Kitchens are the most important part of our home. It is the heart of your home without which weekends would not be as interesting as they usually are. Cooking is a well known stress reliever and a few friendly designer tweaks to your kitchen will enhance the effects of this therapy. Let’s look at some trendy yet functional concepts for your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design

Efficient use of space can make smallest of kitchens to look spacious. Utilise every little space to make drawers and cabinets for storage. Use lighter shades to paint your kitchen.

Small Galley Kitchen Design

small galley kitchen design

Small U Shaped Kitchen Design

small u shaped kitchen design idea

Small Open Kitchen Design

small open kitchen design

Modern Kitchen Design

A Modern kitchen has everything concealed. For spacious kitchen add a smart kitchen island in the centre with marble top which can also be used as your dining table. Use of grey will add the richness to entire look.

Modern Country Kitchen Design

modern country kitchen design

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

modern kitchen interior design

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

modern rustic kitchen designs

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Make your outdoor kitchen stylish by adding concealed storage space above cooking range. Use slide doors to minimize interference in seating arrangement outside. An outside barbeque fixed in stone frame and a stone fire place makes it even more interesting.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design

covered outdoor kitchen design

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

rustic outdoor kitchen design1

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Design

outdoor bbq kitchen design

Lowes Kitchen Design

Lowes kitchen design helps you recreate your kitchen virtually. Right from the color of cabinets, type of wood and marble, everything can be planned before you go to the market.

Lowes Kitchen Cabinet Design

lowes kitchen cabinet design

Lowes Outdoor Kitchen Design

lowes outdoor kitchen design

Lowes Small Kitchen Design

lowes small kitchen design

Country Kitchen Design

Use old world carved furniture and wooden shelves with glass doors for a perfect country kitchen. Use a few antiques like wall clock and hanging lights. Arched windows will add to the look.

French Country Kitchen Design

french country kitchen design

Design by: Drury Design

Small Country Kitchen Design

small country kitchen design

Design by: klcardella

Country Cottage Kitchen Design

country cottage kitchen design

Commercial Kitchen Design

A smart commercial kitchen is safe, clutter free and is able to bear the work load. Apart from storage commercial kitchens in café and restaurants also have open shelves to showcase products to promote their brand. Use of bold colors on walls and kitchen art makes it more appealing.

Small Commercial Kitchen Design

small commercial kitchen design

Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Design

commercial restaurant kitchen design

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Design

commercial kitchen equipment design

L Shaped Kitchen Design

An L-Shaped kitchen is perfect for small or medium sized kitchen. It has two adjoining countertops on adjoining walls making an L-Shape. Both walls and space below the counters can be utilised for making cabinets for storage.

Small L Shaped Kitchen Design

small l shaped kitchen design

Modern L Shaped Kitchen Design

modern l shaped kitchen design

Open L Shaped Kitchen Design

open l shaped kitchen design

Photo by: BBP

Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen designs are warm and classic. Use soft muted shades like cream, whites, green or grey. Use carved furniture. You can also paint it to add to the look. You can use fabric to add color to your design.

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Design

traditional farmhouse kitchen design

Traditional Galley Kitchen Design

traditional galley kitchen design

Traditional Rustic Kitchen Design

traditional rustic kitchen design

Minecraft Kitchen Design

The lego style video game gives you freedom to design your space the way you want. Before you rush to the store, design your kitchen using minecraft and see how it looks. Does it really suite your interiors?

Minecraft Modern Kitchen Design

minecraft modern kitchen design

Photo By: Barley

Minecraft Kitchen Interior Design

minecraft kitchen interior design

Minecraft Small Kitchen Design

minecraft small kitchen design

Photo By : Bobert Brantley

Rustic Kitchen Design

If you want to bring a rustic look of old farmhouses to your kitchen use wooden furniture with worn out paint or polish. An antique wooden table with carved legs, talamera tiles on walls and stained brick floor completes the look.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

modern rustic kitchen design

Small Rustic Kitchen Design

small rustic kitchen design

Rustic Tuscan Kitchen Design

rustic tuscan kitchen design

Kitchen Island Design

A multi functional kitchen island just changes the practicality of your kitchen. You can use it for storage by modifying the space below by making cabinets. Modify the counter to use it as a dining table and when you have to help your kids with studies and cook as well it becomes their study table.

Small Kitchen Island Design

small kitchen island design

Photo By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

U Shaped Kitchen Design with Island

u shaped kitchen design with island

Outdoor Kitchen Island Design

outdoor kitchen island design

Photo By: Margaret Grigsby

Luxury Kitchen Design

If you are ready to splurge to remodel your kitchen then luxury isn’t an issue. You just need to put best kitchen appliances, quality faucets for kitchen sink, select marble for counter and perfect wooden tiles for floor. To add to the look beautiful pendant lights to add to the plush look.

Modern Luxury Kitchen Design

modern luxury kitchen design

Luxury Kitchen Interior Design

luxury kitchen interior design

Luxury Condo Kitchen Design

luxury condo kitchen design

Transitional Kitchen Design

If you don’t want to restrict yourself to one single design you should go for Transitional Kitchen Designs which gives you flexibility to experiment. You can use sleek clean lines of modern kitchen combined with natural stone or brick for floor.

Transitional White Kitchen Design

transitional white kitchen design

Small Transitional Kitchen Design

small transitional kitchen design

Photo By: Brian Kellogg

Transitional Kitchen Lighting Design

transitional kitchen lighting design

Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Use soft hues of beige, blue, green for the walls to bring in the feeling of tranquillity. Use natural materials like wood, marble, granite and stone for interiors. Use of mosaic tiles makes increase its visual appeal.

Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen Design

rustic mediterranean kitchen design

Modern Mediterranean Kitchen Design

modern mediterranean kitchen design

Small Mediterranean Kitchen Design

small mediterranean kitchen design

Photo By: TriplePoint Design Build

Industrial Kitchen Design

To remodel your kitchen as an Industrial kitchen consider an industrial wheeled cart as a kitchen island with a few metallic chairs. Instead of painted walls use plain cemented walls or brick walls. Typical old age faucets and typical industrial hanging lights will give you the look you want.

Small Industrial Kitchen Design

small industrial kitchen design

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson

Rustic Industrial Kitchen Design

rustic industrial kitchen design

Modern Industrial Kitchen Design

modern industrial kitchen design

Apartment Kitchen Design

Practical use of space makes apartment kitchens stylish yet highly functional. Clean closed cabinet for storage. If you have space to play with a kitchen island with breakfast nook can fill it. A separate dining table with designer hanging lights will make it plush.

Studio Apartment Kitchen Design

studio apartment kitchen design

Basement Apartment Kitchen Design

basement apartment kitchen design

Contemporary Apartment Kitchen Design

contemporary apartment kitchen design

Photo By: Peter Murdock

Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Want a farmhouse feel in your kitchen? Use large printed tiles for floor. Shelves with glass doors add to the old farmhouse look while an exposed brick wall adds colour to the entire set up.

Old Farmhouse Kitchen Design

old farmhouse kitchen design

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Design

traditional farmhouse kitchen design1

Photo By: Kevin Smith

Country Farmhouse Kitchen Design

country farmhouse kitchen design

Photo By: Sean McEvoy

Cottage Kitchen Design

Cottage kitchen designs are ageless and classy. Use open shelves to showcase your crockery. Use painted cabinets for storage and handmade accessories like table cloth. Natural wooden, stone or cork flooring adds to the look.

Small Cottage Kitchen Design

small cottage kitchen design

Photo By: Karli Sanders

Beach Cottage Kitchen Design

beach cottage kitchen design

Cottage Galley Kitchen Design

cottage galley kitchen design

Functional Kitchen Design

Intelligent shelving can make your kitchen a functional kitchen. You can use it as a cooking space, bar and study as well. Make it stylish by using open shelves to keep liquor bottles and crockery. Use your kitchen island as a dining space and use the storage below to keep books. Add a lamp and stationary for it to be used as study table whenever required.

Functional Small Kitchen Design

functional small kitchen design

Photo by: Grey Crawford

Modern Functional Kitchen Design

modern functional kitchen design

Functional Kitchen Cabinet Design

functional kitchen cabinet design

U Shaped Kitchen Design

It is needless to say that a U-Shaped kitchen adds to your counter space to work freely. It can have a perfect and spacious dining counter as well.

Contemporary U Shaped Kitchen Design

contemporary u shaped kitchen design

Small U Shaped Kitchen Design Idea

small u shaped kitchen design idea1

Photo By: Nick Garibbo

Traditional U Shaped Kitchen Design

traditional u shaped kitchen design

Photo By: Nancy Blandford

While you remodel your kitchen, keep safety in mind. Add luxury by adding designer faucets for a kitchen sink and expensive marble for kitchen counters but do not forget exhaust and chimney. Use every little corner for storage. Use closed and open cabinets for storage as per the design making your design more practical. Use of bright colours makes your kitchen look bright and spacious. Use kitchen art for walls to add colours and make it more appealing. These simple tips will make a lot of difference while you redesign your kitchen.

Get inspired by these beautiful kitchen ideas to redesign your kitchen. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen by the pool, a sleek modern kitchen, a small apartment kitchen or a rustic farmhouse kitchen there is something for everyone in these designs. If you are still not convinced use Minecraft to design it before you step out for shopping.

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