A lot of people prefer simple white ceiling design but if you want to provide a modern and stylish living space with a simple touch,you can get your ceiling decorated. Just a little color in the ceiling helps a lot. A little modification in the ceiling would change the atmosphere in the room.Whether it is in the living room or the dining area, the kitchen or the bedroom, can give a room a unique, inimitable and individual character that also leaves an indelible impression in the minds of those who step in.

Country Style Dining Room Ceiling

country style dining room ceiling


Wood Planks in Ceiling

dining room with wood ceiling


Hardwood Dining Room Ceiling Interiors

hardwood dining room ceiling interiors


You can use wood, PVC or plasterboard for bedrooms, kitchens also feasting rooms. Most of the people think that white ceilings make the room lookg spacious, but there are also other very good ways to design them differently. If your house has high ceilings, you can easily use any color that matches your interior .

Vintage Dining Room Ceiling Idea

vintage dining room ceiling idea


Dining Room Zig Zag Skyline

dining room zig zag skyline


Classic Ceiling and Chandelier

classic ceiling and chandelier


White Dining Room Ceiling Idea

white dining room ceiling idea


Tray Ceiling with Medallions

tray ceiling with medallions

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Dome Ceiling in Dining Area

dome ceiling in dining area


Gold Ceiling with Starburst Medallion

gold ceiling with starburst medallion


Wood in Vaulted Ceiling Design

wood in vaulted ceiling idea


Formal Dining Room Ceiling Idea

formal dining room ceiling idea


Dining Room with Quatrefoil Ceiling

dining room with quatrefoil ceiling


Wood Beam Ceiling Design

wood beam ceiling design


Dome Design Ceiling with Round Dining Table

dome design ceiling with round dining table


Dining Room Tray Ceiling Idea

dining room tray ceiling design


Luxurious Dome Ceiling Design

luxurious dome ceiling desing


Elegant Dining Room Ceiling Interior

elegant dining room ceiling interior


Traditional Dining Room Ceiling Design

traditional dining room ceiling design


POP Ceiling in Dining Room

pop ceiling in dining room


Classy Dining Room Idea

classy dining room idea


Dining Room Metal Ceiling Panel

dining room metal ceiling panel


Small Dining Room Ceiling Design

small dining room ceiling design


You can select a ceiling color darker shades of warm colors or color of your walls . With this technique you can make your room appear more proportional . Dark or warm colors on the ceiling shows the ceiling lower. You can also use LED and fiber applications to lighten up your house.

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