A well-lighted dining area looks inviting. That is why it is essential to choose the right lighting fixture when designing this particular room. In most cases, a dining room pendant light is a good choice. The good thing about pendant lights is that they are available in different styles and sizes. This means that your options are almost unlimited. You can go for the simple round pendants or you can actually go for one of those heavily decorated dining room chandeliers.

Dining Room Pendant Light Fixtures

dining room pendant light fixtures


This dining room is simple and rustic in concept, making it essential to include an eye-catching lighting fixture. This objective is achieved to perfection with the use of a pendant light fixture that features a metal frame that holds six rectangular pendant lights.

Rectangular Dining Room Pendant Lighting

rectangular dining room pendant lighting


Variety is definitely the main concept for the lighting fixture choice used in this dining area. The five pendants in a while are of three different shapes. The white color of the lights matched the ceiling and wall perfectly.

Dining Room Table Pendant Light

dining room table pendant light


These two over-sized pendant lights in white cases shower the room with enough light. The whiteness of the case matches the whiteness of the room. The black dining chairs provide a beautiful contrast to the white lights and the whole dining room design. You can also see Pendant Lamp Designs

Bowl Pendant Lighting

bowl pendant lighting


These giant silver bowl pendant lights beautifully bestow light over the rustic, unpolished and uneven wood dining table. The are looks very inviting and the lights are too large that they should look out of place, but obviously, that is not the case.

Drum Pendant Lighting

drum pendant lighting


Drum pendants make this dining room look inviting. The color of the drums matches the color of the dining table and the flooring.

Large Pendant Lighting

large pendant lighting


This single dining table light is big enough that it showers enough light on its own. The white bowl pendant light adds lightness into this colorful dining room concept. A red table may not be a good idea, but with a light as big as the pendant light used here, the boldness of the red has somewhat been minimized. You can also see Living Room Lighting Ideas

Modern Dining Room Pendant Lights

modern dining room pendant lights


Pendant lights in crystal bowls allow some sophistication to be showered in this rather simple and rustic dining room design.

Small Dining Room Pendant Lights

small dining room pendant lights


This big dining area is design to in a minimalist approach. The small white round dining table is matched with dark brown colored plastic armed chairs. The table matches the ceiling, walls, and the big white modern chandelier.

Unique Dining Room Pendant Lighting

unique dining room pendant lighting


This nickel-based dining room pendant light is a good example of contemporary dining room chandeliers. It is wide and big, making it effective on its own. This kind of lighting fixture would be a perfect choice for a modern designed dining room.

Red Dining Room Pendant Lighting

red dining room pendant lighting


This dining room is pretty simple in design except for the brightness of the red colored dividing wall and the boldness of the chandelier composed of polymethylmethacrylate transparent globes. This lighting fixture is brilliant, multi-faceted and sophisticated. It adds an ideal fusion of different aspects in one single form. The combination of these aspects is responsible for the creation of the lamp’s lighting and body effect.

Black Dining Room Pendent Light

black dining room pendent light


Dining Room with Flower Pendent Light

dining room with flower pendent light


White Dining Room Pendant Light

white dining room pendant light


Urban Dining Room Pendant Light

urban dining room pendant light


Gray Dining Room Pendant Light

gray dining room pendant light


Glass Dining Room Pendant Light

glass dining room pendant light


Dining Room With Crystal Pendant Light

dining room with crystal pendent light


Dining Room With Candle Pendant Light

dining room with candle pendant lignt


Small Dining Room Narrow Pendant Light

small dining room narrow pengant light


Dining Room With Creative Pendant Light

dining room with creative pendant light

Designed by : Andrew Snow

Pendants lights are used in different parts of the house. In the dining room, they provide the much-needed light for enlightening, appetizing and inviting dining experiences. If you are thinking of the best kind of lighting fixtures to be used for your dining area, you can choose from the small pendants or you can opt for a big one. The objective is to provide enough light for functional reasons, and beautiful and unique designs for an aesthetic appeal.

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