar Movie Font

dreamscar movie font

This font, originally designed by Sharkshock, in 2001, gets a small facelift. The font above is a small alteration from that used in the nomenclature of the movie Dreamscar.

Harry Potter Font

harry potter movie font

Created by Anke art, this font reminds one of the Harry Potter series. This font file is available online for free download and not for sharing. This font is a hot favorite with those who swear by the Harry Potter series.

Ringbearer Movie Font

ring bearer movie font

Designed by TheHutt, this font is a replication of the font used in the logo of Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. This font is a close approximation of the ones used in the above poster.

Scream Movie Style Font

scream movie inspired font

The Scream Real font by Thomas Otto can be used for commercial use. It is available for download from the site It is free for personal use. This font is based on the letterings used on the poster of the above movie.

Conan Movie Inspired Font

conan movie inspired font

Pet Sematary Movie Font

pet sematary movie font

Horror Movie Font Style

horror movie font style

Medival Style Movie Font

medival style movie font

Blood Feast Movie Font

retro style movie font

Weapons Style Movie Font

weapons style movie font

Hell Bound Movie Font

hellbound movie font

Hell Raiser Movie Font

hell raiser movie font

Thus, we have seen how important movie inspired fonts are. There are also other fonts like Japanese inspired fonts, Arabic-inspired fonts and Greek inspired fonts, which can be used to give a stylish design to your project. Additionally, we also have Indian inspired fonts, Chinese inspired fonts and African inspired fonts to use.

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