Ceiling lights are essential for every room, whether it’s a space with natural lighting or not. Choosing the right lighting fixtures will help you light your space while accentuating the ceiling designs you have in every room. You don’t always need a chandelier in order to add style since even simple recessed lights can help you add character in a room. Today we have prepared for you a collection of ceiling lights designs to choose. You may also See Hallway Ceiling Light Designs

Kitchen Ceiling Light

kitchen ceiling lights

RWA Architects

For your kitchen you can decide on a multitude of designs like drums, sphere pendants and lanterns that will give extra style in your kitchen. Also you can use additional light fixtures on the walls or under the kitchen cabinets.

Bedroom Ceiling Light

bedroom ceiling lights

SKD Architects

For your bedroom you can consider a chandelier that will work as a center piece. The various designs available will give you endless choices while you can use stylish scones for the wall on each side of your bed.

Modern Ceiling Lights

modern ceiling lights


Modern rooms require similar ceiling light designs. You can find incredible light fixtures that come in minimalist designs and modern materials like steel, glass and ceramic and in various color combinations that complements the style of the room.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights

bathroom ceiling lightss

Samantha Friedman Interior Designs

Depending on the style you have in the room you can choose the appropriate ceiling light fixture. Ranging from single to multi lamp designs you can find them in various materials like bronze or glass that will accentuate the room.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

outdoor ceiling lightss

Geoff Chick & Associates

Outdoor spaces require stylish designs in ceiling lights. You will find amazing designs in various shapes, forms and styles that will add character in the space while lighting your way. Choose a design with fancy pendants or a flush mount. You may also See Dining Table Light Designs

Hanging Ceiling Lights

hanging ceiling lights

Scott Christopher Homes

Hanging light fixtures look elegant and stylish and can be incorporated in every style. You can choose the right one depending on the design and the look you want to achieve in the specific room adding character and elegance.

Kid’s Ceiling Lights

kids ceiling lights

Plattner Custom Builders, LLC

Choose a fun ceiling light fixture that has colorful designs and decorations. You can also decide for an elegant design with a flush mount fixture with a stained glass design that will look elegant and stylish for years to come.

Living Room Ceiling Lights

living room ceiling lights

Arnold Schulman Design Group

From led chandeliers to pendant lamps the options are endless. Create an elegant living room completing it with an elegant ceiling lamp in drum design in a color combination that will follow the room’s scheme and style adding personality.

Rustic Ceiling Lights

rustic ceiling lights

Blansfield Builders, Inc.

Antlers, reclaimed wood, copper and glass are the materials that feature the most in the rustic style ceiling lights. You can choose the right one for your space depending on your tastes and the look you want for the room.

Vintage Ceiling Lights

vintage ceiling lights

Mark English Architects, AIA

The variety of flush mount designs in vintage style is going to amaze you. They are available in many different designs and materials that can fit everyone’s needs for lighting while they will give character and a glamorous tone.

Contemporary Ceiling Lights

contemporary ceiling lights

Synergy Property Group

Ceiling lights can have various styles like contemporary. You can find stunning designs in flush and semi-flush mount fixtures in a variety of materials like crystal, bronze and chrome that will make your space look fabulous no matter the design.

Garage Ceiling Lights

garage ceiling lights

Arcadia Custom Homes & Renovations

Make your garage look stylish with the right ceiling lights. You can skip the classic shop lights and invest in flush mount fixtures that have style and personality. Choose a metallic material that will have a touch of industrial style.

Hallway Ceiling Lights

hallway ceiling lights

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.

Make the hallway interesting with a stylish ceiling light design. You can choose a flush mount or semi-flush mount design in a combination of materials like crystal and oil brushed bronze for a stylish look.

Square Ceiling Lights

As shapes go, square ceiling lights have a crisp appearance that makes them ideal for contemporary and industrial styled rooms. You can find many designs that are available in flush mount or recessed lighting versions to choose for your space.

square ceiling lights


Small Ceiling Lights

Small ceiling lights go in sets of two or more fixtures that create impressive formations and accentuate the ceiling design. They come in various material combinations that add personality and complete the ceiling designs in every room in your house.

small ceiling lights

Process Design Build, L.L.C.

Ceiling lights come in many shapes and forms that can give you the most extraordinary designs with various lighting levels in order to add personality. You may also See Living Room Chandelier Light Designs

Light designs have a way of transforming your space into elegant and well lighted rooms. You can find them in deferent styles in order to match the general style of every room while you can choose ceiling lights in various colors that will bring a fresh look in the room.

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