When one wall designs are incorporated in the kitchen, it is important to make sure that the design is dynamic and speaks for itself. Single wall kitchens are functional but not very common. The major elements used in almost every kitchen are all aligned on one wall, namely the refrigerator, stove, and sink. One wall kitchen design is ideal if you are working on a confined space. Below is a list of single wall kitchen designs illustrated as follows:

Small One Wall Kitchen Design

small one wall kitchen design


This small one wall kitchen design is neat and pretty. Designed in a silver and yellow theme which is vibrant and eye-catchy, this cute little kitchen has a very efficient and functional wall design with a round kitchen island and where all the elements fit in one wall.

Contemporary One Wall Kitchen

contemporary one wall kitchen


This is yet another one wall kitchen design which is rather quirky and has a funky themed design. It is more of a contemporary kitchen design where all the elements of the kitchen have been creatively designed to fit under one wall. The cabinet ideas are super creative.

One Wall Galley Kitchen

one wall galley kitchen


This large and spacious one wall floating galley kitchen is luxurious and yet out of the box. It features a wooden backdrop along with wooden kitchen cabinetry. It has a large slide in counter sink in white. The kitchen has several pops of exotic colors including a red refrigerator. You can also see L-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Modern One Wall Kitchen

modern one wall kitchen


This modern and beautiful one wall kitchen features all wooden cabinetry. The cabinets are fitted under one wall which is very large with opening doors. It features stainless steel fittings along with the wooden cabinets. The cabinetry which is fitted in the wall has a beautiful green backsplash enclosed with a glass door.

One Wall Kitchen With Island

one wall kitchen with island

Design By : Rachel Whyte

This gorgeous one wall kitchen comes with an island and the rest of the elements are all fitted in the wall. The walls have a black tile backdrop and feature wooden cabinets that have been fitted below the countertop. You can also see Nordic Kitchen Designs

Cottage One Wall Kitchen

cottage one wall kitchen


This is a modern cottage kitchen in a one wall design and has very luxurious interiors and hardwood flooring. It has a large double door refrigerator which has been fitted in the wall. It also features an island table with pendant lights and other types of lights.

One Wall Country Kitchen

one wall country kitchen

Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This is a tiny winy one wall kitchen in a farmhouse built in a country style. It features a small cottage style wooden wall where all the kitchen elements have been placed along with an opening in the center which acts like the chimney. It also features a dining table inside the kitchen space.

Transitional One Wall Kitchen Design

transitional one wall kitchen design1


This is a transitional one wall kitchen with a contemporary design. It is an open concept living room kitchen where all the kitchen elements fall neatly on one side of the wall. It is compact and transitional. It includes the dining area inside the kitchen as well.

Farmhouse One Wall Kitchen Idea

farmhouse one wall kitchen idea


This farmhouse kitchen in a traditional style featuring one wall kitchen design is highly functional and efficient. The cabinetry is built on an all white theme with the usage of deco material and has the light wood flooring with subtle lighting inside the kitchen space.

Small One Wall Kitchen Idea

small one wall kitchen idea


Rustic One Wall Kitchen Design

rustic one wall kitchen design

Design by MDSX Contractors Ltd

Hardwood One Wall Kitchen Idea

hardwood one wall kitchen idea


Modern One Wall Gray Kitchen

modern one wall gray kitchen

Design by The Galeana Group

White One Wall Kitchen Design

one wall white kitchen design


One Wall Kitchen Cabinet Idea

one wall kitchen cabinet idea


One Wall Kitchen Pendant Light Idea

one wall kitchen pendant light idea

Design by Johann Grobler Architects

Traditional One Wall Kitchen Design

traditional one wall kitchen design


One wall kitchen design is highly functional but is not popularly adopted by many. This is a great idea for those with a small or confined kitchen space as all the necessary elements of the kitchen fall in one place.

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