If there is one thing that your home necessarily needs, it is definitely a coffee table. A coffee table does not just act as a focal point in any room but also makes it easy to rest your cups and glasses within arm’s reach. High quality, unique, colorful, bold, basic and vintage (you name it and it is there), the coffee tables are available in a wide variety of options. We have today compiled a list of 10 beautiful coffee tables that will suit the varied style of preference and decor.

1. Greg Klassen Coffee Table

greg klassen coffee table


Made using wood and glass, the coffee table replicates the look of real-life topography. With a unique appearance, the table will positively help to turn around the look of your home.

2. White Coffee Table

white coffee table

This white coloured coffee table is extremely low ground and is visually elegant and simple. The hidden cleft in the table makes the table practical and functional for keeping books and magazines. The colour will easily complement any interior with a modern decor.

3. Semisfera Coffee Table

semisfera coffee table

This large round wood table is perfect for someone who is not looking for anything edgy or unique and wants to keep the look sophisticated and rustic. The table with its simplistic built will complement varied styles of decor.

4. Bahia Pequi Slice Coffee Table, Metal Base

bahia pequi slice coffee table metal base

The Bahia Pequi Slice Coffee Table is one contemporary piece suitable for both rustic and modern urban interiors. The table is crafted from a single slab of Bahia Pequi wood and it comes with grain patterns and markings.

5. 5 Drawer Pallet Coffee Table

5 drawer pallet coffee table

In colour block style, the coffee table along with stunning looks also offers efficient storage solution. Both the lines of the movable coffee table are lined with a fun arrangement and placement of drawers.

6. Infinite Coffee Table

infinite coffee table

This infinite coffee table is sleek, smooth and modern, pretty much like a sports car. The table comes with silver racing stripes suitable for the sophisticated bachelor pads.

7. Heirloom Silver Coffee Trunk

heirloom silver coffee trunk

This silver trunk coffee table is an ideal choice for your vintage inspired homes. With extra large carved trunk, the table offers the antique quality with plenty amount of storage solution. The raw feature of the trunk will definitely be a great conversation starter.

8. Walnut and Brass Biomorphic Coffee Table

walnut and brass biomorphic coffee table

The walnut and brass biomorphic table feature brass legs. Beautiful and warm in its appearance, the walnut grains in the table highlight the textured quality in the table which is duly finished with glossy varnish.

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