The kitchen has to be bright and inspiring. This is the place where the family gathers to enjoy meals and create delicious dishes. Because of the various kitchen designs, incorporating light is really important. With a stylish lighting fixture, you can accentuate your kitchen’s style while lighting up the space. Today, we decided to scour out the web and find the most extraordinary designs for kitchen lighting and share it with this amazing collection. You may also see Lighting Designs

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Whether it’s a pendant made of steel or a pendant made of delicate crystal, choosing the right design is going to make your kitchen look scrumptious. Experiment with various shapes and colors depending on your kitchen’s general style. You may also see Industrial Pendant Lighting Designs

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

modern kitchen pendant lighting

Industrial Kitchen Pendant Lighting

industrial kitchen pendant lighting

Design by Muratore Corporation

Kitchen Island Lighting

Lighting fixtures come in a great variety of designs that can accentuate your kitchen’s style easily. You can place them above the island’s countertop to bring a touch of sophisticated elegance along with symmetry that will complete your kitchen’s look.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

kitchen island pendant lighting

Photo by Becki Peckham

Kitchen Island Chandelier Lighting

kitchen island chandelier lighting

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can create a pleasant ambiance that is warm and inviting. From flush and semi-flush mount designs to recessed lighting you can choose anything that appeals most to your senses and personal tastes in order to create a wonderful design. You may also see Bathroom Lighting Designs

Kitchen Pendant Ceiling Lighting

kitchen pendant ceiling lighting

Kitchen Hanging Ceiling Lighting

kitchen hanging ceiling lighting

Kitchen Track Lighting

With track lighting, you can shed light at any spot you want to accentuate or simply in order to add style creating a mysterious atmosphere. These track lights come in various materials and are divided in track heads and pendant designs.

Kitchen Ceiling Track Lighting

kitchen ceiling track lighting

Kitchen Island Track Lighting

kitchen island track lighting

Hanging Kitchen Lights

When it comes to hanging kitchen lights you can choose anything that matches your kitchen’s style. You can choose a statement piece that will work as a focal point or a matching design for a subtle yet elegant style. You may also see Garden Lighting Designs

Small Hanging Kitchen Lights

small hanging kitchen lights

Photo by Earl Smith

Hanging Pendant Kitchen Lights

hanging pendant kitchen lights

Rustic Kitchen Lighting

Lanterns, metal, reclaimed wood and textured fabrics are your allies when it is time to choose a rustic kitchen lighting fixture. The available designs come in a multitude of shapes, forms and colors that are able to cover everyone’s needs.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

rustic farmhouse kitchen lighting

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

rustic kitchen ceiling lighting

Modern Kitchen Lighting

You can play around with the various materials and shapes in order to decide what will look best in your modern kitchen. Either following a sophisticated design or going for a statement piece, you can never go with modern style. You may also see Living Room Lighting Designs

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

modern kitchen island lighting

Design by Canyon Construction

Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Farmhouse lighting fixtures come in numerous chic designs that can make your kitchen look inviting and warm. You can choose among various designs and materials that will add an interesting visual element while providing you with ample lighting.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

vintage farmhouse kitchen lighting

Contemporary Kitchen Lighting

Cooking is a form of art that you accompany with an aesthetically artistic lighting fixture in contemporary style. Elegant curves, crisp lines and clean-cut angles will make your kitchen look exquisite no matter what design you go for. You may also see Basement Lighting Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Pendant Lighting

contemporary kitchen pendant lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Cooking outdoors at night is fun but it can get easier with the right lighting. You can add style in your outdoor kitchen with an elegant lighting fixture. The available designs range from classic to modern designs to choose from.

Outdoor Kitchen Pendant Lighting

outdoor kitchen pendant lighting1

mccarthy design + build, llc

Galley Kitchen Lighting

Your galley kitchen might lack in space, however, it will never lack in style with a trendy lighting fixture. You can choose elegant pendants that will hang from the ceiling or your can choose flush and semi-flush mount designs.

Galley Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

galley kitchen ceiling lighting

Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The size of the lighting fixtures needs to follow that of your kitchen. However, no one is going to stop you install small lights in a large kitchen. It will create a mysterious ambiance that can make your kitchen look perfect. You may also see Outdoor Lighting Designs

Small Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

small kitchen ceiling lighting

Vintage Kitchen Lighting

Choose a design that resembles lanterns and you will have a magical setting for your kitchen. This will help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere turning your kitchen into a stylish and well-lighted space.

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Lighting

vintage industrial kitchen lighting

Cottage Kitchen Lighting

You can choose among a variety of designs that range from chandeliers to pendants. The available designs have a strong cottage look that can give a country atmosphere even if you live in the middle of the city.

Country Cottage Kitchen Lighting

country cottage kitchen lighting

Traditional Kitchen Lighting

Personalize your space with the right traditional lighting fixture. The materials vary from metal to crystal and from wood to plastic bring your with an exceptional choice to install in your kitchen.

Traditional Home Kitchen Lighting

traditional home kitchen lighting

It might look difficult to choose among all the wonderful and creative lighting designs, however, this is your chance to complete your kitchen’s look. Add style and bring a charming tone of personality with a pendant or chandelier. No matter what you end choosing it will look stunning and trendy.

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