More often than not two is better than one and what better chance to prove this true than when it comes to kitchen islands? Anyone who has a large kitchen or those who spend a large fraction of their time in the kitchen would definitely appreciate the extra space that comes with a double kitchen island. With a well-thought out layout, the following ideas could set you off on the path to embracing double kitchen islands. You may also See Commercial Kitchen Designs

Wooden Double Kitchen Island

This two-toned kitchen is elegant yet simply done. The detail on the cabinetry is impressive yet subtle and the overhang at the island adds just enough drama to make the space interesting, but without drawing attention away from the beautiful flooring.

Double Kitchen Island with Storage

The youthfulness in this kitchen is electrifying. It’s colorful, well-equipped and modern yet gives off an aura of elegance and simplicity. With a ceiling extractor, glass pendants, well-done cabinetry and beautiful flooring, what’s not to love?

White Double Kitchen Island

First thing that draws you to this elegant modern kitchen is the maple plywood cabinet doors. The finishes are crisp and up-to-date and the plants give the space and overall warm and homely feel. Even the concrete countertop feels majestic atop the open wood shelving providing a wonderful display. You may also See Spacious Kitchen Designs

Traditional Double Kitchen Island

The finish on these floors gives the kitchen a nice rustic finish contrasting the chic décor. It shows how traditional and modern can marry into a gorgeous contemporary space with an airy, sophisticated feel.

Chandelier Double Kitchen Island

The sparkly chandelier-like pendants sitting above this white granite countertop are the perfect lighting option for this kitchen. There is a stark contrast evident which immediately excites the space giving it a bold yet chic air. Doesn’t the “u” design of the kitchen island give the impression of a bar counter You may also See Asian Inspired Kitchen Designs

Modern Double Island Kitchen

The white marble countertops in this kitchen scream class and what better way to enhance this other than by having white oak hardwood flooring and clear glass bulbous pendants? The area rag in between the two islands is also a nice addition. You may also See Small U Shaped Kitchen Designs

Marble Double Kitchen Island

The plant life in this kitchen immediately brings the space to life breaking the monotony of the white color scheme. The double pendant lighting at one of the kitchen islands defines it as the dining area complete with seats. At a glance this space appears traditional yet modern, homely yet sophisticated.

Double Sided Kitchen Island

This kitchen layout was clearly begging for multiple countertops. What’s more, the black granite countertops offer a stark contrast to the white filling the room. Complete with pendants, this kitchen is nothing short of elegant.

Double Kitchen Island Black Cabinet Storage

Design by : Tamara Magel Studio

Long Space Double Kitchen Island

Stone Double Kitchen Island

Beautiful Double Kitchen Cabinet

As evident from above, a double kitchen island is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. The islands immediately transform the mood in any kitchen and the best part is that you don’t even need a lot of space to pull it off. Just include some beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Designs underneath and you have extra storage space.

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