In the midst of modern design, whenever you set eyes on furniture which is retro or vintage, good chances are you will be attracted to it and would like to a take a piece of that era home with you. If you’re making up a mind to do just that, we’d suggest you check out the rustic wall shelves which are hot favorite sell out in markets these days. Oh, and you are totally going to fall in love with the options available out there.

The good thing rustic wall shelves is that they are awesome for storage. You can set them up to store whatever you like. Say, for instance, you’re a person with a shoes fetish, you could have cubbies placed on the wall shelves, and there you’ve added a hint of nostalgia to your home decor!

Neutral Rustic Kitchen With Stone Wall

neutral rustic kitchen with stone wall

Home Coffee Bar With Rustic Shelves

home coffee bar with rustic shelves

Photo by Chip Gaines

Modern Study with Rustic Elements

modern study with rustic elements

Photo By: Richardson Architects

Going the rustic way is often an affordable option as well. Just stylize old stuff – crates, old wood etc – and they’d really give serious competition to the modern pieces in your home! And we mentioned old crates, they obviously make great wall shelves. The roughed up and unfinished appearance sure do make them look rustic.

Brilliant Bright White Rustic Wall Shelves

brilliant bright white rustic wall shelves

Modern Kitchen With Rustic Touches

modern kitchen with rustic touches

Photo by Adam Larkey

Modern Kitchen with Rustic Touches and Open Storage

modern kitchen with rustic touches and open storage

Rustic Entertainment Center in Family Room

rustic entertainment center in family room

Photo By: HDR Homes

White Rustic Kitchen With Yellow Shelf

white rustic kitchen with yellow shelf

Photo by Adam Larkey

Rustic Wood Floating Shelves and Stone Wall

rustic wood floating shelves and stone wall

Photo By: Kristopher Lewis

Rustic Wood Wall With Fireplace and Built-In Shelves

rustic wood wall with fireplace and built in shelves

Photo By: Denise McGaha

Rustic Wine Bar With Open Shelving

rustic wine bar with open shelving

Rustic Shelves With Wooden Eclectic Living Room

rustic shelves with wooden eclectic living room

Beautiful Rustic kitchen Shelves

beautiful rustic kitchen shelves

Rustic Display and Wall Shelve

rustic display and wall shelve e1457158839927

Old Rustic Wall Shelves

old rustic wall shelves e1457159827513

Besides those, we have compiled many more ideas for you to take ideas and inspirations from! Take a look!

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