Kitchen islands are the best options to combine your cooking space with dining space. If you are a homemaker, the kitchen is where you spend most of your time. Kitchen islands make it possible for you to be with your family even when you are busy preparing for daily meals. With modern interiors, kitchen islands designs have also become a practical kitchen storage space. It is needless to say that kitchen islands add style and look to your interiors. Here are some modern kitchen island designs that you can consider while remodelling your cooking space.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island

modern farmhouse kitchen island

If you are remodeling your farmhouse kitchen, you will have enough space to work with. Use a long utility cart as your kitchen island which can work as your dining table as well. If cooking takes most of your time, let your kids use this kitchen island as study table and you will get to spend some time with them even when you are busy cooking.

White Modern Kitchen Island

white modern kitchen island

If you love neatness than a white kitchen island with clean cuts are perfect for you. The lower part of the island can be used as storage space while the island top can be used for cutting vegetable and other everyday kitchen work. An extension of the island top makes for a perfect breakfast corner.

Portable Modern Kitchen Island

portable modern kitchen island

A portable kitchen island gives you the flexibility to change your kitchen décor whenever required. If you have a portable modern kitchen island you can just move it around to make more dining space when you have guests at home. You can design it as a cart or movable wooden designs.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Island

modern industrial kitchen island

If you are bold enough to try something different than you can go for modern industrial kitchen islands. You can use the industrial table with wooden top and metallic frame or a professional work desk as your kitchen island. These options will add an industrial yet sleek look to your kitchen.

Modern Marble Kitchen Island

modern marble kitchen island

A modern marble kitchen island not only adds style to your kitchen but is extremely practical. Usage of marble in kitchens is not new. It is easy to maintain and looks plush. You can use it as it is or combined it with wooden support.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Island

modern outdoor kitchen island

Want to be surrounded by nature even while you are busy making your daily meals? Go for modern outdoor kitchen designs. Whether your outdoor kitchen is in your backyard or terrace, a marble top kitchen island with supporting stone or concrete base gives it a perfect rustic look. You can also go for wood or steel in case of a covered kitchen island.

Two Tier Modern Kitchen Island

two tier modern kitchen island

A two-tier modern kitchen island undoubtedly increases the practicality of kitchen islands. It helps in segregating the areas to be used as the kitchen counter and the one as a dining table. It looks cleaner and trendy.

Cottage Modern Kitchen Island

cottage modern kitchen island

Design by Environmental Earth

Cottage modern kitchen island designs typically have open hand painted cabinets. To give it a modern look you can use a simple white central island with a wooden or marble top. The lower part of the island can be modified into open storage cabinets. You may also see rustic kitchen island.

Modern Freestanding Kitchen Island

modern freestanding kitchen island

Whether you have designed your home traditionally or given it a modern look freestanding kitchen islands are a perfect fit for both. Freestanding kitchen islands take very little space increases the functionality of your kitchen area.

Small Modern Kitchen Island Design

small modern kitchen island design

If you have limited space than small kitchen island designs will be a perfect solution for you. A small central kitchen island with a sink can be used as a kitchen counter, dish washing area your dining area as well.

Modern Kitchen Unique Island Design

modern kitchen unique island design

Design By: Kerr Construction

Elegant Modern Kitchen Design

elegant modern kitchen design

Modern Red Kitchen Island

modern red kitchen island

Modern Wooden Kitchen Island

modern wooden kitchen island

Modern Oak Kitchen Central Island

modern oak kitchen central island

Exterior Modern Kitchen Island

exterior modern kitchen island

Modern Kitchen Cabinet with Island Idea

modern kitchen cabinet with island idea

Modern Kitchen White Countertop Island

modern kitchen white countertop island

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen you must watch out for these wonderful ideas to use your space intelligently. Increase practicality and style quotient of your kitchen. you may also see curved kitchen island designs.

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