When you look out for the best accessories to deliver a royal look to the interiors of your home, the lighting of the room deserves a special position. You can install the DIY drum shade to deliver a great look to the ordinary lights. You can improvise new ideas and use the drum shades along with chandeliers as well, and altogether, you will get some of the best-lighted rooms in your home. Look here for ten beautiful drum shade ideas that you may find elegant.

Diy Drum Lamp Shade

diy drum lamp shade


These drum shades go well with well-furnished drawing rooms. Well suited for teenagers, there is a lot of vibrancy in the room. There are metal bars holding the lights at a distance from the walls, and herein lies the beauty of the drum shades.

Drum Shade Ceiling Light

drum shade ceiling light


If you are looking forward to glorifying the open concept kitchen cum dining room with the most elegant lights, this is the best choice that you can make. It goes well with the long, narrow room with brown sofa. Large glass panes with thick wooden frames are the perfect match for the drum shades. You can also see Bedroom Ceiling Light Designs

Drum Shade Embroidery Hoop

drum shade embroidery hoop1


When you crave to have an elegant drum shade for a sitting room with a fireplace, you may opt for this particular design. Paint the ceiling in a copper shade and install large glass panes with white wooden frames to complement the light.

Large Drum Lamp Shade

large drum lamp shade


You may like this drum pendant shade when you have a room with light wood colored flooring. Paint the walls in spotless white and install dark brown folding tables and matching chairs. The well-cushioned sofas go well with the walls and a classy drum shade with a black exterior.

Burlap Drum Shade Idea

This is the ideal choice for royal rooms with wall mirrors and designed furniture. The large hardwood floor complements the light perfectly well. Get a textured wallpaper to make the walls classy and the drum shade will match the setting well.

Fabric Covered Drum Shade

fabric covered drum shade


Sitting rooms with large glass doors and matching curtain need an equally matching drum shade. You will like the setting when you have dark wooden floors and glass tables. Get white based cushions for the chairs to create a match. You can also see Dining Room Pendant Light Designs

Ceiling Mount Drum Shade

drum shade embroidery hoop

When you have a whitewashed room with a tray ceiling and an elegant fireplace, go for this large drum shade. It goes well with elongated, well-furnished rooms. Place the sofas along the borders of the parallel horizontal walls. Buy a glass table with wooden frames and place it right below the light in the center of the room.

Flush Mount Drum Shade Decor

Elegance in the room reaches its maximum glory when you install this particular drum shade in the luxurious room. It perfectly matches the interior brick walls and burnished furniture. Get an embroidered carpet to boost up the compatibility with the light.

Diy Drum Shade Chandelier

You may incorporate the drum shade chandelier cover in a conference room to yield a sophisticated look. These go well with rooms having stylish furniture and gold curtains. Use a pedestal stand for the and tables. Whitewashed walls with a brown floor are ideal for this style.

When you plan to get the drum shades, you need to tailor the looks according to the interior of your room. There are numerous categories of these shades, and here you have come across just a few popular ones. In case you have your innovations, feel free to share the ideas with us.

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