Readers have an affinity to libraries. To them, a library is something more than just a place to sit and study. When you choose the library table design ideas, you need a perfect look in the reading room. Apart from the seamless design of the library, you also need to focus on the accessories inside it. Here, you will come across ten classy Library Interior Design ideas and you can incorporate any of these when you design one at your home.

Vintage Library Table Design

vintage library table design

In many homes, you will come across compact libraries with floor to ceiling bookshelves. In these libraries, you need a rustic table in the centre. The red walls and ceiling, a rustic brown door and embroidered carpet on the floor deliver it a rustic look. With a double pendant lighting system in the room, the built-in book shelved in the walls look classy.

Small Round Library Table

small round library table

In case you have limited space in a modern home library, the best option is to go for sleek settings. There is a round pedestal table made of glass in the centre. You will find a perfect reading ambience with bright light streaming in from the windows on the left. Place the bookshelf on the front wall. You can also see Living Room Library Designs

Antique Oak Library Table

antique oak library table

In case you have a spacious library with white walls, go for an oak table with sitting arrangements along the sides. You can complement the looks of the table with medium tone hardwood floor in the room.

Wooden Library Table

wooden library table

If you want to make your library room look conspicuous, you can go for the wooden library table design. There are shelved on all sides of the room, right from the floor to the walls. The library looks pleasing with indirect lighting and a spacious sitting-area around the table.

Glass Library Table

glass library table

In case you have a luxurious interior for your library, you can opt for a glass table in the middle. A light wooden polish in the walls shelves and a floor is perfect for this room. Buy a well-cushioned sofa, preferably moss green in colour to complement the green hue of the glass table.

Modern Library Table Design

modern library table design

In modern libraries, you will find built-in bookshelves, with elegant table lights hanging over a dining table. You can use the table for a kitchen cum library purpose. Use grey paint for the walls and brown flooring ideas in the room, along with a carpet around the table.

Narrow Library Table

narrow library table

Design by : TPG Architecture

Large library rooms in community areas need a spacious interior. You can elegantly light up the area with bright ceiling lights. The narrow white table in the centre is meant for reading books. There are bookshelves on the walls all around the room, and you will enjoy a spacious reading room area.

Oval Library Table Design

oval library table design

A contemporary library in a luxurious setting can look great when you have a white oval table in the centre. There are chairs all around the table and you need to get a dark brown flooring to complement the looks of the library. With white walls and hanging ceiling, you will have a great time reading the books.

School Library Table

school library table

In a school library, you need to accommodate as many students as possible in a limited area. So, opt for a simple rectangular reading room table with black chairs around it. the brown polish of the table goes well with the grey walls in the room. You need to get a compact bookshelf on one side of the walls with different segments.

Office Library Table Design

office library table design

In a modern office, you need to get elegant interior for the library. So, opt for sleek, round tables in the room. Steel furniture has its own weightage, and you will get a stunning look for the library if you install large glass doors in the room. A dark shade for the floor will make the setting complete.

Basement Library Table Design

basement library table design

Rustic Library Small Table Design

rustic library small table design

Design by Barry Dixon

Classic Library Table Design

classic library table design

Design by : Megabudka

Traditional Library Table Design

traditional library table design

Large Library Table

large library table

When you plan the library table design, you can use blending styles of contemporary times to make judicial use of indoor space. For instance, you can go for Living Room Library ideas, dining room library ideas, hall library ideas and so on.

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