Renovating your kitchen? Red oak cabinets are among the most popular choices. Featuring rustic wood grains, this wood is characterized by stark lines, points and arches. Further, red oak furnishing comes in a variety of textures, each of which is stained evenly. From the rustic versions to lighter finishes, they epitomize in quality, sturdiness, durability and value for money. Check out some of the most unique ways in which red oak is been used in kitchens across the globe. We hope you find your match!

Red Oak Cabinets Design

red oak cabinets desing

Featuring a highly rich look, this homeowner has used red oak, as beautiful as it comes. From the floorboards to the dining table, red oak features prominently in the theme. The material is perfectly balanced by the crimson colored shelves and drawers.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

oak kitchen cabinets

In this example, oak has been used as a kitchen cabinet material without any overlapping primer or paint. Laminate has been used to make the surface shiny and help out with easy cleaning of stains and soot. Though the space here is small, the inclusion of red oak in the design makes it an extravagant space.

Red Kitchen Cabinets

red kitchen cabinets

A largely lighter themed room, the crimson red cabinetry stands in stark contrast and easily highlights the main functional area of the space. Using the red polish over redwood also adds to the durability and sturdiness of the material.

Pine Red Kitchen Cabinets

pine red kitchen cabinets

Rich and full of color, this is the exact texture you would find in the redwood pine. With the wood grains perfectly visible, it creates a rugged but unique addition to the kitchen décor. Apart from creating a rich mood, the redwood also increases the value of the property to a great extent.

Modern Red Kitchen Cabinets

modern red kitchen cabinets

This is a kitchen layout that presents several textures of wood finish. The lighter colored floor is ably contrasted by the pine red kitchen cabinetry. Visually, it ably highlights the main part of the space apart from adding to the much necessary contrast in décor.

Maple Red Kitchen Cabinets

maple red kitchen cabinets

The Maple Red cabinetry in this example ably showcases how lighter and rich wood textures can be mixed to create a unique kitchen environment. Red, in fact, makes the kitchen look fuller and bigger, part from highlighting the storage space. You can also see Blue Kitchen Cabinets Designs

Cherry Red Kitchen Cabinets

cherry red kitchen cabinets

Cheery red can be an interesting addition to your kitchen décor. However, make sure that it is used minimally, only to create a lovable contrast. In this case, the cherry red cabinetry is perfectly complimented by the cherry red bar chairs at the cooking cum dining area.

Red Wood Kitchen Cabinets

red wood kitchen cabinets

A lighter contrast, compared to the above example, this is perfect if you have a bigger kitchen to plan. The red here looks both subtle and unique and uniquely contrasts the lighter floorboards and other furnishings. You can also see Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Bamboo Red Kitchen Cabinets

bamboo red kitchen cabinets

A unique material for kitchen design, bamboo can bring in an interesting texture into the space. Striated and grainy, the rough appeal is equally smooth. Other advantages with bamboo cabinetry include high sturdiness and enhanced durability.

Beautiful Red Kitchen Cabinets

beautiful red kitchen cabinets

Design by : Arlington Construction Management

Featuring a highly modern look, here the oak wood ably distinguishes the kitchen space from the average design. If you are renovating, this would be a great example to follow. You now only make the kitchen space more dynamic but also add functionality and value to your property.

Red Kitchen Cabinet with Black Interiors

black flooring red kitchen cabinet idea

White and Red Kitchen Cabinet

white and red kitchen cabinet

Modern Red Kitchen Cabinet Idea

freespace red kitchen idea

Black and Red Kitchen Cabinet Idea

black and red kitchen cabinet idea

Kitchen with Glossy Red Cabinets

contemporary kitchen with red glass cabinets

Red Oak Wood Kitchen Design

red oak wood kitchen design

Eclectic Red kitchen Cabinets

eclectic red kitchen cabinets

Red Oak Kitchen Cabinet Unit

small red oak kitchen idea

Kitchen Red Wall Storage Idea

red wall kitchen idea

Red Wall Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

rustic kitchen cabinets

Loved our red oak kitchen ideas? We would love to have your feedback. Read oak has become one of the favorite building materials for architects and manufacturers alike. If you have one installed at your home, we would like to have a look at it!

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