Coffee tables can be a beautiful and useful addition to your living room and other rooms in order to create a lovely and homely finish to the room and make your house feel like home. This article has researched and compiled some of the best and most varies options for coffee tables so that you can decorate your home just the way you like it, as well as have a useful addition to the room for books, glasses, and other uses. You may also See Round Coffee Table Designs

Round Coffee Tables

round coffee tables

Cheryl Ketner Interiors

This round coffee table designs are a simple round wooden table with a metal base. These coffee tables are ideal for modern designs of living rooms or other rooms, as it is a simple and minimalistic design.

Square Coffee Table Designs

square coffee table designs

Sticks and Stones Design Group inc.

A square coffee table design is a square design made from hardwood or metal. These designs are very simple and will fit in with the design of many different living rooms and other rooms to add a useful design element to the room.

Rustic Coffee Tables

rustic coffee tabless

Saavedra Design Studio

These coffee table designs are a very rustic design of a wooden table. Made with solid or distressed wood and with the possibility of drawers in the main body of the table, these tables are perfect for a more rustic home or style of a room as a useful design element.

Modern Coffee Tables

modern coffee tables

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Modern coffee tables are usually very simple and minimalistic design in one solid color and can be crafted from a number of different materials in order to fit any style and theme of a modern living room or office space.

Pallet Coffee Tables

pallet coffee tables

Walter Barda Design

A pallet coffee table design is a simple table design made from a wooden packing pallet and a set of wheels. These designs are perfect for a hipster style of room and home, as well as offering a useful table to the room.

Industrial Coffee Tables

industrial coffee tables

Maison de Reve Builders LLC

Industrial coffee table designs offer you an original table design that is made from reclaimed metal or wood to create a unique and beautiful design.A wooden design is perfect for any kind of home design to create a beautiful finish.

Small Coffee Tables

small coffee tables

Cynthia Lynn Photography

These coffee table designs are small tables that can be made from wood, metal or plastic. These coffee tables are perfect for a bright living room in order to create a classic finish, as well as being very useful.

Outdoor Coffee Tables

outdoor coffee tables

Randle Siddeley

An outdoor coffee table is a useful element for an outdoor space and can come in many different designs and styles. All outdoor tables should be water tight and varnished to protect the wood, whilst also offering a very useful table design. You may also See Rustic Coffee Table Designs

Farmhouse Coffee Tables

farmhouse coffee tables


A farmhouse coffee table is a perfect addition to any room with a country chic theme and design. These tables are usually a simple coffee table with drawers and can be made from wicker or wood, with baskets and drawers, making it excellent for storage also.

Vintage Coffee Tables

vintage coffee tables

Hege Sletsjoe Morris

Most coffee tables in a vintage style take inspiration French designs and often come in white or cream. These tables are perfect for an old fashioned and traditional theme of room or house to add a beautiful design element to the room.

Contemporary Coffee Table

contemporary coffee tables

Mark Williams Design Associates

A contemporary coffee table is perfect for the more modern home in order to give a unique yet useful element to the room as they offer storage space, whilst also being an interesting design element to the room.

Patio Coffee Tables

patio coffee tables

Landmass London

Patio coffee tables are a simple addition to an outdoor area that makes the most of the space. Any outdoor furniture should be plastic or coated wood in order to make it perfect for outdoors use, as it is waterproof and will not rot. These tables are perfect for a patio or garden to give a beautiful design.

Upholstered Coffee Tables

upholstered coffee tables

Clarum Homes

An upholstered coffee table is an upholstered ottoman with a solid wooden base for you to store things away. These designs offer you both a footrest and a coffee table function so that you can make the most of your living room.

Fire Pit Coffee Tables

fire pit coffee tables

All Backyard Fun

A fire pit table is a large table with a fire pit in the center so that you can keep warm whilst still enjoying the outdoors. These table designs are perfect for outdoor use and are large enough to use with family and guests.

Living Room Coffee Tables

living room coffee tables

Amy Hill Designs

Living room coffee table designs come in many variations of shape, size, and design.  Popular materials are metal and wood to create the perfect living room table design for any style of the room. You may also See Square Coffee Table Designs

This list has put together a huge range of coffee tables for you to browse in order to help you find the best options and inspiration to help you design your room, or to find the best coffee table to finish a room. We are confident that this list has an option for everyone, as we have carefully researched the best and most unique designs in all kinds of different styles and themes.

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